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Hello Blogging Besties.  I have returned.  I’m currently writing responses to every single comment you left me in post about weight and athletics so feel free to look back at what I wrote or email me at lolzthatswim@gmail.com and we can have a chatski.


As most of you know-this week we dropped my brother off at the US Merchant Marine Academy just outside of New York City.  I would be lying to you if I didn’t say Matt and I were extremely close and it was really hard on me.  I don’t get to talk to him until July 17th and I get to talk to him for about 1 minute on July 17th because he has a 5 minute phone call.  I don’t get to see him until November during our cross country championships.  He  can’t get onto facebook or social media sites or any of that jazz but he does have an email and is subscribed to my blog so he can read through email. 

family shot. I seriously look like the odd one out.

Blerg.  It’s what he wanted to do.  He wants to go and be fighter pilot so kudos to him.

In the hotel at 5:30am.

There were about 8000 people that applied the Merchant Marine Academy and they accepted 275. We dropped him off at 7:30am on Thursday, waited while they shaved his head and began the whole process.  He shaved most of his hair off beforehand because he would get a ton of crap for having long hair. After 7:30, we didn’t get to talk to him anymore but we did get to see him.  Does that sound stalkerish?  NAH.

leaving for head shaving and such.

From what we saw across the campus, he had to run with all his possessions that were bought.  I don’t know about you but I brought a hell of a lot more to college.  He can’t.

view from zee campus

I’m not sure how to really explain the whole military school concept to my nonmilitary besties but Ill try my best.  He goes through a process of about a month starting now where he is not even accepted to the school.  He is considered a candidate to school.  They then mold you into military cadets.  It’s a very rough process.  They put you down.  They yell at you.  They make you s strong.  At parents weekend in November, they announce that everyone is accepted is now a first year.  Well-if you make it that far that is.

Matt is strong and he will get through it. 

Hi Matt-I know you can read my blog sometimes and I miss you already.  This blog post is dedicated to you-I the drive home kind of sucked because there was no one to obnoxiously sing rap songs with (we lead the family in rapping so songs such as black and yellow and our recent favorite, where them girls at).  Anywho-You will make it through this stage of your life.   Hope everything is going well for ya 🙂


Question for you:

1. Do you know anyone close to you that went into the military?

The daddykins was in the Navy and now the broski.  Everyone in my life has sweet nicknames.

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  1. Two of my good friends are Marines. It is very interesting to read about the process your brother is going through (military school) versus what they went through (joining and going to basic training). Good for your brother, I hope you and your family are very proud. He’ll change a little but he’ll still be your brother :))

  2. Oh my gosh. GIrl, first order of business — you look GORG!! Second, that is so so scary. I mean for you and for him. The Marines are tough, and wow — he is a brave soul with a good heart for doing that. I may not agree with the wars we are in, but I support the soldiers 1000%. I’ll be praying for him.

  3. Congrats to your brother for making it into the academy!!! My boss’ father was a Merchant Marine (can’t remember why on earth she was telling me that) — but she told me what an elite group they are.

    Sorry you won’t get to see him/talk to him much — I love that you guys are so close!

  4. Aww, you had me tearing up at the end! Matt sounds like he is pretty amazing (especially if he likes Black and Yellow haha!!) and he will make it through!

    Both of my parents were in the Navy so I understand all of the military processes. Cray cray!

  5. This post was awesome. Your brother may be slightly crazy in my opinion for wanting to go through that — but I’m sure it’s been his dream for a really long time. I mean, you don’t put yourself through that for nothing! He is gonna make it through and come out so strong. I admire people who can do that, I don’t think I could handle it. I wish I had the type of relationship you have with your brother. My brother is moving out today and I’m doing my happy dance.

  6. Omg that sounds so tough! I can’t believe he isn’t even allowed to make phone calls…..I would cry. Obviosuly the military is not for a wimp like me lol. But good for him! I am sure it will be an amazing experience!

  7. You look fantastic! But why are you odd one out? Your tan? I think your younger bro is odd man out, he’s not even close to looking at the camera. Wonder what he was staring at?

    My big Sis’s (tho she is 5 inches shorter than me) husband served two terms in Nam then went to school where they met. He finished his PhD, but served in the Army Reserve & worked in his field. Then he went back into Army Reserve full-time and retired (I think) as a General or one step from that. Their oldest son, my nephew is in the Air Force training pilots. It is a good thing his wife is MORE than SUPER organized. They move every two years, AND right now they moved before the two years was up so he could go to a training school in Rhode Island. Plus they have three kids, the oldest is 6.

    1. I feel like I’m ten shades darker than the rest of my family ha. That is seriously so cool and your sisters husband. We got lucky and are one of the few Navy families that didn’t move every two years because the daddykins worked with NATO and on ships most of the time. Thank goodness. 🙂

  8. Several of my good friends from HS went to military academies, and they all either loved it or hated it. I totally respect anyone with the strength to get through that! Hope your brother has a great experience in school and that you get through your withdrawal symptoms OK. 🙂

  9. good luck to your bro! He will do great of course. What a great and different experience, I dont think i would last a week.

  10. I have a large extended family with a million female cousins, but only two males. One of them decided to join the Marines upon graduating last year and it’s been a journey. He also went through a period where he couldn’t use social media and sometimes we had no idea where he was. He luckily hasn’t been deployed anywhere crazy, currently he’s on a boat on the lookout for pirates or something like that!

  11. Wow, that’s so admirable of your brother!
    It seems like you and your fam have a real connection- love it.
    You look gorgeous in these pocs( as always!).

  12. Good for your brother. I think it’s awesome and I’m not being sarcastic.

    No one in my family is in the military, but I myself have considered it.

  13. funny enough, my brother WAS a fighter pilot in the navy! he went to the naval academy. 🙂 he’s old and married with kids now, but he’s in the naval reserves.

  14. Wow! This post almost made me teary eyed and I don’t even know Matt!! That’s so awesome of what he is doing. I know you and your family is proud. It takes strong people to do it! I can imagine how you feel with him leaving. My “little” bro is my best friend and when he left for college it was hard. I can’t imagine not being able to talk to him. Anyways, Matt is you are able to read your sister blog, remember that all your sisters blogger readers are praying for ya. 🙂 p.s. You have a cool sister,haha

  15. Aww that must be so hard on you all! I don’t know anyone who’s done that…it sounds so intense!
    Time will fly though and he’ll be back annoying you in no time 😛

  16. Since I was military, the majority of my closest friends are military! Plus I’m from a Navy town, so most of my high school friends parents are military. My boyfriend is military. So yeah, I know all about it. Matt will do great though! Through it all, the hardest part isn’t the yelling or the insults, or any of that. It’s being away from those you love. So I think it’s boss that you did this post to remind him you miss him. 🙂

  17. Aw congrats to matt!! and he is gooood looking with that short hair 😉 <—- only creepy thing ill ever say about your brother i swear.

    hope you are having funnn!! i went to a dinner this am with my parents, totes thought of you, and totes miss foxy roxys…first weekend back we are going. OKKAAAY

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