NYCM 7 Weeks to go (90 miles)

I have not posted a training post since before my arm broke.  Since I am still training for a marathon I’ll get back on bored with that. The cliff notes version of my last three weeks of running is as followed.

10 weeks to go: The week before I broke my arm I had decided to cut down my miles to around 40.  I needed a mental and physical break from running to prepare me for a few harder weeks as the marathon comes closer.  I did just that and cut my miles.  Then that Saturday I ran the 8k (30:45).

9 weeks to go: After breaking my arm I took four solid days off of running then jogged a mile on Thursday.  I ran roughly 30 miles that week including the Rock and Roll half marathon (1:28.49). My orthopedist said I was cleared to run so I began picking up where I had left.

8  weeks to go:  My arm continued to heal and running was not doing any damage I got back into my normal routine.  By last week I ran 66 miles and the Remember the Alamo half marathon (1:28.40). Though it wasn’t the 70-80 miles I had been logging this summer I am back where I was.  I haven’t lost any fitness and am not too concerned.

So I’m still moving along towards the New York City full marathon and now can give you more updates regarding this week of training.

First, I’m currently funemployed and I’ll be the first to admit it is not all that it’s cracked up to be.  I sit here bored and I actually miss working.  Since professional blogging is out of the question (I hear you need to have more sponsors and have good grammar) I have more time to run.  Being funemployed though gives me the option to run whenever I please right?

Wrong.  By 10am it’s too hot in southern Texas for me to want to leave the house so I’m still running in the morning.


Monday: 11 miles getting lost in Texas (recovery)
Tuesday: 10.45 with Tim (recovery)
Wednesday: 12 miles recovery
Thursday: 12.16 miles (8:36 pace)
Friday: AM: 5.5 miles easy
PM: 6.88 miles
Saturday: 12 miles easy
Sunday: 20 miles easy
Total: 90 miles



My goal for the next two weeks is to log big miles.  My runs may be easy, fast, slow, hard, ect.  I don’t really care as long as I’m logging a couple of high mileage weeks.  New York City is now only 7 weeks away and I really want to dive into runs that are going to leave me confident at the starting line.

On Friday I ended up sleeping in until 7:30am.  So I decided to change it up and do a double versus one longer run.  I’m trying to just take advantage and get solid miles.  Then Saturday I ended up sleeping until 8 am.  I’m not complaining as my body can use more sleep.  I’ll take advantage of this time that I can devote to solid training when I can.  I managed to get in runs both days so I can’t complain too much.  As long as my runs are injury free, I’m okay with them

I also finally booked my plane tickets for the New York City Marathon.  I’ll be there Friday night through Monday night.

So that is where I leave you.  I’m off to attempt a 20 mile long run with gels.  My only other 20 miler this training cycle was after the Rock and Rock (I finished with 7 other miles) so I’m hoping this will go according to plan as well.

Questions for you:

Are you good with sitting still?

Seasoned marathon runners: When do you start doing 20 mile long runs? 


  1. So excited for you. You are going to have such an incredible experience in NYC. My marathon is two weeks after yours and I’ve done two 20 milers. Your mileage is fantastic right now and I believe the higher the weekly mileage, the less important the distance of your long run is so I wouldn’t worry about forcing to many very long runs. Before my first Chicago Marathon I only did a 16 miler but my overall mileage was high. You are on track for a perfect race.

    1. Thank you Kris! Your advice/support always means a lot to me. I hope one day I can achieve as amazing race results as you do! I know you are going to get the trial cut at your marathon. I wish I was in the area a little bit sooner and I would come and cheer you on!

    2. I’m gonna just sit here and say—yes yes and yes reading Kris’s response. There’s nothing I could say that could top this. Hollie you are going to nail NYC and the mileage you have been putting in and will continue to put in is seriously going to do amazing things for you.

  2. I’m horrible at sitting still – so yay – I start my new job in 2 weeks!
    I did my first 20+ miler with 5 weeks to go until the race and I will do my last one this week (3 weeks out).

  3. I am so glad you understand how I feel about being unemployed. Imagine doing it for two freaking years. I always say to my mom, “Do you think I enjoy this every day? Sitting by myself and not leaving the house”? I think she understands now more than ever how much I want my knee to be BETTER. It’s only fun to sit around for like 2 days before you just start getting bored. Once you hit 23 miler, I’m pretty sure you’ll have enough confidence about your marathon. Even though, I think you’re already solid with your 20 miler. AKSDJFLKAJSDF I can’t wait to see you rock it!

  4. I think your plan is awesome! High weekly mileage does just as much good as getting lots of 20 (or more) milers done. NYC is going to be a great experience for you. I love how you keep bouncing back through random injuries, moving, life uncertainties, etc!

  5. I’ve never run a marathon before (I’m training for my first half now), so I don’t have any advice to give you. I’m super impressed that you are running with a fractured elbow–I know it’s not your leg or anything, but those arms are pretty important to running. Kudos to you, and good luck with your training! Can’t wait to see your NYC race recap 🙂

  6. That is one killer week, lady. I’m by no means a seasoned marathoner, but I will echo the advice of others in saying that I think the long run is much less significant in your overall training if you are consistently a high mileage runner. It can really help mentally though, obviously. I hope it went well for you today! I am so excited for you, and I think Laura and I need to start making our plans for coming down to cheer you on!!

  7. Wow, 7 weeks!! Exciting! I hope your 20 miler went or goes well!! And good luck with the high mileage–you can do it!

  8. Just the fact that you logged 90 miles sounds so frekin cool to me!
    Does waking up Monday morning to go to work always sound like rainbows and sunshine, no, but I don’t think I would do well with too much down time.
    Good luck with your first few weeks in Texas that’s so awesome!

  9. So excited for you to run NYC!

    I’m very burned out at my job, I’d love the chance to see if I love to be home all day or not. I’m thinking I’d like it.

  10. Well, at least with being funemployed you have plenty of time for fitting in training. 🙂

  11. It’s a total cliche, but I don’t care, you are going to rock the NYC marathon! Your running is spectacular. A lot of plans call for 2 20 miles, one 3 weeks out and I think one 3 weeks before that. But since I’ve never actually run one, don’t take anything I say to seriously.

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