Fastfood Review

Fastfood Review

What is Fastfood? If you’re like me, you might have thought I’m reviewing a drive-thru service. Or the latest and greatest chain restaurant. But I am not. Fastfood, not Fast Food, is a new gel revolutionizing the running gel and gummy market. Unlike other brands, it releases slowly, so you don’t have to worry about an energy spike.

This brand new brand is taking on the running and endurance industry with force!

Fastfood Review

About the Brand:

For too long, the owners settled for sports performance products that left them sluggish or bloated. Or even with a bad taste in their mouth. They set out to revolutionize performance fuel for athletes. They are a team of chefs, scientists, and endurance athletes dedicated to serving only performance-driven food featuring natural ingredients. That’s how their Galacto-Gels™, Galacto-Gummies™, and Hydrators were born.

The owner Adam, created the mission: Create the fuel that athletes need to succeed in their tasks, with none of the stuff they don’t.

Fastfood Review

What makes FastFood Different?

They are powered with Optimal Energy Release System in the Galacto-Gummies™ and Galacto-Gels™. It is formed with glucose, fructose, and Galactose. It yields maximum diversification of energy inputs into metabolic pathways and spreads the effort of energy absorption. This method maintains the gentle blood glucose curve to avoid glycogen depletion or “sugar crashes.”

I found this to be highly accurate, and I didn’t have any crashes throughout the day either of “too much sugar” followed by a midday crash because I was so tired.

FastFood Products I Tried:

FastFood Hydrator:

Cost: $45 for 30 servings

The Fastfood Hydrator is built around providing the appropriate electrolytes and micro-nutrition for your specific needs. FastFood delivers a balance of sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and zinc to create the right balance without the saltiness tasting overwhelming.

Ingredients in the FastFood Hydrator include:

  • coconut water
  • prickly pear cactus
  • cocoa (provides potassium and B vitamins)
  •  Fermented koji (improves bioavailability and concentration of minerals like zinc, manganese, and selenium)
  • Deep Sea sourced Electrolytes and natural food ingredients for rapid rehydration.

No added colors, or artificial flavors.

I started using the FastFood Hydrator on my trip to Hawaii. Honestly the heat made me really nervous and I had no idea how my body would respond. I really felt great for all of my runs out there and I do think it’s partially from using the FastFood Hydrator on every run (no matter the distance). If you like something with a more muted flavor and isn’t super sweet, you’ll appreciate the taste. It’s not gritty and sits in my stomach well.

Fastfood Review

Fastfood Galactose GUMMIES:

Cost:$46 for 12 servings

The Galacto Gummies provide balanced sugars for consistent and time-released energy. FastFood blends glucose and fructose with galactose, resulting in maximum diversification of energy inputs into metabolic pathways. This spreads the effort of energy absorption. Plus, according to FastFood will maintain the most gentle blood glucose curve while avoiding glycogen depletion or sugar crash.

So why that combination?

You’ll see a similar combination for both the gummies and the gels!

Glucose brings an immediate energy source. Then Galactose provides a more progressive glucose oxidation response while also helping to protect pre-existing liver glycogen stores from depletion. Lastly, fructose diversifies energy absorption efficiency, creating what FastFood refers to as the “Optimal Energy Release System.”

What does that mean? Basically, FastFood claims that you’ll have a slow release time-lapse of energy sources that will help fuel you for longer.

Fastfood Review

So what makes the FastFood Galacto Gummies Different?

  • Made from real Galactoseit, cane sugar, and gut-friendly milk sugars
  • 25 grams of sugar and 200mg sodium per 3 chews
  • Rime-released energy with no crashes from our blend of glucose, fructose, and galactose
  • Flavored & fortified naturally using vitamin-rich fruit juices & mineral sea salts
  • Unique formulation reduces sweetness without negatively impacting energy output.
  • Easy to chew without tooth-packing texture

I used the gummies while running and I really like them. They aren’t overly sweet (which seems like a theme with FastFood) but they taste good. I felt good and felt like I had a lot of energy when I used them but with no crash. Plus, they aren’t too sticky so they don’t get stuck in your teeth (this happens so much with gels).

Fastfood Review


Cost: 12 servings for $40

Just like GalactosetFood products, the Galacto-Gel has time-released energy without crashing. With the FastFood Galacto-Gel, they blend glucose a

This means that FastFood scientists obtain galactose using enzymes to break lactose into its components and avoid all lactose intolerance issues.

Fastfood Review
You can see the packaging is slightly bigger than average

What makes FastFood Galacto Gel Different? 

  • Made from real food – Fruit, cane sugar, and gut-friendly milk sugars
  • 25 grams of sugar and 200mg sodium per 100-calorie serving
  • Time-released energy with no crash powered by our blend of galactose glucose, and fructose
  • Flavored & fortified naturally using vitamin-rich fruit & mineral sea salts
  • Proprietary formulation reduces sweetness without negatively impacting energy output
  • The smooth, fast-clearing gel doesn’t need to be washed down with water

I’ve really enjoyed the FastFood Gels. They sit well in my stomach and I like using them with the Hydrator with zero crash (is that overkill…maybe?). But they work. My only complaint is some of the gel packets are little big and hard to stuff in pants. Other than that, they are great.

Fastfood Review

My experience with FastFood Products:

I was super curious about how I would like the FastFood. Would I feel the benefits later with their slower-release energy? How would the FastFood Gummies taste? I am happy to say I was a fan of everything. LOL, isn’t that vague? First, the flavor of FastFood: I found each had a pleasant sweet taste, but it wasn’t overpowering that I felt it was “too sweet” or the taste stuck in my mouth for too long.

I also did notice a big difference in using FastFood during runs. I first used the FastFood Gummies during the Boney Mountain Trail Run and found that I had energy for longer. I didn’t have to worry about crashing, and I finished strong. I’ve also used each for different runs and have noticed the same thing. You don’t have to worry about energy spikes, and you just feel like you continue to have energy.

Fastfood Conclusion:

I’m a big fan of Fastfood. I think they will be an excellent option for those seeking something more gentle on their sensitive stomach. If you are looking for a gel or gummy that releases slowly and you don’t have to worry about it overwhelming your system, this is one of your best bets.

Finally, FastFood is available for purchase now!!

You can purchase Fastfood here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite brand of gel?

Have you tried Fastfood?


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