Wicked 10k (46:04)

The last time I ran the Wicked 10k was in 2013. Did I really want to look at my time from then? Probably not. I joke…kind of. The day before, I got the stomach flu. I didn’t think I would race unless some sort of miracle happened. Luckily, the stomach bug cleared itself out in 24 hours, and I felt fine the next day. But getting the stomach bug the day before meant I didn’t really fuel the same way I would the day before a 10k. Truthfully, I didn’t think I would be running.

Wicked 10k (46:04)

Before the Wicked 10k:

As mentioned, I didn’t feel great, The stomach bug has been going around, and I feel lucky I didn’t get it during my training the few days before. But getting it the day before a race meant I did not think I would be racing…if I did…great…but most likely not. While I ate normally, I had rather bland food and nothing that would upset my stomach. Had I known I would race a 10k, I probably would have tried to eat more. We arrived around 7:30 for the 8 am Wicked 10k race start. It was a little later than I usually do, but I didn’t really have any goals, so it didn’t really matter too much.

Wicked 10k:

I didn’t have any goals for the Wicked 10k. I was 50% shocked I was even there and 50% happy to be there. I’ve missed running races with friends and seeing people I know, so it was fun to be there. Slowly I’m getting that in California, so it’s nice.

After the stomach bug and my medical issues post-flu, I haven’t cared much about racing. I like to be there, of course, and I want to run as fast as possible, but I know that PRing won’t happen until we (doctors) figure out why I feel like garbage. So anyway, I had no goals for the Wicked 10k. I could run at a 7- or 10-minute pace, but I leaned towards that I would probably run around 8 minute pace. It was just hard to know. My recent half marathons I’ve needed to stop and take a walk break so if I needed to do that in a 10k, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Like any of my distance races right now, I’ve been trying not to let my heart rate get too high. If I can make it the entire distance race without walking, it’s a good day for me. The first mile of the Wicked 10k felt good. I probably started a little further back than I should have, but I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way. I hit the first mile in 7:11 and was surprised. I was hoping not to fly, die, and run a few 8:30 miles in the last couple of miles.

During the first mile, someone shouted: “love your newsletter,” and it made my day. It put me in good spirits for the rest of the race, which has been hard lately.

The next mile without too much note. I hit mile 2 of the Wicked 10k in 7:14. Afterward, we headed onto the boardwalk and into the headwind. It was windy and I thought: “are we doing this the whole way?”

Wicked 10k (46:04)
Dad and I in our matching pumpkin shirts

Because it was a point to point course, I thought we might be going back the rest of the race into the headwind, but luckily, we didn’t. I hit mile 3 at 7:36 and was happy to do that.

Thankfully we were protected in miles 4 and 5 by the buildings. We merged with the 5kers, and I continued to see more friends. I caught up with another friend, and we ran a bit together. Miles 4 and 5 went into the headwind but didn’t feel “as bad” as mile 3.

I was banking on mile 6 of the Wicked 10k having a tailwind, and it did. So I tried to force myself to run as fast as possible. It felt like I was going 6:30 pace! I didn’t feel too bad and could run a 7:15, followed by 7:07 last .3. I was happy with my kick. They gave us a towel about half a mile to go and I grabbed it. Then I high five one of the race directors, Jerry, the “J” in J&A racing.

I crossed the Wicked 10k finish in 46:04. Nowhere close to a PR, but I’m happy with it for all of the issues I’ve had as of late.

Wicked 10k (46:04)

Wicked 10k Thoughts:

I had a great time at the Wicked 10k, and I was glad to have run. I am also glad the stomach bug didn’t linger too long (really, I was just worried about missing my flight back to CA). I’m looking forward to figuring out what is wrong and fixing that so I can work on running fast again.

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Questions for you:

Have you run the Wicked 10k?

What is your favorite Halloween race? 

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  1. WIcked is always a great race. I haven’t run it in a few years, but I am always amazed by the creativity of the costumes! Great job!

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