Dark Orange Pancakes

If you followed my blog about a year ago, you’ll know my obsession with dark chocolate orange pancakes.  Well my friends…that obsession is back with no shame at all.  I just think something about the chocolate and the orange tanginess is like a mini miracle worker.

Dark orange pancakes

½ cup flour

¼ cup dark chocolate powder

1 egg

½-1 cup water depending on your consistency

1 tablespoon orange extract

1 tablespoon grated orange peel

1 tablespoon baking powder

*I don’t add ANY sweetener to this because I like it that way…if you aren’t into tart things you might want too.

Mix dry ingredients to wet ingredients then finally add the orange peel LAST.  Mix and pour on the griddle.

topped with greek yogurt because that is what I was feeling.
topped with greek yogurt because that is what I was feeling.

So that is that.  I highly recommend them and the effort to grate an orange peel is worth it.

Question for you: Fill in the blank: Chocolate+__________=my favorite. 


  1. You’ve just totally inspired me. Not to make pancakes, but some kind of chocolate orange dessert. The last time I had anything along those lines was [I think] in my birthday cake last year, and I’ve kind of forgotten how freakin’ good the combo is. Lately I’ve been kind of stuck on chocolate and bananas… or just chocolate in general 😉

  2. This isn’t specific to these delicious looking pancakes but I like that you don’t make the puny little 1/4 cup of mix, homemade or not. When I eat pancakes, I want a stack of them and not be left still starving after I’ve followed some bloggers’ recipes with freaky ingredients…

    1. LOL, that is actually why I started the Monday pancake series to begin with. I run a lot and I’ll get hungry again an hour later if I don’t use anything greater then 1/2 cup.

  3. You are pretty brilliant when it comes to pancakes. I’d probably add some sweetener, because I’d imagine I’d be going for a Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange kinda deal…

    Chocolate + peanut butter. Always.

  4. I’m gonna make this flavor next time I make pancakes. Chocolate combined with orange or mint is my favorite way to eat cocoa! And I’m like you…I like the bitterness of cocoa so I don’t even think I’d need any sweetener!

  5. chocolate and coconut are my all time favorite. peanutbutter is close behind. This makes me want those chocolate orange things that come out around christmas time ( i think!?)

  6. YESSSsSS I was waiting for this recipe, I’m a dark chocolate/orange whore too. Dark chocolate goes with soo many things but I think my most recent favorite would have to be dark chocolate + coffee! I mean, you can never go wrong with “mocha” flavored anything 😀

  7. nom nom nom 😉 I just love all of your pancake ideas. We should have a pancake/waffle and omelet party one time we get together. I have never thought of chocolate with orange. I bet the blood orange chobani would be good on top of these though!

  8. Have you had chocolate oranges?! We usually have one during Christmas/the holidays, and it’s so tasty!

  9. QUESTION: I have orange extract, but not oranges (for the zest), do you think the zest is really needed??

    && I’m pretty sure I already mentioned on here that I enjoy chocolate + doritos together. 🙂 I do also like chocolate & graham crackers.

    1. I think the only thing not having an orange to grate will do is make it less orangy. I bet it would still be really good since the extract is what kicks it up a notch! 🙂

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