Outdoor Running is Fun (83 Miles)

Monday: 11.02 miles outdoors untimed (guestimating around a 9 minute pace)
Tuesday:   11.65 miles outdoors untimed
Wednesday: 11.08 mile run treadmill (8:08 pace_
Thursday: AM: 10.8 mile run (8:30 pace)
PM: 6.31 Tempo Run (7:17 pace)
Friday: 11.55 miles outdoors untimed in probably the most wind of my life
Saturday: 10.11 miles with Jen and Laura in Rochester. 
Sunday: Tentative: 10 miles easy
Total: 83 miles

Thoughts of the week:

I was able to get outdoors more this week than any other week (which was a nice change considering I’ve spent countless hours on the treadmill all year).   My quads are a bit more sore though due to the 300 foot hills that I am forced to run to go anywhere that involves being outside in upstate NY.  That’s fine though because I am racing the Mountain Goat 10 miler in Syracuse in two weeks which is hilly.   To give you an idea: My best time for a 10 miler 65:30 and it is extremely overzealous for me to want to break 70 minutes with a taper, but as always I will enjoy myself.  Moving on.

My runs have also been into the wind which has been why my pace has slowed down significantly.  So while I am 100% positive my pace per miles has slowed down significantly outdoors, I’m fine with that because my effort remains there(also untimed and stressless).  So that’s that.

from my race last weekend

My legs have been feeling really good throughout this entire week.  I’m hoping to keep the train going and going to do a mini taper for next weekend (Nike Half Marathon).  I leave for DC on Friday morning and I’ll stay in PA with Tim’s parents in the evening and head down to DC on Saturday where I’ll be greeted by my dad.  I actually think I’m making a small trip to visit my brother Matt as he will actually be in Baltimore at the time…so hopefully I have time to do all that.  (hastag it’s a family affair)

The race experience should be a good time overall (poor word choice) but as far as running goes, I’m not sure what to expect.  My original goal was to break 1:25 but as I rambled about last week I fear my legs are too fatigued from Shamrock and I’m not sure my legs are capable of that right now.  That’s fine because I get to see some many people, truly enjoy myself and enjoy DC.  Though my racecation is for you know…a race…it’s certainly ignited (by a lot more than the actual race) of seeing my family.

Finally, I’m also currently in the process of making a summer race schedule which I’m pretty excited for as well.

Hopefully I'll be smiling then too...
Hopefully I’ll be smiling then too…

Questions for you: 

Is your area windy?

Any exciting races this summer?  

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  1. I absolutely hate the wind. It is at the top of my list of worst weather conditions lol. I feel like lately all I do is run in wind and sit at my son’s little league games in wind. I almost want to say that I am ready for NY summers of thick humid not moving air…as for races this summer, not so sure yet. Just ran the Fitness Mag Women’s half and am running the LI half in 2 weeks. Other than that, nothing too major on my sched until the Hershey half in October…I actually avoid summer races because too hot for me. Am I a hypocrite or what? lol

    1. VA Beach summers are awful so I can relate to the thick no moving air. Good luck at the LI half-I know a few people running that and I hear it’s a lot of fun 🙂

  2. Love the pics esp the one where your flying through the air with perfect form! 🙂

    Gosh you do heaps of miles although I’m looking at it like kilometers as that’s what we do hehe, and I only av 60 km! :-/ I live on the beach so yes it’s quite windy, but I think of it as great resistance training hehe… Hmm races… have National Mountain running coming up and xc 10km in a few weeks whooo… Good luck with taper week! 🙂

  3. I’m glad you got outside for so many runs this week. I would be jumping for joy too after being cooped up inside for so long. The wind is hard to get used to though. It was 25mph yesterday at our meet and I felt like I was dying haha anyways, hard to believe a week from now I will most likely be seeing you at my school! Or dying in the 10k, depending on how you want to look at it LOL

  4. Don’t you just love making race schedules?! I don’t know why, but I love the planning aspect of future races… it gets me so pumped up to run!

