Visiting the Cake Boss and Religous Protesters

For all of you guys that pinned how close Matt and I are you are right.  We are seriously besties (minus you-aDuBs).  I cried all the way through that process of him leaving.  I’m a big emotional sappy sap and I’m okay with it.  In most situations that is.

Oh and because I never actually explained what he was doing up there..The Merchant Marine Academy is not the US Service Academy where they go into the marines.  You can go into one of the branches of the military (most go Navy or Air Force) or you can go into the Merchant Marines which work a lot on ships and such.


So after we were kicked off the campus (The campus closed at 1pm to all families) we headed down to New Jersey to see the TLC Cake Boss, Buddy at his bake shop.  Well not really because he obviously wouldn’t be there-but we wanted to check out the famous Carlos Bake Shop!

We waited about two hours in line (which apparently isn’t that bad).

While we were in line, a religious group came and started preaching at us and the other 500 people.  Apparently, it is quite common because we cannot leave (we are in line).  I’m all for freedom of speech, but they were yelling at us for a solid hour.  I don’t want to get into a religious debate on my blog, but I’m all for choice and believing in what you want but they were at the point where they were trying to shove their beliefs down people who were uninterested and not amused throats.

I’m so glad my younger brother Steven was able to come on the trip.  He wasn’t sure if he would be able too but it made the ride back more fun.  During this religious preaching, no one had gone up to get these mans fliers.  They had about 1 million and everyone had ignored them.   Since my family is full of smart asses, Steven (with my convincing)  went and got a flier and tried to have a convo with them!  They even stopped talking for about 2 minutes and everyone started cheering.

say facebooook (don't pretend people say "say cheese" anymore)...

But then about five minutes later, everyone started cheering again for another reason.   

Why are police attracted to my life?

Anywho-that gave us amusement because it isn’t something to get your panties in a bunch about and that made the line go by really quickly.  Some people were going a little psycho but I found it hysterical.  Then after our two hour wait we got to go into Buddy’s Bakery.  He wasn’t there of course, but it was still so crowded ha.

Just so you know-I didn’t take a photo of anything I didn’t sample.  All of these were the and fueled me for some pretty decent runs.  That may or may not have been my dinner last night and tonight too.  I think we spent close to 100 dollars there.  BAHAHA  #lamesaucefatties

I loved all the tart cakes
These were the moms fav.
You can never go wrong with red velvet. EVER.
But these cupcakes are adorbs and were also my dinner last night.

If we had come earlier and were around the area. My 21st birthday cake would have come from here.
My favorite were the glazed fruit tart cakes with cake batter icing underneath the fruit.

So in short. I’m not too sure why I have complained about my last few runs because this is all I have been eating. I was going to post a food blog about my NYC eats…but uh here ya go. 😉

Questions for you:

  1. 1.       Have you ever seen TLC’s Cake Boss?
  2. 2.       Have you ever had an experience with protests  and the police getting involved?  (That is a pretty bizarre question I guess). 


    1. I thought we were primarly fueling on cakes before after and even during the swim. I have already registered my official lifeguard to bring me cakes while I’m swimming…have you?

  1. I LOVE that your brother went and started a conversation with the preachers. Last year my roommates and I were constantly visited by proselytizers…the most entertaining one was when one of the guys and I came to the door and they asked if our parents were home. After we told them we were 23, they proceeded to lecture us about how divorce was not the answer…no idea why. Awesome.

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever been in a protest.Sounds like an interesting experience though!
    All those cupcakes and cake are so colorful and cutee 🙂

  3. Cake is always good fuel. (; Clearly.

    I have seen TLC’s Cake Boss, but I prefer Ace of Cakes.

  4. I watch TLC’s Cake Boss. If I’m ever in the area I’ll definitely be going by there. I would love to try some of his goodies.

  5. Being a new jerseyan, I have had my fair share of buddy’s baked treats. My favorite thing from there was the chocolate covered strawberries that we used to always have at christmas… but then they got famous and the lines got too long. I think I’ve seen that purple flower cake at every sweet sixteen/seventeen/eighteen/bar mitzvah I’ve ever been to.

    Oh and your brother is the coolest. I didn’t know there was a younger brother!

  6. Haha those religious crazy people sound so funny! I would’ve just laughed the whole time!! 😀

    And WOAH those cakes look freakin AMAZING!! Drool on the keyboard…! 😛

  7. Boo on the Loudy McLouds! We had the same experience when we went to Lollapalooza one year, it was extremely obnoxious. But we didn’t get baked goods as a consolation prize! Omg, I WANT that funfetti looking cupcake thing.

  8. Ohhhh I know I would go psycho if I were in that line!! Glad that you found it funny though. I wouldn’t have made it!! 🙂

  9. SO JEALOUS! I want to visit there sometime and wait a ridiculous amount of time for tasty foods!!!

    Also, I like you have witnessed preaching (when I was in Philly for the marathon) on the sidewalks. It freaked me out because these people called themselves prophets and were screaming on boxes. It truly freaked me out. I have actually gotten into trouble with the po-po in the let’s not get into that… 😉

  10. Ha that’s hysterical that Steven talked to the “preachers” (no pun intended). I have to go to sleep now, haha, but what did you try at the cake shop? And by what you mean when you said you had to wait- like literally to just get inside to look? I’ve been to a few places in San Francisco like that!

  11. How annoying about the preachers — actually at my marathon there were a few guys doing that every couple of miles. It was pretty annoying but it only made me want to run faster so maybe they kind of helped, haha! I’m all for sharing your beliefs with others, but that method just doesn’t seem like it’d be very effective.

  12. religious protesters make me mad. i feel like it turns people off!!! i dont like the whole condemning, shoving it in ppls faces

  13. Your little brother Steven is adorable haha too cute!

    My mom and sister LOVE The Cake Boss but I like The Ace of Cakes 😉

  14. I’m not a fan of people trying to force their opinions on me – religious or otherwise. And omg those cupcakes look amazing – red velvet please.

  15. Ugh that’s so annoying!! I’ve seen things like that, not with the police getting involoved though, that woulda been exciting!!
    I think I’ve said it before, but I am MEGA jealous of your tan!!

  16. oh my gosh i went there too in december!!!!!!
    im actuallyyyyyyy prettyjealous that all that action was going on while you were in line..cause i was in line for 2 hours in the straight cold with nothing to do!!!

  17. I am so jealous that you got to see the Cake Boss shop and even eat the goods!! That’s awesome!! I would have spent a lot too, cause who knows when you will be back. I watch Cake Boss all the time and Ace of Cakes, Cupcakes Wars, and now there is another show called Tough Cookies. I love show like this, but they do make me hungry,haha. I didn’t know you had a little bro. I too am a middle child of two brothers. I love it, but I soo wish I had a sister alot of times. Anyways, I don’t like the whole preaching thing too. I love preaching at church, but I feel that street preachers turns people away. I am all for people getting saved, but I just feel that most people are not going to get saved while hearing a man yell on the street. But, some do so I see it both ways. 🙂

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