Hair and Nail Benefits of Collagen

Hair and Nail Benefits of Collagen

As I mentioned last month, recently I became a Vital Proteins Ambassador.  I enjoy sharing benefits of how it’s helped me personally.  Last month I shared about Recovering with Collagen Protein as well as Skin Benefits from Collagen.  This month I thought I would discuss the benefits of hair and nail I’ve personally had.

A few months ago, I got a nice manicure.  I’m not a stranger to manicures and like to get them for special occasions.  I always go with gel because working in retail, you use your hands and honestly anything else isn’t worth my while.  Why does it matter?  The place actually deeply hurt my nails.  When the gel manicure finally wore off over a month later, my nails were worse than they have ever been.  It looked like someone put them through the shredder.  I’ve several gel manicures but nothing that really ever did that.

I wanted to get another manicure in April, but my nails weren’t ready for it.

So How Does Collagen Help Your Nails?

A lack of collagen in your body can often time be blamed for peeling, dry, or splitting nails. Collagen proteins are the building block of your not only your nails but also your hair.

Since most people don’t go out of their way to eat animal bones to get more collagen, a supplement can be the next best thing. One of my personal favorite products from Vital Proteins is the Bone Broth.  I usually just heat up water and add a scoop or two.  I know a few people mentioned they cook with it too which sounds awesome!

The Other “Beauty” Component I’ve Seen a Lot of Success with is Hair!

First, I’m not suffering from hair loss, but I have been trying to grow my hair longer.  Why I decided that was a good idea during this summer is beyond me.  I didn’t start taking Collagen solely for hair, but along with nails, it’s been a nice bonus.

You can see how long my hair is getting

Did you know that Collagen is the building block of the hair?  Each strand of hair is surrounded by collagen. I had no idea collagen is a key to hair quality!

Thinking out loud, I honestly didn’t know a heck of a lot about hair until I started doing some research about growing mine out. Even when my hair was subject to 2 hours of chlorine a day, I’ve always been lucky to have thick hair (and not even green).

This has definitely helped me and my hair has gotten longer than it’s been in a very long time.  Even my eyebrows grow quickly, and my waxer has wondered if I live there.

While neither hair or nails were my primary reason for taking collagen, I’ve seen benefits in taking them.  Currently, my personal favorite products are Beauty CollagenVital proteins Whey Protein, and Bone Broth.

vital proteins collagen beauty water

I’ll have a recipe for you about using the Vital Protein Whey Protein soon.

Here are more Vital Protein posts:

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Questions for you:

What do you do to help your hair and nails?

Do you use Collagen? Have you seen benefits?



Personal Beauty.

You might have seen this going around facebook.  People tag each other to post 5 beautiful photos of themselves.  I don’t normally ever get involved with chain tags, chain emails or chain link fences but this was such a great idea, I had too!

I think finding 5 beautiful photos that you are confident is actually a great idea for a facebook post or a blog post.  I won’t create it into a blogger award and I’ll let you do it on your facebook, blog, instagram or twitter.

Anyways on facebook if you are “tagged” the instructions say to find 5 photos of yourself that you feel beautiful.

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.  In a society where we are constantly told to look like this, or that or change ourselves…it’s important to remember that every person is beautiful.  As cliché as that sounds, it’s true.  Each and every person has five photos they feel beautiful in.

If that is five selfies for you…great.

If that is five photos of you working out…great.

If that is five photos of you drunk at a bar…great.

Everyone has five photos.  Here are mine:




Left: My housemates 21st birthday.  Yes, I wear glasses and I love them.

Right: Swim team formal my junior year.  I had just dyed my hair black.


Left: The Nike Women’s half marathon last year.  I think that is my best race photo.

Middle: When I was on homecoming court in high school.

Right: Last year post college graduation.

So I challenge you to post five photos that you find beautiful of yourself.  I’d love to see some! 

KlutchClub Review

About two months ago I was reading a blog about KlutchClub.  I thought it sounded pretty interesting and it hadn’t gone viral all over the blog world so when I was approached to try it out I was pretty interested.  I know a lot of people don’t care for review posts but I got this product for free and I’m going to give you an honest LOLZ review (as I normally do).

KlutchClub is a similar idea in that every month they send you a whole slew of products from various companies.  Being in the indecisive person I am, it’s great for me…it’s like playing the lottery or scratch cards but I never win.  I received the package about 2 months ago, but since I have been traveling the last two months I needed extra time to review it and try everything.  No, I don’t post reviews before I try every single part of the product that I’m physically able too. 

