Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Exterior of the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

Recently I went to the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge, NJ). I was in the Old Bridge area and wanted to miss the traffic, so I begged, Jess, to meet up with me.  After a confusing few turns, I made it into the parking lot.  After typing  “Bridgeway Diner”  a few times, I’ve realized,  it’s  “Bridge-Way Diner).

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Atmosphere: B
The atmosphere of the Bridge-Way Diner is typical of many NJ diners. The outside is a typical building with a giant metallic sign. Something comical to me is there is no “Bridge-Way” sign on the front of the building. I feel like most restaurants have that.

Anyway, the inside has a full bar and plenty of booths and tables. What I do appreciate is you walk next to the dessert case, and there is a full salad bar.  Not many diners have either!

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Coffee: A
At the Bridge-Way Diner, the coffee was brewed hot and fresh, and the waitress refilled it often. She also included an overflowing amount of whipped cream, which in my book is A++.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Coffee and Menu at the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Food: A
It took both us a long time to order because we had no idea what we wanted. There were so many menu options.  I knew I wanted the salad bar so I decided to order off the specials menu.

I haven’t ordered a lot of chicken specials at diners, so I opted for the greek chicken that came with 3 chicken breasts topped with olives, feta, and spinach.  It also came with the salad bar, soup, potatoes, a side, and dessert. Oh. My. Word. The Bridge-Way Diner might have more food then any other diner I’ve been to.

For my soup, I chose the seafood bisque. It was good and had a slight kick to it. It was one of the better seafood bisques I’ve had, and there was plenty of crab.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Seafood Bisque at the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

The salad bar at the Bridge-Way Diner was my favorite because they had a well-stocked salad bar with dressed salad, three-bean salad, beets, grape leaves, and even bread. As far as restaurants go, it’s one of the better salad bars I’ve been too.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ

My chicken was delicious, and I’ve never had a Greek chicken special, so I don’t have anything to compare it too.  The chicken was cooked well, and there was plenty of olives, feta, and spinach.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Greek Chicken Special at the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)

I chose the mixed vegetables and homefries for my sides which were both excellent. By that point, I was pretty much full.

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Service: A
The waitress was kind and refilled our beverages often. I always appreciate waitresses and waiters that show their personality and she definitely did.

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Dessert: A
Since my meal at the Bridge-Way Diner came with dessert and I’m a cake fiend I decided to get the “Bridge-Way Diner Cake”. It was a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.  It was definitely good and not too dry.

Bridge-Way Diner Old Bridge NJ
Bridge-Way Diner Cake

Jess got the seven layer cake which was extremely good. I think next time I go, I’ll get the 7 layer cake. Each layer was filled with mouse frosting. As a frosting fiend, that’s my type of cake.

Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge) Price: $
For my entire meal and coffee, it was $17. For the average person that would be 2-3 meals.

Overall Summary/Would I Come Back to the Bridge-Way Diner (Old Bridge)?
I really liked the Bridge-Way Diner, and it’s definitely one of my more favorite diners in the Old Bridge area. I would come back if I’m in town!

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: A
Dessert: A
Price: $10-20
Overall: A
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Questions for you:

What is your favorite type of cake?
Do you usually order off the specials? 

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