Festive Pancake Roundup

As promised and since it’s Christmas Eve, I thought I would gather all the festive pancake recipes for the month and put them here.  Maybe your family is into Holiday Pancakes like mine (erg…me…erg…) but anyways.  Does that sound like we are going to the rodeo?  I don’t know the title continues to amuse me. 

First Merry Christmas Eve.

From the Thanksgiving spectrum we have pumpkin pancakes.


Then my personal favorites: Eggnog Pancakes.


Gingerbread were also delicious.


As well as mom’s favorites peppermint.

Then a new (to me) and staple fig pancakes.

 Hope you have enjoyed this months Holiday editions.  Any recommendations and ideas for new pancakes are always welcome.

Now that the Holiday series is done…my blog has so many different options and directions to go…obviously…

Have a Happy Holidays.


  1. I’m pretty sure if I had never visited your blog until today I would immediately become obsessed w/ it!! So many drool-worthy recipes!!

  2. The gingerbread pancakes look the most enticing to me by far! I’m about to go downstairs and make pancakes again before my run! You’ve officially addicted me 🙂

  3. I’m kind of mad at your poll for only letting me vote for 2 things. Lol. All the pancakes in one place! Mmmmm 🙂 Merry Christmas girl!

  4. I am definitely going to try the peppermint pancakes. I’ve been making banana pancakes a lot lately. I’m cutting dairy out as much as I can so I use 3 mashed bananas as the binder and then some general ingredients (whole wheat flour, baking powder and vanilla) – Add some dark chocolate chips and its amazing!

    1. I used to love banana’s but I have really grown to not like the texture or taste. I think it could be from eating too many LOL. I’ve heard a lot of people really like to add the banana or applesauce! Anything with dark chocolate chips wins though!

  5. I’m actually a little too excited that you’ve put these all in one convenient location. I’m going to get around to trying them one of these days, for sure. In the meantime, it was Poll Daddy that kept me laughing. Who’s your Daddy? Pollllllll Daddy!
    Merry Christmas, Hollie! Hope you get your fair share of pancakes tomorrow morning!! 😉

  6. I am making gingerbread men today so maybe I should make pancakes along with them? haha I really want to try the egg nog ones. I have never had egg nog though so I have no real inkling if I would life them. Your pancakes are all so fluffy and thick! I have never understood when people settle for flat pancakes! there is no dough factor then…

  7. Merry Christmas Eve, Hollie! It’s a good thing I’m in the middle of eating breakfast, or there’d be some serious drooling action happening around here. Heck, there is anyways. I’m usually too lazy to make pancakes in the morning, but I may have to make a special exception for Christmas…

  8. Merry Christmas Eve girly! You sure do know your way with a spatula 😉 I’m hoping to get my Mom to make some sort of breakfast tomorrow for Christmas since I’m usually too lazy to make anything other than a smoothie lately haha

  9. HEY just so you know I haven’t talked to you in a while and i miss you and i just read your posts from the past week and i want you under my christmas tree. oh… oops.

  10. And now you have truly shown us all why you are the Queen of Pancakes.

    Hope you have a great Xmas day <3

  11. Oooh Eggnog sounds amazing! I don’t know about peppermint though… I bet some crushed candy canes would be amazing in the eggnog pancakes though!

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