Training for Life (85 miles)


Monday: 10.12 treadmill easy (8:49 pace)
Tuesday: 10.5 miles treadmill (8:22 pace) starting to feel better
Wednesday: 10.77 miles treadmill (8:32 pace)
Thursday: 11.55 miles tempo

(45 mins 5.25 miles/46 minutes 6.3 miles)

Friday: 10.55 Lake Onondaga Park Recovery (8:40)
2 Hours Elliptical
Saturday: 10.65 Lake Onondaga Park Recovery (8:22)
Sunday: Hopefully a 20 miler with Laura
Total: Tentative 85 miles



My running has been going very smoothly this week.  With my efforts on recovery, I seemed to actually…well almost fully recover.  Go figure.  I spent the earlier week running on the treadmill because it was below 20 degrees at 6 in the morning, dark, and snowing.  That’s that, plus it’s easy to control your pace on the treadmill.  Then the weather seemed to warm up by the end of the week and it’s supposed to continue to do that.  (but with rain…)

Thursday I made the executive decision that instead of doing 90 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes tempo PM, I was going to do 10 miles in the morning, the first 45 minutes easier and the second 45 at a harder effort .  I wanted to slash miles while still doing a tempoish run this week because I am hoping to do a 20 miler today.   So I did 45 minutes at around an 8:30 pace and then 46 minutes as an overall 7:18 pace).  The last 5k, I finished in 21:20 and was proud of my efforts for the day.

Cross training:

To answer your question and to be fully honest, Ive fallen off the bandwagon for cross training.  I know when I tend to just run I get injured (from running or not) so I plan to start cross training more on the elliptical as well as get back into strength training once or twice a week.  My legs feel fine right now and I’d prefer to keep them that way.

Finally, don’t forget to submit a #coffeeaday photo.  I have 10 right now, but you still have until tonight to submit! 

Questions for you:

How have your workouts been going?

Favorite strength workout?