67 AntiRecovery Miles

Back to these Sunday things.

Monday: 10.52 miles (8:23 pace) after traveling 10.5 hours on an airplane.  I was really proud of myself for getting that done.
Tuesday: 10.5 miles treadmill
Wednesday: 10.25 treadmill (felt terrible…sluggish)
Thursday: 10.25 miles outdoors (felt terrible again)
Friday: Which led to an off day…the day before a race.
Saturday: Spring Forward 15k (1:04.15) total miles: 17
Sunday: 10 shake out
Total: 67 miles


The whole week my legs were pretty tired.  Besides the weekend runs, my runs felt not so great.  They were miserable, I just wanted them to be over.  That led to me taking a day off (why I don’t plan rest days…I take them when I need it).

It at least rejuvenated me (that or the fact that it was 50 degrees and sunny at the race).  The 15k went better than expected.  It was a hilly course, I’ll recap it later but from my training week you can obviously tell that I wasn’t fully recovered and wasn’t feeling the greatest.  At least most of these miles were outdoors though.   I had a great time with Laura though and that is all I was really hoping for.  I also won a jar of almond butter…


Why haven’t I been recovering well? 

Any and all of these reasons: my runs the previous week were all on trails, up mountains and chatting (so harder).  I can run 8 miles while not chatting easily, but chatting and running 8 min miles and holding conversation isn’t that easy for me and quite tiring.  My legs were still tired from my half two weeks ago.  My nutrition has been off due to vacation and I haven’t been stretching, massaging and foam rolling.  Yes, most of it is my fault…I’m over it.  I’ll work on that this week when I’m getting back into the swing of things.

All in all, not my best training week but not my worst either.  Worst are injury laden ones.

Next Week: 

The antimotivation train is hard.  I’ve been on it the last week or so.  My body is tired.  I am struggling again being back in Oswego.  (seeing friends and family down south was a tease).  Still like my friends up here though, of course, it was just hard to come back.  Plus the fact that I spent (minus Saturday), Friday and Sunday by myself (no one in the office…no one at home) was somewhat difficult.

Speaking of that since I’m personally struggling right now with reacclamating back up here, I thought I would take this time to just dive back to where I came from.  First, I decided to participate in Mommy Run Fast’s 7 day sugar detox.  I don’t normally have the issue of having too much sugar because I am good with limiting that but I thought I would limit my artificial sweetener intake.  If you know me well, you know I have no issues dumping half a container of splenda, truvia or whatever else into a container of coffee or pancakes.

I think it will be an interesting and difficult week but it has been something I’ve wanted to do since relying on them so heavily after being diagnosed.

Second, I am going to start working and motivating myself for proper recovery.  That means I will stretch, foam roll and ugh (yes) I do need to fork over the 80 dollars for a deep tissue massage.  I know my muscles will thank me.

Third, I’m going to stop feeling sorry for myself.  Yes with the exception of Saturday this weekend was lonely and terrible.  I had almost no face to face human contact on Friday except to sign some forms…almost none on Sunday.  It happens.  People have things to do.  I can’t be hanging out with people solely on my schedule and that’s life.  Is it hard to watch a lot of people celebrating Easter when I’m essentially by myself?  Of course, but that happens when you live alone.  I know this isn’t a forever life choice and I have to get through it.

And of course, Happy Easter.

Questions for you:

How have your workouts been going?

What are your secrets to recovering?

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  1. Hey Hollie! Sorry you’ve been having not-the-best runs lately. 🙁 I am in the same boat, but you are way more motivated than I am! Some of my runs have been starting out really crappy so I just keep saying, “Eh, maybe tomorrow”. Truth is I also need to commit myself to recovering properly, especially since it’s rugby season! Thanks for the reminder. PS, if you ever want to meet up (even though I’ve been MIA in blog world, I always love meeting new friends!), I am now way more free than I was before now that my thesis is winding down!

    1. I’m still recovering from a half marathon two weeks ago and had some hard runs in between that while on vacation. Not hard pace wise, but hard effort wise which is why I’m not recovering very quickly.

  2. Oh oh oh, is this the time that I shout at you in the comments for NOT NEEDING A SUGAR DETOX because YOU ARE SKINNY ALREADY and you should LOVE YOUR BODY. And obviously shoving artificial sweeteners and sugar and crap is loving your body.

    I just did 30 days with no sweeteners at all – not even honey or fruit juice. It’s not so hard, though straight up black coffee took some getting used to. Now, I can eat unsweetened chocolate.

    Sucky runs are sucky. Sorry to hear that your week wasn’t the best.

    1. I don’t have enough sugar to actually merit a sugar detox really. Artificial I think I am the queen of and I know it’s altered my taste buds. I’m hoping a week without it will reset them. Though I know it will be incredibly difficult. Coffee especially.

