Independence Day 5k (19:30)

I don’t normally have a lot to say about 5k races because they take about 20 minutes or so.  What can you possibly think about when you are in pain for 20 minutes.  Regardless, this will probably be a lot longer recap then usual.  Forgive me and my rambling (not that I’m forcing you to read it).

First, this was the 5k two years ago that I ran a 22:XX and decided I wanted to run cross country for my college.  On a whim, on (maybe?) 20 mile weeks for a few weeks and just because I knew my swimming was spiraling down hill and needed something else to make me feel young again.

Last year I ran it in 20:30 (I think) and it was painful.  (The last completed race before my stress fracture and the only one of the summer…it was not pretty).

This year I ran it in 19:30 and it was less painful.

So anyways, I woke up at the lovely time of 5:45 because who doesn’t love that.  I got ready and headed out the door with dad.  The race itself started at 7:30am at Mount Trashmore (yes that is the name…no it’s not too grimey…).  I got about a 16 minute warmup and then proceeded to stand at the starting line for another 10 minutes and sweat like it was my job.  And it smelled…

Moving on-the first mile, I felt was easy…like it was nothing and I wasn’t pushing it hard enough.  I ran it in 6:10 but it was very hot and humid.  So I attempted to go faster for mile 2, but that failed and I ran a 6:30.

At this point, I was extremely frustrated.  I thought it would be yet another race over 20 minutes which would make for not progressing in training like I would like.

Then about 100 meters up, I saw the first place female and my eyes just locked and loaded.  I had nothing in my range of vision except for her.  I probably looked like a crack addict or like I had too much gas station coffee.  I passed her at around 2.5 miles when we went by the starting line again.  (It was a weird, loopy course)

Whatever, for the last half mile I just pretended I was an 800er and pushed full throttle.  I finished the 3rd mile at a 6:08 pace and I am not known to negative split 5k’s.  Ever.

So then I finished in 19:30 and was presently surprised.  I was not expecting that coming off high mileage and not really any speedwork and of course the heat.  Being pleasantly surprised is always my favorite type of races though.  Given the heat and humidity, the course was a tad long, and my high mileage…oh and that race from a few days prior…this is a okay in my books.

Finally, per coaches orders finished my workout with 5 hill sprints up Mount Trashmore.  Because who doesn’t love running up hills?

Question for you: How was your fourth of July? 

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  1. Way to go on your 19:30… I would honestly love to run a 22! Even that was an excellent time for not already being on the XC team. I’m glad you had a good race and negative split. There are no hills here to sprint up so I will probably settle for running bridges or trying to do hills on the treadmill. You are so crazy fast.

    And I love reading Mt. Trashmore. I picture like a landfill or something when I read that word though!

    1. There are no hills around me either, so I do have settle for running up bridges unless I make to trashy trashmore. I should post a link to wikipedia-it’s actually really nice haha. 😉

  2. awesome, once you’v got to 19mins then your times go down so quickly, I remember breaking the 20, then 19 then 18, got to 17.20 before I got injured that is, but my point is I am sure you will be out of 19 mins very soon, I’m sure of it as it happened to me really quickly once I was training consistently! 🙂 Good luck with the training… We don’t celebrate 4th of July here being in Australia hehe… 😀

      1. Aw thanks, but I laughed cos I’m 18! :-)) I was going to say I want to look like you when I grow up hehehe… perfect! 🙂

      1. HEHE, aww you’re my new fav on here, totally made me smile, much needed after a crap track session = 1st one back in a long time = didn’t go very well oh dear… Hope you enjoy the rest of the week! 🙂

  3. ” I probably looked like a crack addict or like I had too much gas station coffee.” This. Is. Great. Haha I’ve totally been there though!! It’s awesome to see you progress in the 5k and I know these times are just gonna keep dropping and you’ll be running more negative splits. Way to kick ass.

  4. oooh nothing like kicking other girls butts to get your motivation in high gear! Love it!! And oh mount trashmore….I went to W&M and did many a run at mount trashmore park in college haha. good times.

  5. Wow! well done speedy missus 🙂

    I’m thinking of kicking back on swimming to concentrate more on running because I am so BORED of the pool. On the one hand I’d have a lot more time but on the other I am so used to it being part of my routine that I don’t know about dropping it completely. Hmm!

    Excuse my thinking aloud there…

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