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What’s been going on in my personal life?  Well personal, blogging…my entire life I guess.  Instead of typical survey to enlighten you on things you never knew about me…I’ll just tell you how my week was and summarize it via instagram posts, blog posts and whatever else I find interesting.

This week has been rather hectic and I’ve been pretty busy but that isn’t something I really mind.  I hate finding myself sitting and staring at my computer screen wondering what the heck I’m supposed to do for 2 hours more hours before bed…This week especially I’ve found myself not living in the moment and looking into the future and I’ve been rather stressed about it.  That, my friends, is a topic for another day.


We had this beautiful weather is upstate NY.  From snow, to sun, to snow.  This is all in one day and the same temperature throughout the day (read 25 degrees).



I don’t really remember what happened Tuesday.  Actually from instagram, I remember that this thing stole my parking spot in front of my house.  Lame.


Tuesday was also the first day I started to feel remotely good again from running.  My recovery process seemed to be working.

hydrotherapy massages seem to be helping..
hydrotherapy massages seem to be helping..


Was the best day of the week for me.  Why?  Well, I made a lot of executive decisions in my life and have decided to fully commit to them.  It’s nerve wracking but balls to the wall baby.  Oh and the New York State Governor was on campus to talk…I didn’t get to see him though.  Oh and there was an armed robbery and hit and run in my small town that day too.  Don’t know what was going on in my town.

But I finally used the rest of my smoked salmon up with this waffle.  Savory waffles are always the bomb.



I was featured on Amy’s blog as she gave me a fashion makeover.  This girl is a model and knows her stuff.  What she thinks would work for me I absolutely love.  I’m such a classic, preppy dresser.   I have no photos from yesterday because I got a migraine and proceeded to nap half the day.


Hey, that’s today!  I’m hanging out with friends and just relaxing.  Is it just me or did this week go by terribly slow?  Yes, yes it did…so sorry if you disagree.

Also don’t forget…two more days to enter the #coffeeaday contest so email me your entries.

Questions for you:

How was your week?

How is the weather there? 

Tell me something fun you are doing this weekend. 

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  1. I’m glad the massages are helping your legs feel better running. Hopefully you’re feeling fully recovered soon. I read the feature yesterday on Amy’s blog and some of those outfits I could totally see you wearing. I wear the most boring clothes ever, as in, I buy the same things in multiple colors because I know it works. This week did go by slowly. Thank god it’s Friday.

    1. I’m about fully recovered. It’s mostly from taking things easy and upping my protein I think that have really helped my legs. When my nutrition isn’t semi decent (not perfect because it never is) but I notice that I don’t recover as quickly

  2. This week went SO SLOW. Couldn’t agree more with that statement. I kept thinking it was Friday for like…the entire week. And kept looking ahead at everything instead of focusing on the now. I’m having some issues living in the moment lately also.
    Mmmm it’s been too long since I’ve had smoked salmon.

  3. I would never have thought salmon on waffles, I love salmon and I love waffles…hmm worth a shot!

    Hopefully the weather stays a little more consistent from now on (oh wait, we are in NY…that wont happen). At least I hope it’s nice for our 20 sunday…but who cares, even if its a downpour or a blizzard, it will still be just what I need to get my running mojo back!

  4. Can’t wait to hear more about the big decisions. Much of my time is spent planning the future rather than living in the now… it can really be a bad thing sometimes.

    This week started slow but is much better now that it’s Friday. But I have drilll so my weekend will be spent on the range–yippee. At least I have 9 mile run planned with Ty and dinner tonight 🙂

  5. I definitely need to buy smoked salmon at the grocery store this week! I feel like this week went by fast but I don’t know why, I just wasted time at work doing nothing ha! I am excited for you and your exciting news! Have a good weekend!

  6. Tuesday kind of sounds like it was a crazy day, guess the week could only go down from there. I’m glad the massages are helping!

  7. This week did go INCREDIBLY slow. I’m sorry a miniature bulldozer decided to take your parking spot. I would say something along the lines of slash his tires!!! But… I think it would win. haha! I hope you have a good weekend! The most exciting thing I have planned is… Uhm, is it bad I don’t really have anything planned? Ooops.

  8. Ah, I saw the smoked salmon waffle on Instagram … and proceeded to make salmon for dinner! Can’t get enough. Happy Friday! 🙂

  9. We’re not going to talk about the weather because it’s currently April and currently snowing. There’s nothing more to say 😡 And do these future decisions/plans have anything to do with the Twitter conversation that I may have been witness to the other day? Something about leaving NY?

  10. Yep, the weather was nuts here on Tuesday I believe it was. So cold and snow in the morning, then sunny and white out conditions when I was leaving work. I could barely see when I was walking to my car! Now it’s better though.

    Mike and I are going to see Wicked tomorrow, I’m excited!

  11. This weather has been the WORST. Even today, it looked like it was nice out, but it was still super windy and then it snowed while I was driving home. I am sooooo over it, bring on the sun already!

  12. Your favorite day of the week = my least favorite, and usually I like HUMP DAYS!! 😉 But I am glad you had a good one!!

    The weather here in LA has been pretty delicious… Minus the fact that it’s gloomy until about noon… Ha! But I think that’s a spring thing here.

  13. The weather here is so gross. It is a weird snow/rain combo. No thanks.
    Hmm something fun? I am going to brunch tomorrow- at a place that serves $1.50 mimosas! So I guess that could be fun.
    The smoked salmon waffle is intriguing…I love smoked salmon, I’ve just never thought of putting it on a waffle!

  14. Woot, glad you are recovering well! Massages and smoked salmon will always do the trick 😀 glad you were able to make those life decisions too, worrying about that future stuff is definitely stressful and takes you away from the present…so that has to be a huge weight off your shoulders. Also, snow. twice a day. In april. Not okay.

  15. My week can be summed up in one word: sick. I’ve had a cold since I opened my eyes on Monday morning and it’s still sticking around. The weather has been surprisingly okay here!

  16. I actually love that this week went by slow because my dad came Wednesday night and I never wanted the time to end… I am ready for life to change a bit I think. I am pretty excited for the executive decisions you made girl and proud of you for going after what I know you really desire!

  17. Sounds like a pretty good week! I want to hear about these life decisions!! I love the fashion makeover. I need that in my life, haha.

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