October to November

So it’s the second of November already…really where did time go?  Didn’t I just make that goal list of October yesterday?  Didn’t I just think that I would be running again yesterday?  Of course I did…I thought I would be running consistently (and was told that) by now…but I’m not.)

I’m still cross training though and really that was my only goal of October.  To stay positive and cross train through no matter what.

Hanging out on the elliptical

Which isn’t honestly too hard for me…I stayed positive and maintained it throughout the entire month of October.  Some days were harder then others (cue the week after my cortisone shot…cue thinking I could run but I was not ready).

So with that, I can honestly say October (2012) has been the only month ever in my blogging history I have maintained my goal.  (That is why I can only make one goal).

As far as November goes…it’s a pretty big month for me.  I get to go home for a few days, to Texas for a few days and see several bloggers (I’m pretty stoked!).   I would like to say I’ll be able to run again and it’s looking that way…but I don’t want to set any bars and not be able to reach them or force myself to run more when I’m not ready.

The fact of the matter is, either way I missed my entire FINAL season of cross country and now I really don’t have anything to train for.  I don’t need to force myself to run X number of miles or build up for a race that I don’t want too.  I don’t have any big races to train for on my schedule as of late, but I’m sure I’ll find some when I’m good and ready.

No not a marathon.  When I have my half marathon below 1:25, I will think about doing a marathon.  (about 2 and half minutes…a lot to work at).  Who knows really…but that is my personal goal.

But this post has gotten rambly, so my only real goal is to continue enjoying cross training and KEEP AT THE WEIGHTS!  Gotta build those muscles. 

Also-incase you have not noticed, I’ve added a page for #coffeeaday so it’s open and please feel free to submit your entries.

Questions for you:

1.       What are your goals for November?

2. Do you drink coffee at work?