Beer, Sweat and Running

Hello blogging besties.  Contrary to popular belief I couldn’t exactly go too crazy for 21st since I have a big race on Saturday.  Saturday night though-don’t expect too much internet action.  Anywho my birthday was so much fun.  But my life is always fun so I can’t pretend like it was a real big deal.

I also want to say which I’ve said about 100 times but you know…drinking isn’t really my jive.  I wasn’t dying for this birthday and it wasn’t like this birthday was going to be the greatest thing that has happened to me since the invention of waffles because honestly it’s not.  The last time I even drank was in April (I think).

Okay yes I can drink legally but if I wanted a beer I could have found other ways.  I have my own personal reasons and don’t judge others if they enjoy drinking every other day but it’s just not for me. I love going to clubs and dancing and don’t really need drinks in me to do that because I’m already a bit crazy. 

Luckily for me-there are a bunch of races on Tuesday nights with free beer at the end called the Summer Series.  They are in a really pretty park called Botanical Gardens and always a ton of fun.  Luckily for me the relay race happened to be on my birthday yesterday.

After 7 hours of doing nothing at my pool.  It wasn’t crowded.  I am already too tan so no need to tan.  I basically tried to waste as much time as possible…it was time for some lovely Botanical Gardens running.  Minus it was the hottest day of the year…but what can you do.

Here are lots of photos because we all know I am a photo whore and I really just like captioning pictures because it’s easier that way. 

It all starts here. The dad told me I was being creeps and he would take my photo. Who doesn't like myspace shots though?
he asked if I wanted horizontal or vertical shot...I said surprise me and I got diagonal. This is total facebook profile. If only my cat was in the shot it would have been a triple threat. Me, Lorraine and my cat.
If I ever had a signature pose it would be foot out peace sign up and winking.
I'm really not joking about that one.
We actually took my car to the race and my parents made me ride in the back. I have never ridden in the backseat of Lorraine and I don't like it.
Oh yes we were productive at work today nailpainting in glamour girl silver
I am a woman and I like running. The mail came right as we were leaving and it was not my textbooks...
prerace prepping with the teammates
One of my good buddies Mike and I waiting for our relay to start.
Afterwords we were going to take a picture but he said he couldn't be seen with me in public...I hate him but not really he is taking me to the clubs this weekend so I have to play nice.

So anywho-I started with this one beer.
My relay bestie decided it would be acceptable to bring me another.
So then I just didn't know what to do. Clearly my confused look.

All in all it was an awesome birthday and beer and running are total wins in my life.  Now for making some beercake pancakes.  That is my new goal of the weekend.

Question for you:
What was your favorite birthday?