XC Invite 2 (19:47)

Obviously today is September 11th.  It is mentally challenging day to our Country.  I know a lot of bloggers like to talk about where they were and how they felt.  Although I did know a few people who were lost, and my father knows even more, I want to keep slightly on a more upbeat track.

Hmm.  Well cross country race number 2 I done in the books.  It’s hard to say it wasn’t my best because it was a PR in Cross country…however, I had to race it slightly injured. Judging from my road races, I should be a bit faster. I say slightly injured  because well I don’t have a serious injury-just some nagging pain. 

Moving on, the race was actually held at the school I’m interning at-making it super convenient.  I literally just had to walk about a mile to meet my team.

Moving on, I warmed up with my coach and I wasn’t feeling that great (cutting miles doesn’t work for me…without regards to injury) and so taking a plummet in miles for injury healage,-I knew my race was not going to feel great.

When we lined up in our respected boxes…it started pouring rain.  Honesty it was forecasted all day and the wind was showing that it would…so when it starting pouring at the start…I wasn’t shocked or surprised.

The first 1m, I was in third place.  Keeping up with some girls that will be nationally recognized this year (because they are so fast).  But alas, that pace was entirely too fast for me.  Though my first mile was a 6:05, the race conditions (ie pouring rain and super windy) made that pace really hard.  Plus cross country races.that makes that super hard to begin with.   Long story short, I needed to slow down.

From the first 100 meters, I was pretty boxed in

Mile two was a essentially circling a large field which I run in a lot.  By this point it was a large mud pit and I honestly looked for every excuse to mentally check out of this part of the race.  I ended up getting passed by a large pack of females somewhere in this time too.  It was mentally hard for me to handle.  With the wind, no spectators and being passed it was my least favorite part of the race.  (mile 2 was a 6:25 mile)

With mile 3, I just held on for dear life. There were a few rolling hills and I was dying.  I knew I was almost done  and I felt like death.   I just kept convincing myself I was almost done..for the entire mile.  (It worked somewhat).

I finished the race in 19:47.  I was outkicked in the final stretch by someone…which pretty much stinks because I got 11th…and top 10 got shirts.  Oh well, I’m not any more injured then starting the race and my coach thinks he has solved the problem (now to just do said things and hope that my heel feels better!).

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Do you like exercising in the rain?

I don’t mind it now.  In the winter (or 40 degrees) it stinks.  Freezing rain is MUCH different then warm rain.

  1. 2.       Have you ever ran injured?

Let’s not play games here, I know everyone that runs has run at least one run where they have felt some niggling pain.  I would love to take a week or two off but sadly, that isn’t really going to happen.