Moving Out of Depression

As  you guys know (I’ve been promoting all month), I’m helping to organize a Suicide and Depression Walk on the campus I’m interning.  I’m even having a giveaway about it. (I’m 123 dollars from reaching my goal!!)  Anyways-for the week leading up to this walk I wanted to know highlight blog entries regarding both topics. 

Late notice but if you are interested in writing (or have written) a blog about how you overcame depression or had a friend/family member lost to suicide you are more then welcome too.

My first blog entry is to highlight every person has experiences sadness or slight depression tendencies in their life.  You are not alone.  I was depressed (so much so that I talked a counselor a lot and also nearly dropped out of college) sophomore year.


Spring of Freshman year I started to have some medical problems.  I essentially had to change my entire lifestyle because of it. (I’m not going into details but it wasn’t an eating disorder or anything life threatening…just life changing…and no I wasn’t pregnant either)  I couldn’t go to college parties and drink, I couldn’t go to the dining hall without getting sick, even swimming made me sick (this was before I ran).

Long story short, over the summer I became very close with my parents.  They helped me through everything.  When it was time to go back to college in the fall, I couldn’t.  I went back for sophomore year in tears kicking and screaming the entire way.

I was going  to go back to college.  700 miles away. 

I told myself I would enjoy it, my (ex)boyfriend was there and I’d get to see him.  My friends, my swim team and friends were all there.  My new life was there.   I was even rooming with a teammate of mine.

But when my parents dropped me off and helped me move in…nothing changed and when I say I spent the first two weeks crying in my room…I did.  I am not exaggerating and probably left my room to eat (sometimes…other times I’d just cook in there), go to the gym and talk to a counselor.  My RA at the time took great notice to this and she really helped me.

Freshman year I was the life of campus, always happy, loud and obnoxious.  Sophomore year I had become drastically quiet and sticking to myself all the time.

She got me an appointment with health services saying that I needed a single room and to move in to another suite.  A suite with girls I had never met before (with social anxiety I was even more of a mess) but I took the plunge and I don’ EVER look back.  If I hadn’t changed suites and met these girls, I would not have finished my second year…or third…or fourth year of school, at least in NY. 

Jackie and I. She was such a gorgeous bride

They showed me so many different ways to have fun at school and took my mind of all my other problems and eventually It was something I could easily maintain (and still do).  I can honestly say, moving into that suite and into my own space to clear my mind was one of the best decisions I made and I remain close with those girls.  (I went to Jackie’s wedding this summer).

If you are interested in writing a topic dealing with suicide and depression, please email me at

Question for you:  Tell me about something you don’t regret.