  3. I’m the same way. I struggle with motivating myself at times to do CrossFit (not a runner at all). I love it, but even lately when I convince myself to go, I don’t feel like I have any release of endorphins so I’m still leaving just as blah as I went into the gym. But I continue to go, because I would hate to lose all my strength, so doing something is better than nothing. And I also get down when people can’t hang out with me. I have a hard time with being all by myself, especially on holidays (but I don’t give a shit about Easter).

    1. I can relate to that. Being so far away from friends and family is the hardest on holidays. Honestly today was just a normal day for me…it stunk a bit but it was also a lot harder because I had just seen everyone the week before.

  4. I wish we lived near each other. I would have totally had you over for Easter! I know that it must be hard to be alone, especially after being with friends and family. I hope your recovery and foam rolling goes well 😀 Hang in there… spring weather will appear soon!

  5. Happy Easter, Hollie! It can be tough to be alone, I’ve definitely been depressed in the past when I was by myself for an entire weekend with no one to talk to (and my family is 10 hours away so I rarely see them).

    You had a great week of running miles, I’m sorry that they didn’t feel better though! We were having a hard time recovering after our race last weekend so we each cut out a 5 miler and took Friday entirely off, we usually just take Monday off. I guess that’s just the best thing I can say, keep doing what you’re doing. You seem to have it figured out!

    I hope this week goes better for you!

    1. I heard that course was rather dreadful from Laura and 18+ miles is intense! It’s hard for me because my family is VA Beach and Tim is in Texas. I like my job in Oswego a lot but the area is not for me.

  6. Sorry to hear about the non-stellar runs this week and being lonely. I can relate to the lonesome thing…I have been alone almost the whole week and it is starting to wear on me. I know i could reach out to friends and spend time with them but I get myself in a funk and don’t even do that. You are right, it’s not forever. But after weeks spent with loved ones it really feels like it. Good luck with the detox 🙂

  7. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time lately and I hope the nicer weather soon will help you perk up a bit. I know it usually works for me. While seeing family is always so nice and greatly needed, I always end up in such a funk afterwards because leaving is even harder. I hope you were able to make the most of your Easter even though life is a little bit lonely lately. Keep your head up!

  8. Here’s the thing, we need to hold each other accountable this week. We are both in the same boat, we need easy runs and lots of stretching and foam rolling. I laugh that I am reading your post after finishing mine a few minutes ago, and we have a lot of the same things to say. Let’s be each others support this week. So we can both stick on the bandwagon for the sugar detox, and for working on basic running and sticking to stretching and foam rolling. And then we can end the week with a 20 miler together, and lots of food after. Yep works for me.

  9. Impressive mileage, especially for tired legs and recovering from your half! I’m glad you’re in for the sugar detox- artificial sweeteners are definitely a good thing to teach your body to do without, even if it’s just 7 days. 🙂

  10. I feel your pain girl. Luckily I got to see my family and friends this weekend but many weeks are quiet for me. I too live alone and as much as I love it… it gets hard to go back to an empty apt. Tweet me anytime … I have no life 🙂

    Once permanent nice weather comes our way I think it makes a world of a difference. ENJOY your massage-you deserve it <3

  11. Those blahhh days and weeks are the worst. Luckily, though, it sounds like you pinpointed the source of the blahhness so you can bounce back and attack your workouts moving forward. I’ll be focusing on recovering and tapering this week too, so you’ll have some company. 😉

  12. Girl it makes me sad that you are having trouble acclimating again, but just think how close to done you are. Actually don’t think that, try to live each day. Also if you need some face time I always do too (I get really lonely too) So facetime me 😀 the joys of an iPhone. I will always take 5 minutes for some Hollie face to face 😉

    I like the sugar detox thing, but I don’t think I can do it.. lol

  13. Girl, I need to join you on that sugar detox! I never realize how much of it I’m eating and then by the end of the day I’m all like…. goodness gracious, gross! I hope your running feels better this week. Tough training weeks and traveling/different schedules can really take it out of ya!

  14. Ehh yeah I hear you on this….I think we all go through periods where we lack motivation and that’s okay! And yah, I can see how it would be especially hard after two weeks inthe sun and running with Tim every day…then going back to the arctic tundra and being alone. Not okay. And I totally hear you on Easter, I got to skype my family and talk to a few of my friends, but I had no one to physically spend the day with. And that SUCKED because oddly, Easter is a huuuuuge deal in my family – like, almost bigger than Christmas. Blargh. But you’re right, its all temporary – and I think the thought of being home again soon + the race probably put a little pep in your step, that’ll all get you motivated for some recovery and training! Oh and you get to see me on the 28th, it’ll be truly epic! 😀

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