Finally Training Again

Finally a week that I don’t have 1000 issues.  I have hadn’t the smoothest transaction coming back into running.  In case you need a brief recap on my post marathon training:

I deliberately took 2 weeks off running because wanted my body to heal. Week three I had a strange bruise that I was positive was a stress fracture…but it wasn’t and magically went away. Week four I pulled a muscle around my knee from running in the cold.  The 23 degrees combined with tight muscles and trails caused my muscles to go into directions they shouldn’t have.

So here we are at week five and I’m finally starting to get back into running. I am happy that I’m able to run and up my mileage again.  By week four I had started to miss running (the previous three weeks I had no interest to run at all).  It really isn’t a big deal (in my opinion) to take off four weeks versus two.  It was probably better for my body.

Monday: 6 miles untimed
1 hour elliptical
Tuesday: 6 miles untimed+core
Wednesday: 7.8 miles with Oiselle teammate, Jen+core
Thursday Off
Friday: 7 miles untimed
Saturday: Surf and Santa 10 miler (1:10.46) no warm/cooldown
Sunday: Elliptical

Here is the 6 mile lake loop that starts from my house.


I have wanted to do the Surf and Santa ten miler for the past 2 years but it has never worked.  I nearly thought it wouldn’t work out again this year since I hadn’t been running but I made the executive decision to do it anyways.  I fully admit it probably wasn’t the most intelligent idea but I didn’t plan to all out race it and just go with it.  Was I expecting a PR?  No, not really.  Sadly I knew even one of the hardest races I’ve done (hello Mountain Goat 10 miler) would produce a faster time.  I had a lot of fun seeing friends though.

Everything else went smoothly and it honestly just feels great to be in the running and race scene.  I’m excited to work towards the Lake Effect Half Marathon and possibly race a half marathon in later spring for a PR.

So in short I want to begin building my milage up and find local races in NJ/Philly.  I don’t expect to PR for a while but I do hope I’ll be able to continue to meet more people in the area.

Questions for you:

What are your favorite core exercises?  (Do you use an APP?)

What is a bucket list race you’ve always wanted to do?

Some in VA Beach are: Surf and Santa, VA is for Lovers 14k, Crawlin Crab and Dismal Swamp Stop…