Continuing to Train for Life

Monday: 5.17m with Tim’s Dad, Chambersburg NY (9:50 pace)
5.27m Lake Onondaga Park  shakeout from driving 8:20
Tuesday: 11.03 Around Oswego campus untimed easy
Wednesday: 11.03 (same route) untimed and easy
Thursday: AM: 10.53 easy PM: 5.65 (7:57)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 11.5 easy around the campus
Sunday: Mountain Goat 10 miler

Thoughts of Training from the week:

Mostly recovery and a lot of untimed running.  Instead of my usual tempo run on Thursday I met myself halfway as it wasn’t at a tempo pace but it was faster than my normal runs.  I’m obviously also not surprised from last week either, I was expecting to do a tempo at all. I can’t complain because I was able to get outside so much.

Into the future training:

People asked me a while back what I planned to do after the Nike Half Marathon and now that the excitement of that has died down and I have told you I’m moving to VA…well I suppose I get on to this post.   I really want to focus on my 5ks.

Well that was easy wasn’t it? 

Instead of running a dozen half marathons…I mean I’m still Running “Run for the Dream half marathon” in June, I want to sign up (and blow my budget) on multiple 5k races this summer.  I will probably taper for 1…maybe 2 but I want to get a lot of speed and really get my turnover rate up.  So long story short I plan to focus on 5ks and hopefully (finally) pull an 18:35 5k (otherwise known as a below 6 minute paced 5k).  Personally I feel I haven’t had a 5k that I can truly say I’m extremely proud of.  I’ve had great 5ks don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t had a 5k that I want to promote all over the internet.

I’m also doing some open water swimming…that would involve me getting in the pool.  I know that too…I’ll get there…eventually…maybe.   Or perhaps I’ll just float through the water and hope the current is going the correct direction.  Yeah that would be nice.  Then who knows but for the summer, I don’t plan on running 20 milers in 90 degree heat.

Questions for you:

What are your training plans this summer?

What are your general plans this summer?

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  1. Obviously your 5k bender should include some 5k swims. Because swimming is awesome.

    There’s a OWS party in VA the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. You should come.

  2. Getting back in the pool… you and me both. Although I’m doing it so I don’t drown at lifeguard recerts in a few weeks lol you’ve done so much with your halfs lately I’ll be really excited to see what you can do with a 5k!

  3. You can definitely run an 18:35 5k. I’m surprised you haven’t already–maybe you run more XC courses, which are harder. Based on your HM and your mile time, doesn’t McMillan predict like 18:20? The thing I noticed about 5k training and my coaches always emphasized was race-pace or faster (VO2max) work, like a set of 5-6 x 1k at race pace a few weeks out. I notice that you do a lot of LT pace training and a LOT of general easy runs, but not a ton at 5k pace. VO2max training is easy to build (takes like 6 weeks to peak?) buuuut also really easy to lose… not sure of your thoughts.

    Good luck, anyhow! I only hit 18:38 once in a time trial so I would kill for a race result at sub-6 pace, it’s quite a distinction.

    1. You are right. I haven’t had really that much success in 5ks though. Running them in VA, it’s hot. I haven’t done any speed work at all since before my injury. That will change though this summer probably.

      I hope you do get the sub 6 minute!

    2. This is something I need to work on this summer. VO2max training scares me (I hate getting out of breath) but I’ve gotta drop my 5k time this summer… somehow. Ugh, I despise the thought of all the track workouts in my future

  4. I always HATED shorter races, but in preparation for halfs this fall, I really want to focus on 5ks after my injuries this past year to get used to racing again. I’m shooting for the 22:50s!
    good luck on your goal, that’s insanely awesome!

  5. My training plans for the summer are to run a mile without stopping to walk. The campground that we stay at for the summer does a memorial 5K run/walk for my Dad on Father’s Day every year, and I plan on actually participating this year.

  6. Summer plans…. Beachside with margaritas.

    Actually, I’ll be sailing with my hubs.

    And during the second alf I’ll be training for the Marine Corps Marathon.

  7. yeahhhh 5ks FTW! I think the shorter/speedier races are better to focus on in the summer because you’re right….long runs in the heat and humidity? aint nobody got time for that. And then come fall you’ll have even MORE speed for the longer distance things!

    1. I personally think (with some research too) that everything is based from a 5k, shorter distance time and I’ll need to work on that eventually to become faster at everything else…so…why not?

  8. It looks like we both have the same plan — blow money on 5ks!

    But seriously, I’m determined to get under 22 for myself. I know I’m capable if I put in the determined speed work at a track. It’s just so much easier to go out and run distance and slower. I hate being out of breath and that feeling of throwing up because I pushed myself too hard (which always happens at the track!)

    I’m also going to look into some fun trail races. And maybe even a duathlon now that I have a bike… time to make a summer race calendar!

  9. Running, swimming … you just need to throw in some biking to join the dark side. 😉

  10. If it ever gets to 90 degrees! We are like back to winter here! AKA I am planning to get back on the treadmill for the first time since March! Not cool! So I secretly hope your 18:35 5K occurs at the one we are planning to meet you at in July at the beach… 😉

  11. What open water swims are you doing this summer?! How cool would it be to meet up and do one together! Because I know I would be nowhere near you in a road race LOL!! I’m excited for you working on your 5ks you speed demon!

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