Continuing to Train for Life
Monday: 5.17m with Tim’s Dad, Chambersburg NY (9:50 pace)
5.27m Lake Onondaga Park  shakeout from driving 8:20
Tuesday: 11.03 Around Oswego campus untimed easy
Wednesday: 11.03 (same route) untimed and easy
Thursday: AM: 10.53 easy PM: 5.65 (7:57)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 11.5 easy around the campus
Sunday: Mountain Goat 10 miler

Thoughts of Training from the week:

Mostly recovery and a lot of untimed running.  Instead of my usual tempo run on Thursday I met myself halfway as it wasn’t at a tempo pace but it was faster than my normal runs.  I’m obviously also not surprised from last week either, I was expecting to do a tempo at all. I can’t complain because I was able to get outside so much.

Into the future training:

People asked me a while back what I planned to do after the Nike Half Marathon and now that the excitement of that has died down and I have told you I’m moving to VA…well I suppose I get on to this post.   I really want to focus on my 5ks.

Well that was easy wasn’t it? 

Instead of running a dozen half marathons…I mean I’m still Running “Run for the Dream half marathon” in June, I want to sign up (and blow my budget) on multiple 5k races this summer.  I will probably taper for 1…maybe 2 but I want to get a lot of speed and really get my turnover rate up.  So long story short I plan to focus on 5ks and hopefully (finally) pull an 18:35 5k (otherwise known as a below 6 minute paced 5k).  Personally I feel I haven’t had a 5k that I can truly say I’m extremely proud of.  I’ve had great 5ks don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t had a 5k that I want to promote all over the internet.

I’m also doing some open water swimming…that would involve me getting in the pool.  I know that too…I’ll get there…eventually…maybe.   Or perhaps I’ll just float through the water and hope the current is going the correct direction.  Yeah that would be nice.  Then who knows but for the summer, I don’t plan on running 20 milers in 90 degree heat.

Questions for you:

What are your training plans this summer?

What are your general plans this summer?