Running Q&A Part 1

I was surprised by how many questions about running I got.  Like I said, I don’t share a lot by I’m always open to questions.  I would apologize but (let’s be honest here) do you really live your life to learn more about me and my running life?  I don’y have any races anytime right now, so posting more facts about my running instead it is. 

Do you have a pacing strategy in races? How does it vary from race to race?

I actually don’t really have any pacing strategies at all.  This sounds corny but I normally get into my rhythm and keep on keeping on.  I have found that if I take 5ks out 5 seconds slower than I had been (for me) a *perfect* (which how many of those do we have?) 5k first mile has been 5:35 and then I’m able to bring it back about 30 seconds slower because I’m not as dead.  Weird right?

I’d rather not be dead at the end.

I haven’t run a tapered half in 8 months (last was my 1:27.19) but obviously I just run that at a slower pace than shorter races.  My normal race strategy is take it out slower than I’d like and have more energy to bring it back at the end.  I know that is most people’s goals, but it really stinks if you are dead by mile 1.  (mentally and physically).

What’s your favourite and worst training session?

My favorite training session…I’m honestly not really sure about this.  For me, I’m still really new to running as far as training and speed workouts and all of that goes.  Some people really like to do track workouts, well I don’t.  I’d rather just run high easy mileage all the time.  Right now that has been working for me…will it forever?  No probably not…but right now it does.   I’d rather run 70-80 easy untimed, not worrying about pace, then 40 miles that are speedy.  Maybe that will change but for now I like it.

My favorite speed sessions have always been tempo runs though.    5 mile tempo runs always make me feel powerful because I can crank them out somewhere around 30-35 minutes.  I don’t have to motivate myself for 2 hours of track workouts…  I don’t really like track workouts at all so I say all of those to my least favorites.

This half marathon 2 years ago ended on a counts...(the Run for a dream on W&M)
This half marathon 2 years ago ended on a track…it counts…(the Run for a dream on W&M)

What’s your “pre-race routine?” Eats, stretches, music, (prayers?! haha), etc. Is it the same? Strict? Loose?

My pre-race routine..I normally eat 3-4 hours beforehand.  Always…if the race is at 7, I’m waking up at 4.  I know so many hate to eat before racing…not me, I don’t race well if I don’t have something in my system.  But in all honesty, the same thing goes for running in general.  I run better if I’ve eaten. I would physically rather run after eating an hour before then run on an empty stomach.

Anyways-I also drink a lot of coffee to keep myself awake and to post coffeeaday photos….  I normally have 24 ounces (my coffee mug size…) on the way to race.

My warm up depends on the race distance…longer races=shorter warmup.  5ks I like to do about 4 miles.  Half marathons I’ll do about 1 mile if that.

I don’t listen to music during races or really before (maybe just I the car ride).  I’m not a prayer person before races either.  I know a lot of girls on my XC team were.  Anyways-as you can see I’m pretty casual with that sort of thing (something I could NEVER say about before a swim race).

If you have anymore questions: tweet, email, respond here…I always love responding.

Questions for you:

1.       Do you have a prerace routine?

2.       Do you eat before you workout?