Running with Friends

Sometimes we all just need that fun run with a friend.  For me, it was someone who I communicate a lot with and we only live about an hour away…yet somehow our schedules never work out well.  (Well Laura is super busy being engaged, a working woman among many things).  Sometimes I’m busy…sometimes (roughly 10% of the time)


So with that we went for a lovely 18 mile run.  Through the snow and through winter.  It’s funny how the 18 mile run literally felt like it was 5 if that.  Three hours later we realized, what we had run 18 miles…now it’s time for some food.


It isn’t that I don’t enjoy running with people occasionally, I just don’t have that option.   I can tell you, however, I’m not a group runner.  Running with a pack of more than 2 people is really overwhelming and somewhat awkward for me.

Unless it’s this little awkward trio here

running together and stuff.
Wow circa de 2 years ago…running together and stuff.

But here are some benefits I’ve found to running with someone else.

  1. Chatting.  Duh…it get’s boring to run by yourself for 1 mile let alone a long run.  The run generally flies by quicker this way.
  2. Double honks.  Two ladies running together?  More fellas to honk, just kidding but there is a safety element running with someone else if you get injured…ect.
  3. Motivation.  I’ll be 100% honest, if I hadn’t run with Laura on Sunday I’d probably have done a ten miler on the treadmill back in my area.
  4. More friends.  Who doesn’t love that?

Questions for you: 

What are some benefits you find to working out with others? 


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  1. I voted that I like to run with others… but really, we don’t run together and chat except on the long runs, we all just start and end together and sort of push each other along. Sometimes I like to just run all alone though, especially if I’m doing a speed workout, or if I’m just running to clear my head or something. It looks like you and Laura had an awesome run and I love that cookies sign at the end hehe!

  2. Hi Hollie! I love the little survey. My running buddy is also a co-worker so we aren’t always in the same place (we travel for work) so I also run alone quite a bit. I definitely prefer a buddy-it really keeps me motivated and on pace. Cheers, Tara

  3. Training with people is awesome for pushing yourself and not letting yourself slack…but sometimes you can push yourself too hard at the wrong time in the name of competition. So it goes. Glad to hear you had a fun 18 miler.

  4. I had an absolute blast running with you, and like you said it totally didn’t feel like 18 miles! I’m normally a run alone type of person, but we definitely need to make sure we get runs in together once in a while, it was just what the doctor ordered.

  5. I really like running with 1-3 other people. Anything more than that and I get anxious!
    When I go home to my parents I run with my friends (who are married with children.. I live such a boring life!)
    Occassionally I’ll run with the man but he’s super super fast and then I begin feeling bad that he’s not getting a workout from it. But it’s quality time spent together & I love that 🙂

  6. I am a solo runner but i actually really like doing runs with one other person. or a small group but not a big group. i hate that, probably why races totally freak me out

  7. I’m afraid I will always be an antisocial runner (heck, I will always be an antisocial person, full stop). Running is ‘me’ time and I never want to share it with someone else – I’d be too worried about slowing them down and I’m not one to chat while running. I can see why the motivational aspect would be good though, and I’ve always loved the idea of a friend to help pace me to that sub-1:30 half (haha, the only way I’d get that is if I physically tied myself to someone fast and let them drag my slow arse over the line!)


  8. I like working out with others only if the other person actually wants to WORK OUT. I hate the chatty cathys who go to the gym and end up just trying to find people to talk to lol. Otherwise, if the person likes to workout I love it because you can push each other/get feedback/even workout ideas! Also, they may have found something which works for them and ends up being beneficial to you.

  9. I’m like you- I like to run with one other person but when it gets to be more than a couple people (like my entire team) it drives me crazy. It is too hard to meet everyone’s needs matching pace, distance, etc. Running with one or two people, though, and having a good gossip/vent session is my favorite. The double honk made me laugh. I never thought of it that way but it’s totally a good safety net. There are way too many creepers in this world for me to handle alone.

  10. I like running with other people because it allows me to push myself. It’s a hundred billion times easier to do speed work when there’s someone else to keep up with or beat, imo.

    However, I also don’t like when the other people want to run faster than I do. Which happens a lot. I guess that’s the danger of doing ~75% of runs with a running club.

  11. sometimes I dont like working out with other people because I feel like they hold me back.. but I guess I need to find the right people to work out with!

  12. I enjoy running alone at times, but LOOveee my runs with my boyfriend. He keeps me motivated and gives me that extra push.

  13. Can I have it both ways? Lol. I enjoy running by myself, and I also see the value of being with friends or teammates. They definitely hold me accountable during longer runs and tough workouts. But you do race solo, though, so I do the majority of my runs alone.

  14. I’m with you – one friend is awesome, more than that and it gets a little awko-taco. usually I’m just a lone wolf and go by myself (its way more convenient), but if I were doing 18 I’d totally need a buddy!

  15. I always thought I was a solo runner or enjoyed running with my family only.
    Then I moved to a town where I knew NO ONE and wanted to branch out into the community. I joined a running group and even though I was the youngest by far, I LOVED learning from my new running buddies.
    I also always thought I was a slow runner. I am, BUT, running with a group made me realize I am not nearly as slow as I thought I was, wohoo!

  16. I would KILL for a running partner! (okay maybe not kill…….) but seriously I enjoy some solo runs but I would love love love for someone to go through that pain with me every once in a while sometimes. I think I would get a kick of motivation 🙂 My dad will actually run with me but nothing over 3.5ish miles

  17. I really like running with someone else, especially my daddy. I am hoping he is up for a run over my break actually! I think the only way I will ever do 18 miles is if I have someone else along for the ride! haha

  18. I’m glad you were able to meet Laura! She’s fun!

    I said the more the merrier in your poll, but I actually would have voted for all three. I have my reasons for liking them all and I do all of them at different times. Lately it has been about group runs, but most of the time I’m either alone or with Mike.

  19. I like lifting / doing circuit work with some one who is on my same level of fitness or better. When I am showing a friend a work out and then we try to move through it I end up focusing on their form and trying to help them nail it instead of doing the work out as hard as I could. When it comes to running I’m solo all the way. I like the chance to be the only one talking sometimes!

  20. lol at “double honks” – I find it hysterical when I get a honk in the winter. I always hope it’s a “hey crazy lady” kind of honk and not a “I am a weirdo who finds your 5-layers-of-jackets and frozen snot glued to your face attractive” kind of honk. Then again, I think it takes a special kind of person to honk at someone running anyway, sooo ….

    I definitely tend to be a solo runner but it is definitely a nice shakeup to go with a friend once in awhile. Sounds like you guys had a great time!

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