October to November

So it’s the second of November already…really where did time go?  Didn’t I just make that goal list of October yesterday?  Didn’t I just think that I would be running again yesterday?  Of course I did…I thought I would be running consistently (and was told that) by now…but I’m not.)

I’m still cross training though and really that was my only goal of October.  To stay positive and cross train through no matter what.

Hanging out on the elliptical

Which isn’t honestly too hard for me…I stayed positive and maintained it throughout the entire month of October.  Some days were harder then others (cue the week after my cortisone shot…cue thinking I could run but I was not ready).

So with that, I can honestly say October (2012) has been the only month ever in my blogging history I have maintained my goal.  (That is why I can only make one goal).

As far as November goes…it’s a pretty big month for me.  I get to go home for a few days, to Texas for a few days and see several bloggers (I’m pretty stoked!).   I would like to say I’ll be able to run again and it’s looking that way…but I don’t want to set any bars and not be able to reach them or force myself to run more when I’m not ready.

The fact of the matter is, either way I missed my entire FINAL season of cross country and now I really don’t have anything to train for.  I don’t need to force myself to run X number of miles or build up for a race that I don’t want too.  I don’t have any big races to train for on my schedule as of late, but I’m sure I’ll find some when I’m good and ready.

No not a marathon.  When I have my half marathon below 1:25, I will think about doing a marathon.  (about 2 and half minutes…a lot to work at).  Who knows really…but that is my personal goal.

But this post has gotten rambly, so my only real goal is to continue enjoying cross training and KEEP AT THE WEIGHTS!  Gotta build those muscles. 

Also-incase you have not noticed, I’ve added a page for #coffeeaday so it’s open and please feel free to submit your entries.

Questions for you:

1.       What are your goals for November?

2. Do you drink coffee at work?

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  1. You are coming back to V.B.? Turkey Trot?? 😀

    I drink coffee always. I’m not working now (working as a mommy!) but pre-kids everyone in my office would start the day drinking coffee and chatting in the conference room….total fun waste of the first hour of the day, lol.

  2. You raise a great point about getting your half-marathon time down before running another marathon, Hollie. I talked to my triathlon coach about doing a half-Ironman in 2014, but he said I should focus on becoming fast–really fast–before increasing the distance; they say you should go fast before you go long, so it sounds like this principle applies to half- and full-marathon running too.

    1. Teehee, I haven’t run a marathon yet but I really want to widdle down my half before. I have heard the same thing-getting your 5k faster and having success in longer distance races!

      1. Oh, you totally seem like you’ve run a handful of marathons. That’s a compliment. 🙂

  3. Well it sounds like October was a good month despite your injury issues! There will always be races and things to run in the future I guess. Wow, 1.25 for a half marathon – I dream of such times! I have my first one next year, feeling a bit scared! I think if I do it in 1hr50mins I’ll be happy 🙂

  4. I need to contemplate a goal for November. I am like you… One goal at at time! Where are you going in Texas??? It is my dream to live there again

  5. Sounds like a lot to look forward to this month! You are killing it with the cross training and weights and I have no doubt that once you get your running groove back…you’ll be sub-1:25. You have the dedication and talent to reach whatever goals you really put your mind too. An internal goal that I am now telling you is just to do planks everyday this month..kinda lame but oh well. I either stop at Starbucks before work or sometimes I make it at work. I always have a cup when I wake up at 5am though. 😉 Happy Friday!!

  6. I like the idea of only making one goal per month. I usually get way too over zealous and end up picking out like 5 things that I want to work on… which promptly overwhelm me and I end up abandoning/forgetting them all 😆 I think for November I’m going to try to work on my walking but adding in things like intervals and hills. I’m not a runner and love walking to get some activity in, but I’ve gotten too comfortable at it so it’s time to make things a bit more challenging I think.

      1. I am!! Let’s make it happen!! I’m currently working on planning a blogger happy hour on Friday November 16th, if you’re available!

  7. I wouldn’t be able to make it through school without coffee.. for realz. and my goals for November are top 75 at Regionals, sub 20 at the turkey trot (thats the real goal), then do A LOT more cross training and strength training to start getting into ski shape for Colorado 🙂

    i am SOOOOOOOOO excited to see you!?!?!?!?

  8. Thanks for stopping by lady! I’ll be following you!

    aw I hope you’re able to run much sooner than later.
    Cross-training is great, but I just struggle soooo much to do any time on the elliptical or bike!

    Also, your previous post(loving yourself), I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. No, seriously. I love, love, love that idea of being positive and highlighting something like that. It’s something we don’t do nearly as often!

    My goals for november – keep consistently running and like you, WEIGHTS!

    1. Love it and thanks for stopping by! You are awesome and weights is important. I know you are in the cold too so we can’t be running the arctic tundra all the time!

  9. My November goal is to lose 5% of my body weight (this will get me half way to my year end goal). And I do drink coffee at work. We recently got our own little coffee machine in our office so i can make real coffee. My boss like to drink coffee-water. Bleck!

  10. Hey, I am glad I found your blog too, thanks for stopping by mine! I’m sorry that you missed your last xc season, what a bummer. I only ran my first 2 years of college which was the right choice for me at the time, but it’s hard to feel like you didn’t miss out. Way to go keeping a positive attitude, I am struggling with that one right now. My Nov. running related goal is to let my si joint recover so I can actually start running again this month. How do injuries drag on for sooooo long?

  11. I totally feel you on the one goal per month idea. It makes it so much easier (and realistic) to focus on so you can actually accomplish it. It sounds like you have an exciting month coming up… Texas would be awesome! Especially since it’s getting so cold up here on the east coast. And I’m sure upstate NY is no better!

  12. way to have such a great perspective on the training. I think you have learned a lot about yourself through this injury. way to go, i mean seriously. you have such an awesome november coming up.

  13. Goals for the month are to stay like 90% paleo! I hope you are up and runnign soon and don’t go stir crazy!

  14. I’m excited for you to start working on marathon training! That will be exciting. I drink coffee anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

  15. agreed with the HM before Full! Once you run a full, it’s reaaeaaaaally hard to get your speed for the shorter stuff back. 2.5 mins is a lot (the faster you get, the harder it is to get faster…super awesome hahaha), but I know you’ve got it in you. Anyway, a girl I coach is running the Shamrock half, and I’m going down to watch her (who knows….maybe I’ll be running again by then? maybe be able to do the 8k?)….soooo I vote you do that one hahahah 😀 anyway. Work on them guns! I expect your biceps to be poppin out of your shirt by December 1. 😛

  16. I would be sooo happy to drink coffee at work, but sadly, there’s never any to be found! I work at a high school, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why there isn’t a pot of coffee brewing constantly?! Or a Keurig!!!

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