    Way to be with those miles, Hollie! And yay for getting outside. That’s the bomb.com and I love your new layout!

  5. It’s definitely okay to not meet your mark considering there are so many other races coming up, I’m sure you’ll have another opportunity to PR. I always hated running in wind because it chapped my face BAD. I don’t know how you can do it, I would have to wear a ski mask and then probably be tackled by police officers. lol

  6. Hooray for outside. I would like to say it is a sign for better weather and warmer weather but I think it is too early to say that 🙁 I hate this weather so so so much! I am so glad this race is looking to be a good experience for you! Seeing your dad and brother and Tim’s parents should be really great!

  7. 1) Thank goodness for better weather (finally!) and running outside!
    2) You’re a pretty amazing runner
    3) Coffee rules. (I wrote that one just because it is true)
    4) Don’t forget to take a rest day here and there!

    1. I came to the point that I actually don’t mind running inside sometimes to catch up on my news LOL but I have a few rest days coming up actually thanks. 🙂 I normally take one weekly but didn’t think week.

  8. Unfortunately because I live on top of a fell it’s almost always windy. Then again, most of the NE of England tends to experience gales on a regular basis – the few races I’ve run in the South of England have seemed so easy by comparison simply because it isn’t windy (and it’s also usually quite flat there).

    Thank God you’ve finally got to go outside to run – it’s like being set free from captivity, isn’t it? If I never see a treadmill again it will be too soon. I have a few potentially great races for the summer but I tend to enter at the last possible minute because I’m never sure if I will be injured or in any shape to run them or not. I’ll just have to see how things go :/


  9. YAY I hope you’re able to see the bro!!! Also, the wind here has sucked and has made everything so much harder! Like driving when my car might blow off of the road!

  10. I think you will do amazing in the half marathon. I like how you do your normal runs so much slower than you race too, it really shows how not every run has to be full speed ahead and it shouldn’t be. I know way too many runners who don’t know that.

    I’m glad you were able to run outside some! All but one of my runs this week was outdoors, which was pretty fun. It can be windy here, especially on the bridges which is where I ran this morning. I think it builds your lungs to run in the wind though so going a bit slower isn’t that bad.

    1. I haven’t hit a single run/tempo at my race pace this training cycle…that’s fine though. I’m not too worried about it. 🙂 If I didn’t have to run in the wind ever…I’d be fine with that but Oswego weather is not enjoyable in that nature. ha ha.

      1. I haven’t hit anything at my race pace this cycle either. You’re giving me a little glimmer of hope that my target race might turn out halfway decent, hehe!

  11. Awesome training girl! I will be back to 5Ks end of July and Aug to hopefully get back into shape post-pregnancy and start my training for a full in Nov.

  12. Good luck at the Nike race! I will be there too. It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun. And hopefully in the sun, sun, sun.

  13. Damnn killer miles!! I need to get back into running. The half I have in 2 weeks is going to be a JOKE .. but maybe I’ll luck out and be one of those people that PR with no training? I lift so maybe that’ll help ha.
    I have no idea what running/racing will be this summer since I’ll be in Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri from May-September. Boo Army.

  14. let me know when you make that summer schedule, so I can schedule some of those too. 🙂 VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m glad you were able to run outside!!

    Well, we live in Rochester, so yea it is windy. This past week was pretty horrendous on our runs and our one bike ride outside. Hopefully this week is better!

  16. Nice mileage! I am training for my first Ironman race and will need to start ramping up my mileage soon for another marathon. It’s hard following the 10% mileage rule, as I get impatient. You have a pretty intense schedule there. Do you ever get overuse injuries? I found I got them when I didn’t take a few days off running each week.

    1. I got a stress fracture nearly three years ago but no (knock on wood). This is high mileage but for me personally, it’s not a pace that is killing me. If I was running all my miles at a sub 8 minute pace I’m sure I probably would.

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