Trashy Trashmore 5k Race Recap Part 1

I wish it was really called the Trashy Trashmore 5k.  How fun.
I’m going to post a more in-depth very heavy post tomorrow. So for now you have to deal with some photos from the race. 

I’ll give somewhat overview of the race too:

Weather (straight from my email)

80 degrees (at 7:30)
Humidity 90%
Other factors: There was a 10MPH wind south west from the NC Dismal Swamp fires, so it was very smoggy and smoky.  Ew and you could smell the fires faintly when you stepped outside.

If you smoke and can run-I honestly don’t know how you do it.  I nearly vom.comed after the race it was so smoggy and terrible.

Anywho-the race was completely flat, despite being at Mount Trashmore.  We arrived there around 6:45, to find out there were only about half as many racers as previous years.  There was inaugural 8k up north so that might have been part of the reason.

on zee way
Matt told me real runners don't come to races in Juicy Valour ready to run. I'm once again a fake runner. (yes I'm wearing cheetah compressions. I love me some animal prints)


I warmed up for 2 miles.  YES 2 whole miles so be proud of me because it’s the most warming up I have ever done for a running race.  True life.  After getting back to the car, I decided I would not be racing in my waffle racer flats because my heels were kinda wigging out.  I put back on my newtons and got to the starting line .5 seconds before it started.  I did in fact, run in a sports bra and spandex.  I almost never run that naked but it was so freaking hot. 

During the race, I was almost immediately in pain (not legit like I’m injured pain-just like this is the worst decision of my life pain).  I did not feel good.  My legs hurt, I felt like crap and just didn’t feel good at all.

Quite frankly I thought about quitting and making up some long ass story about how I twisted my ankle in the stupid gravel that we ran through but decided against it.   I did run the first mile in 5:59, which I was super jazzed for but from there I only felt worse.  After mile 1, I zoned out the pain and just told myself it’s only 15 more minutes of my life, it’s only 5 ect ect.  I then decided to kind of just gut it out and go with the flow.

After I finished I changed back into my racing flats that I decided not to run in because I forgot my Pegasus’s that I normally warmup/cool down in.  Why I need three pairs of shoes for a 5k, I don’t know.  When I race in my Newtons I have hugh jass blisters on my front toes that make walking not okay.


Then I went to find aDuBs Because Anna is freaking champion, she PRed in this cray cray heat and smog dropping about 4 minutes to under a 39:28.  That’s.Whats.Up.

My broski was able to capture us finishing up. 🙂 Well. Our butts.

At the end of the race, I kept telling aDuBs to channel her inner Cav pool patron and run like the police are about to catch her. 

such attractive siblings...I know. I think I literally become a different race.

My final time was 20:32 which like I said, I’m not too happy about.  I know under 21 was my original goal but I think I hoped I would be back under 20.  Either way I was 1st in my age group (even though I don’t think one person believed that I was actually 20) and 5th female overall.  Most people said they were between 30-1 minute off their PR so each to their own.

This is the first 5k I have done since I jogged out that 5k on St.  Patrick’s Day after my heel injury so no need to get my panties in a bunch about the time.  While I’m upset about my time, I’m not going to cry myself a river or decide that my life only consists of working out and this ruins my day.

Why am I forever chuckling creepily to myself.
Was it worth postponing my waffle morning for this pain? Always.

Ask me again in August about doing an above 20 minute 5k, and it will be another story.

Because pictures tell 1000 words that I cannot physically type right now.


Um the daddykins looks like he could run 10 more miles.
So freaking glad its done.
I think the race was sponsered by this guy. He is my new official boyfriend.
peace out blogging besties.