Weekly Stuff

What’s been going on in my personal life?  Well personal, blogging…my entire life I guess.  Instead of typical survey to enlighten you on things you never knew about me…I’ll just tell you how my week was and summarize it via instagram posts, blog posts and whatever else I find interesting.

This week has been rather hectic and I’ve been pretty busy but that isn’t something I really mind.  I hate finding myself sitting and staring at my computer screen wondering what the heck I’m supposed to do for 2 hours more hours before bed…This week especially I’ve found myself not living in the moment and looking into the future and I’ve been rather stressed about it.  That, my friends, is a topic for another day.


We had this beautiful weather is upstate NY.  From snow, to sun, to snow.  This is all in one day and the same temperature throughout the day (read 25 degrees).



I don’t really remember what happened Tuesday.  Actually from instagram, I remember that this thing stole my parking spot in front of my house.  Lame.


Tuesday was also the first day I started to feel remotely good again from running.  My recovery process seemed to be working.

hydrotherapy massages seem to be helping..
hydrotherapy massages seem to be helping..


Was the best day of the week for me.  Why?  Well, I made a lot of executive decisions in my life and have decided to fully commit to them.  It’s nerve wracking but balls to the wall baby.  Oh and the New York State Governor was on campus to talk…I didn’t get to see him though.  Oh and there was an armed robbery and hit and run in my small town that day too.  Don’t know what was going on in my town.

But I finally used the rest of my smoked salmon up with this waffle.  Savory waffles are always the bomb.



I was featured on Amy’s blog as she gave me a fashion makeover.  This girl is a model and knows her stuff.  What she thinks would work for me I absolutely love.  I’m such a classic, preppy dresser.   I have no photos from yesterday because I got a migraine and proceeded to nap half the day.


Hey, that’s today!  I’m hanging out with friends and just relaxing.  Is it just me or did this week go by terribly slow?  Yes, yes it did…so sorry if you disagree.

Also don’t forget…two more days to enter the #coffeeaday contest so email me your entries.

Questions for you:

How was your week?

How is the weather there? 

Tell me something fun you are doing this weekend.