Hair of the Dog 5k (19:32)

Less than 11 hours later after my Beat the Ball 5k, I decided to run the Hair of the Dog race. (start time 10:00am). I only got about 6 hours of sleep and was pretty drained but as is life..At least the races have cool names right?

Races on the VA Boardwalk are generally pretty windy and with the rain it wasn’t the most optimal conditions.  People get the mistaken idea that because it is on the boardwalk and extremely flat that it is of the fastest possible conditions…but you have to include the wind. (Wind sucks)  So if there was no wind, yes it would be perfect and very injury prone since you are running on concrete.  The course itself was 1.55 out and…1.55 back. (meaning no matter what your garmin says…it is accurate and you have run a 5k) The ocean is nice to look at..for .1 miles…but then it gets pretty boring.

When they were starting the race, they gave everyone these little popper things to throw when the race whistle went off.  I knew if I popped mine….I might pop someones eye out so I gave it to a little kid that was probably safer to operate it then me.

Going down, I felt terrible. Wind in my face and just pondering what I was doing with life.


Why am I running on 5 hours of sleep?  Why am I racing in the wind and rain?  Why does this suck so much?  (Just a few of my thoughts).

During the first half of the race, I was the second overall female.  The first had blown by me and the third had caught me during the turn around point (the 180 degree turn).

Then it was like someone hit me with a shot of roids coming back because I just started hammering down. I had gone from 2nd to third and then all of sudden I was feeling a win so I just powered through.  I ended up catching the first place female and winning by just 6 seconds, so I was pretty excited for that.

I like to wink a the camera...and in general...fake runners can do that
I like to wink a the camera…and in general…fake runners can do that

I ran this dress is some lacy see through formal wear (not sure if it was a dress or night attire…but it was easy to wear spanx underneath) that got me more attention then I’d like with the homeless men on the boardwalk…and half hungovers…

By this point it was cold and we all had 100000 layers on.
By this point it was cold and we all had 100000 layers on. (this photo just proves I can never stop talking…)

Splits: 6:28, 6:28, 5:59

That is by far a new Hollie race negative split record.

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       What is the closest back to back races you have done?
  2. 2.       Have you ever lit your own fireworks? 

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  1. I’m dying that you won a race in that dress….so funny!! Congrats! The concrete on the boardwalk is a pina to run on but I do love seeing the ocean.

    1. That is actually only the second regular 5k I’ve done on it. I did the Allen Stone but other then that I normally avoid that area to race. (It could be because that is where my tibial stress fracture reared it’s ugly head two years ago too though ha ha).

  2. Holy lightening speed batman. You are a freaking beast, congrats on the win. Also I adore these outfits that you rock when you race, prettiest super racer ever. Closest back to back – a few months : ) Fireworks yes… On conesus lake at my parents, while a cop boat floated by, who then stole my fireworks… good thing I had more in the shed!

  3. Hahaha I bet the lady you beat didn’t feel so good about losing to someone in. Dress but if you’re going to wear crazy outfits while you run, you’d better be fast. That negative split is awesome!!

  4. Love you winking at the camera. Awesome race girl, I probably would have quit on the way out! Heck no I would never light fireworks!

  5. Awesome back to back racing. I have done one day then the next but no 2 ever so close together (and nowhere near that awesome pace).

  6. Haha, that last picture you look like you’re in shock from the negative splits. I love your race pics though, they are actually good… so much better than mine ever are! You are definitely a beast and great job with the race especially in those crazy conditions!

  7. haha I can’t believe you fought through it all. I am amazed, bad weather races make me so freaking sad. Nice job though, you look kind of stellar in all of them! Even when you may have been a little unhappy. haha

  8. Such badass running…even without the sparkly dress and 5 hours of sleep.

    One day I will know what it feels like to run a 5:xx minute mile. Probably not tomorrow though 😛


  9. Doing Beat the Ball and Hair of the Dog this year was the closest back to back races I’ve done although I did complete the Colonial Beach Sprint Triathlon (3rd in Age Group) and then the Olympic distance race the next day (1st in Age Group but DQ’d because I wore my wetsuit) in 2011 which was pretty cool.

    I lit my own fireworks in the 2008 Ironman USA on mile 20 of the run because I had to walk most of the first 6 miles due to leg cramps. Coca-Cola helped fuel those fireworks in me to do negative splits the final 4 miles.

    1. That tri seems like the most painful thing I’ve ever heard of. Wow that is awesome and I’ve heard the Colonial tri is pretty nuts! What is your next race?

  10. WOOOO I am so pumped for you!! That first pic you look like you’re going to kill someone haha I love the dress though. Awesome negative split too – I’ve never managed that successfully but I’m okay at the upside down parabola? Faster first and last mile – slow middle mile.

  11. You never fail to impress me with your amazing running times! Those sure are awesome splits!! I also love that dress

  12. I have so much admiration for runners because they always seem to be able to push through the pain, fatigue, nasty weather, etc, and end up on a huge high. Me? I’m a wimp. When something hurts or it gets too cold outside, I give up. Bah! Can I have just a drop of your determination? You have too much ass-kickery as is 😛

  13. Can we talk about how baller it is that you *won* a race while wearing a dress? Or your awesome splits? Wow, wow, wow!!

  14. I love your attitude, You always make me laugh. I tend to have the same thoughts when I’m running on the treadmill (why am I doing this? Why does it suck?). It’s refreshing to see that real runners have those same UGH moments.

    p.s you are a BEAST! 🙂

  15. Nice girl! that’s pretty beast! 🙂 love negative splits! I lit my own fireworks at a race in the fall with an uphill finish..i wanted to be done so bad. I ended up beating a girl out right at the end. it was satisfying 😉

  16. Congratulations on the win girl. This post makes me miss VA beach & my morning runs every morning on the boardwalk 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  17. The winking picture of you is totally frame worthy! I can’t believe you ran 19 something in rainy weather. I would have busted my arse 1/2 a mile into it at that speed. Congrats on your win!!

  18. Holy crap – are you tired of us all saying how crazy fast you are yet? Nicely done! Congratulations.

  19. FUN! I like what you say about the boring ocean after awhile. I could not agree more. it is just waves for days! I also can never imagine “feeling a win” so that makes you even more epic in my book

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