Here is a photo that was on their website..I’m not a photographer or relatively good at any photography except for coffee a day or selfies so I thought this was better. 

The box I got is called the “Energy Box” and had all of the following inside:

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts (2 oz.)

Wyman’s Blueberry Juice

Amino Vital Endurance Packet

Nature’s Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Cleansing Bar

Shakeology protein mix

Juil $50 Gift Card

Green Tea Hawaii 3 single servings green tea & 1 single serving coffee

Psssssst Dry Shampoo (

Acacia Strength Tone Lengthen Workout Sampler DVD

GNU – Bar


Moving on.

Food stuff:

The first thing I noticed in the package (maybe because it was on top) was the Hemp hearts.  A sample pack of raw shelled hemp seeds.  To be honest, I had absolutely no idea what they were..I had heard of foodie hemp in passing but that’s it.  They tasted pretty good and kept me full during the day at work.  I put them in yogurt because I’m that creative.  The package had 330 calories (25 grams fat, 5 grams fiber and 18 grams protein) so being diabetic this was a really optimal stat for me.  Anyways, they were good, kept me full and boost great stats.

There were quite a few protein powders in here (which I like after long runs…and that is it…no protein shakes randomly in the day…or for breakfast…gross).  So I waited a few long runs to test each.  The shakelogy is 150 calorie (18 grams of protein powder) which I had after a 15 miler.  It tasted as good as protein does.  It did it’s job for my muscles.  (There were 3 packages in there).

There were also 2 packages of endurance Amino vital-An amino acid supplement.  I had never tried anything specialty like this.  I had one of those packages with each of the shakeology (like a little team).  I didn’t notice any special differences in muscle recovery but I do know they tasted amazing. (I really like orange and chocolate though…the chocolate was the protein powder and the orange was the flavor of the amino drink).

Also in the box was a flavor and fiber bar.  I know you guys have heard of these and they are good and have a lot of fiber.  I had it on the airplane.  I like the texture a lot…so chewy.  Not much to say about that, I like bars on the go which is when I’m traveling.  Now that I’m not in class anymore, I don’t need to worry about eating a big crunch apple in a lecture hall.  I used to eat bars more in lecture halls because they were quiet.

One product I was not able to try was the blueberry juice.  Juice has always made me very sick (diabetes).  I gave it to my 16 year old brother and he liked it a lot.  He said it tasted like blueberries…go figure.

I gave the green tea to my housemate only because I don’t care for tea.  I had the bonus instant coffee and it tasted like normal coffee to me.  (if you follow me on instagram I dedicated today’s #coffeeaday to it).

Beauty stuff:

Dry shampoo: Ladies love dry shampoo.  I wash my hair every other day and I used this the other days (in place of my other dry shampoo).  “PSSSSSST!” is the ORIGNAL dry shampoo.  I guess that makes it better…which actually I found it to be a bit better so I ended up buying some in place of my treseme.

The next two products were by Natures Gate and body wash as well as cleansing gel.  I really enjoyed the lemon gel because I enjoy the smell of lemon.  The papaya didn’t brighten my skin as stated but then again you probably have to use it for a while.

Finally the mud mask.  I have never gotten a mud mask but there is a first time for everything I guess.  This was an interesting experience…I watched plenty of mud mask you tube videos beforehand.  What was my verdict? My skin felt the same after the mud mask then before…just clean.

They also gave a 50 dollars off Juil Soles but let’s be honest I live in upstate NY and sandles are needed for about 1 month out of 12.

Anyways-what a wordy post. 

Here are the cliffnotes:

My favorite product was actually the Foodie Hemp Seeds.  They had great nutritional stats that kept me full (very full at first) throughout the afternoon at work.   I didn’t vomit from them which is a plus.

My least favorite (that I tried) was either the papaya body wash (my skin is still dull) or the amino acids (my muscles recovered at the same speed with/without.)

Would I recommend Klutch?

Actually yes I would.  I’m one for playing the lottery though and the thrill of not knowing what you are getting excites me.  I had an overall good experience with my contents in the box.

Question for you:

  1. Have you ever tried a Russian roulette grab bag coming to your door?
  2. 2.       Do any of these products look interesting to you?
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