Endurance Tap Energy Gel Review

Endurance Tap Review

I was intrigued to try Endurance Tap Energy Gels. They claim it’s the best digesting fuel for athletes, naturally. I’ve tried several natural endurance fuels, including Untapped Ginger Mapleaid Liquid and UnTapped Nutrition, so I was curious to see how this would compare.

Endurance Tap Review

About the Brand Endurance Tap:

Endurance Tap was founded in 2014 by Matt and Pat. They wanted to solve a need in sports nutrition: make a healthy energy gel from real food. A few months later, they launched their salted maple energy gel to create the best energy gel on the market.


  • Better digestion
  • Thin syrup made it easier to consume
  • More energy
  • “tastes amazing” with no flavor fatigue

About the Endurance Tap Energy Gels:

I tried the Endurance Tap Energy Gel in classic. It’s their three ingredients, all-natural and easy-to-digest gel. They claim there is no stomach trouble because the gels are thinner, and you can consume a full pouch in seconds with no water. I’ve seen many brands claim this, but I don’t always trust that, and I’ve had issues in the past of some still causing problems, so I was excited to see how these worked, especially on more challenging runs.

The new packaging on the Energy Gels contains 70% less plastic and fits better into cycling jerseys and shorts.

What makes the Endurance Tap Energy Gels different? 

  • 100 calories from Canadian Maple syrup, sea salt, and ginger,
  • Easy to digest because their proprietary formula contains the right amount of ginger to prevent upset stomachs
  • Thinner consistency than normal gels, so you can consume a full pouch without water.
  • 50 mg of sodium.
  • More even energy release to avoid blood sugar spikes

Endurance Tap Review

My Experience with the Endurance Tap Energy Gels:

I love trying natural products, and I also appreciate that Endurance Tap is trying to be sustainable. Both are important to me. The packaging is clean and simple with no frills. It fits easily into short pockets, as they claim. I don’t need big bulky packaging, especially when I’m running. I don’t want to carry more stuff than I need to. It feels like many nutrition brands are getting bigger and bulkier.

My first time trying the Energy Gels, I was surprised by how sweet they are. I shouldn’t be since they are made from Canadian Maple Syrup, but because they claim no flavor fatigue, I was surprised. (To be honest, I didn’t even know what “flavor fatigue” was until I googled it.

I thought the Endurance Tap would be a more mild flavor. I consumed without water during an easy run, and my stomach felt fine.

Next, I attempted to use it on a long run with no water and still felt good. I then tried it on a faster tempo run with no water, and my stomach held up with no issues. I was surprised; many gels claim you can do this now, but I can’t say I always can. You can use the Endurance Tap Energy Gels with no water if you need to. I still prefer hydration.

I also felt the extra energy when I consumed them, and my body didn’t feel “as fatigued.” So yes, the short story is that energy gels work and are easy to consume, especially if you don’t have water.

Cost: $17.99 for a 6 pack or $68.49 for 24 pack

The Endurance Tap Energy Gels are one of the more expensive options out there right now. At $3 a pouch, there aren’t a lot of other brands that cost more.

Endurance Tap Energy Gel Conclusion:

I like the Endurance Tap Energy Gels, and they work. They are much sweeter than I anticipated, but the ability to take them without water can’t be overlooked. I would love to use them more frequently, but they are fairly expensive. I hope one day they can produce more and bring the cost down! I am interested in trying some of their other options, like the Stroopwafels, so I’ll probably pick some up for trail runs.

You can purchase the Endurance Tap Energy Gels here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Endurance Tap Energy Gels?

What is your favorite energy gel?

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