New Years 5k Race Recap (20:31)

Wooo.  We are finally on to race number 2.  Gosh, that was all the way back on Sunday (New Year’s Morning) after running a 5k New Year’s Eve and the having a couple glasses of champagne.  Who am I? Oh wait, don’t be shocked I’m a seasonal freak who loves running. 

Anyways-I woke up at 7:00 (not on purpose but that’s what my body does now I guess) after going to bed at 1:30 or so.  Oh good.  We all know I’m a little bit grumpy when I don’t get sleep. 

I made a waffle because 10am races merit breakfast beforehand.   Tired and hungry while racing.  Oh boy steer clear of me, because it will not be pretty.  

Straight up burnt waffle. Just how I like them.

So anyways-upon arriving to my favorite race location of Mount Trashmore, I immediately noticed that a. I felt like crap from last night, b. Mary Poppins wouldn’t have anything on me if I had an umbrella, it was so windy.  I grabbed my race number, shirt and all that jazz and stuck it all in the car.

I warmed up for probably 20 minutes and knew I overall wasn’t feeling that great.  Well duh-I just ran a 5k and ran the fastest time I had in 2011.  I wasn’t going to let it bother me because I had a great race last night and I was having so much fun because I seriously think I knew at least 50% of the 300 people racing. 

So there dad, I do have real life friends.  I digress.

They fired the gun and the race started.  I immediately saw two girls get out much faster (er-woman…they were like 30ish) but didn’t really let it bother me.  Honestly-I don’t care how fast the boys run next to me.  They are dudes, sure I’d like to the beat them but I don’t care either way.  If one wants to sprint to the finish line so he isn’t “girled” (a new phrase I learned this race…)so be it.

I passed one of the females at mile 1 when which I did in 6:30.  I knew immediately this was going to be a race somewhere between 20-21 minutes and I was okay with it, I’d pick it up as best I could.  The female ahead of me kept getting further and further but there was no way in hell I’d be able to dream of catching her.

Then from mile 2-3 this 6’3 male was drafting off me. serious.  I’m sorry, I’m a 5’7 female, drafting off me will do you no good, especially when you are twice my size.  I don’t know what it was but I got so angry.  I don’t think I’ve been that angry ever during a race.  I point blank told him that while running, while holding a 6:15 pace and also while holding everything in power to look relaxed while he goes into cardiac arrest.  He layed off.

I crossed the finish line in 20:31.  I must have been psychic.  It was a fun race and I quite enjoyed my time.  I ended up getting second female overall and I was completely okay with that.

Matt and I did the photobooth.  I look like a possessed demon.

Hehe-I had a great double sessions of races and seeing that a 20:31 is what I can currently do on a rough windy day makes me quite thrilled.

And as always live the dream and I am still loving running  😉  I apologize for my lack of photography during race recaps.  I don’t quite take photos for 5ks.  I’ll get better. 

Question for you: What do you think of drafting?