Running with Friends

Sometimes we all just need that fun run with a friend.  For me, it was someone who I communicate a lot with and we only live about an hour away…yet somehow our schedules never work out well.  (Well Laura is super busy being engaged, a working woman among many things).  Sometimes I’m busy…sometimes (roughly 10% of the time)


So with that we went for a lovely 18 mile run.  Through the snow and through winter.  It’s funny how the 18 mile run literally felt like it was 5 if that.  Three hours later we realized, what we had run 18 miles…now it’s time for some food.


It isn’t that I don’t enjoy running with people occasionally, I just don’t have that option.   I can tell you, however, I’m not a group runner.  Running with a pack of more than 2 people is really overwhelming and somewhat awkward for me.

Unless it’s this little awkward trio here

running together and stuff.
Wow circa de 2 years ago…running together and stuff.

But here are some benefits I’ve found to running with someone else.

  1. Chatting.  Duh…it get’s boring to run by yourself for 1 mile let alone a long run.  The run generally flies by quicker this way.
  2. Double honks.  Two ladies running together?  More fellas to honk, just kidding but there is a safety element running with someone else if you get injured…ect.
  3. Motivation.  I’ll be 100% honest, if I hadn’t run with Laura on Sunday I’d probably have done a ten miler on the treadmill back in my area.
  4. More friends.  Who doesn’t love that?

Questions for you: 

What are some benefits you find to working out with others?