Training for Life the Easy Way

Training for this week has been a high mileage but base building week.  Unlike last week when I was going into cardiac arrest (2 double digit runs and 2 races!) this week was all about long and easy miles.  High mileage?  Yes?  Easy miles?  Yes.  Lots of stretching and foam rolling for injury prevention…ugh that was the hardest part. 

Moving on:

Sunday: 5.5 mile recovery (after Saturday’s 18+ miler)
Monday: 8.3 miles easy and strength training (finally).
Tuesday:   AM: 7.5 with a friend (9:40 pace) PM: 3.25 with my eight year old friend (8:25 pace) Favorite runs of the week!
Wednesday: Around town 9.4 easy
Thursday: 10.3 Progressive-My fastest run of the week.  I went from 8:30-7:00 minute miles throughout the run.
Friday: 8.3 Recovery easy
Saturday: 12 miles easy before traveling


Total: 64.6

So a bit less than week  (64.8 ha).  Much easier miles though.  Next week I’m not sure how it will go with Christmas and being away from home.  (Do I say that every week?)  It’s because I don’t really have any set plans but to live the dream and enjoy running.

Also if you feel so inclined to vote for me for most humorous blogger (LOLZ) for runchat,I wouldn’t mind in the slightest.  Tell all your friends…because me telling my friends…is what I’m doing now.   What are these real life friends you talk about?

Since this post has no photos enjoy this one from last year of dad and I running together.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       What was your best workout of the week?
  2. 2.       Workout plans to next week? 

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  1. Even though you ran a little less than last week, it still looks like a very solid training week. I’m with you in terms of workouts this week; I really want to relax and enjoy being home, plus I don’t have my/access to a bike, so all I can do consistently is run. (Still need to look into my local pool’s lap swim hours.) Happy holidays, friend!

  2. “It’s because I don’t really have any set plans but to live the dream and enjoy running.” I love that quote. So much. You had such a good week of mileage. Hello, running with an 8-year-old that can run at my pace (or faster, LOL) would be my favorite run of the week too! I’m sure you won’t have a problem getting your mileage in, you never do, but it’s nice that you’re not going to kill yourself to make sure you up your mileage. Time to go vote again for runchat awards 🙂

  3. I like your two a days shirt :). Seems like it’s pretty true, too. Glad you had a good week of workouts, I also love running with friends even if we go at a slower pace, it’s just a nice social thing to do.

    1. Thanks! I have no pace preference at all. Funny thing is that I bought that shirt when I was still doing doubles for swimming and had no interest in running. 😉

      1. Haha, it is a cute shirt though! I also don’t have a pace preference, to me that keeps running fun and easy, if I always had to monitor pace and stuff it just wouldn’t be fun anymore (and I doubt I would get enough additional benefits from doing that to make up for losing the fun factor).

  4. Stretching and foam rolling = definitely the least fun! That’s pretty fast for an 8 year old…unless your friend is a dog? Glad you had a nice high and easy mileage week!

    1. She is very fast. I would not be surprised if she becomes a pro athlete…granted she doesn’t burn out. She truly loves running though which is even more inspirational.

  5. Nice miles Hollie! Easy weeks are the bomb sometimes! As for workouts for next week.. The local masters swim team is doing 100x100s on Christmas Eve… I might pass on that haha

  6. Holy quote of the day, Hollie. I think you are living it, girl. And making it easier for me mentally to want to live it too. Don’t have to go all-out, just need to go. I was a little lacking on time last week, but this week looks much better and I’m stoked to get in some long elliptical sessions. Way to be radical — in both the “dude, that’s rad” and pushing out the low ‘n slows for miles and miles ways. Awesome.

  7. 1. Oops I haven’t done one this week
    2.(i) To start being more serious with y running otherwise I am not going to be able to do that 20 miler with the 200 obstacles 🙁
    2.(ii) To start taking inspiration from the blogs I read and rather than being jealous cos you’re all out there doing it, give myself something to blog about

    BTW are foam rollers a definite must have???

  8. I did a really great strength training circuit that left me feeling strong and AWESOME! I’m so impressed with your running log, it’s incredible! I don’t run anywhere near that much, but maybe someday! I’m just taking it slow, one slow (but enjoyable) running day at a time. 😉

  9. 64 miles?!? You’re a freaking beast! My legs would have spontaneously broken off… I did run 18 miles (best workout) on Saturday just for fun. But even with that run, my mileage was still in the 30s range. No concrete workout plans for this week. Merry Christmas, Hollie!

  10. Nice week of training! Next week I start my taper for Goofy so I’ll be running less miles and they’ll be on the slower side with a little speed work. I’m excited to get a little more sleep in the mornings!

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