Hair of the Dog 5k (19:32)

Less than 11 hours later after my Beat the Ball 5k, I decided to run the Hair of the Dog race. (start time 10:00am). I only got about 6 hours of sleep and was pretty drained but as is life..At least the races have cool names right?

Races on the VA Boardwalk are generally pretty windy and with the rain it wasn’t the most optimal conditions.  People get the mistaken idea that because it is on the boardwalk and extremely flat that it is of the fastest possible conditions…but you have to include the wind. (Wind sucks)  So if there was no wind, yes it would be perfect and very injury prone since you are running on concrete.  The course itself was 1.55 out and…1.55 back. (meaning no matter what your garmin says…it is accurate and you have run a 5k) The ocean is nice to look at..for .1 miles…but then it gets pretty boring.

When they were starting the race, they gave everyone these little popper things to throw when the race whistle went off.  I knew if I popped mine….I might pop someones eye out so I gave it to a little kid that was probably safer to operate it then me.

Going down, I felt terrible. Wind in my face and just pondering what I was doing with life.


Why am I running on 5 hours of sleep?  Why am I racing in the wind and rain?  Why does this suck so much?  (Just a few of my thoughts).

During the first half of the race, I was the second overall female.  The first had blown by me and the third had caught me during the turn around point (the 180 degree turn).

Then it was like someone hit me with a shot of roids coming back because I just started hammering down. I had gone from 2nd to third and then all of sudden I was feeling a win so I just powered through.  I ended up catching the first place female and winning by just 6 seconds, so I was pretty excited for that.

I like to wink a the camera...and in general...fake runners can do that
I like to wink a the camera…and in general…fake runners can do that

I ran this dress is some lacy see through formal wear (not sure if it was a dress or night attire…but it was easy to wear spanx underneath) that got me more attention then I’d like with the homeless men on the boardwalk…and half hungovers…

By this point it was cold and we all had 100000 layers on.
By this point it was cold and we all had 100000 layers on. (this photo just proves I can never stop talking…)

Splits: 6:28, 6:28, 5:59

That is by far a new Hollie race negative split record.

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       What is the closest back to back races you have done?
  2. 2.       Have you ever lit your own fireworks?