Ultimate Direction Access 300 Review

Ultimate Direction Access 300 Review

I was excited to try the Ultimate Direction Access 300. It’s already become hot enough that it’s imperative to carry water on every run. That wasn’t always the case for me, but the desert weather has heated up.

I’m no stranger to the brand Ultimate Direction and tried some of the Ultimate Direction Apparel last winter.

Ultimate Direction Access 300 Review

About the brand Ultimate Direction:

In 2019, Ultimate Direction Apparel was born. They launched Hydro Carry apparel that securely built water bottle storage into their design, providing a more comfortable way to carry the essentials. In 2021, they launched men’s and women’s specific designs and had only improved from there.

About the Ultimate Direction Access 300:

Materials: Perforated polyester plain weave, 80/20 nylon-spandex stretch mesh, PU bottle holder


  • Carries 300 ml of water (Flexform™ II 300 included)
  • Three large zippered back pockets
  • One additional stretch mesh pocket for small items such as keys or gels

The Access 300 was designed for shorter runs to carry enough hydration to keep you safe but also the ability to carry fuel too.

Ultimate Direction Access 300 Review

My Experience with the Ultimate Direction Access 300:

I was excited to try the Access 300. I’m always looking for ways to carry hydration. Typically on longer runs, I prefer something that carries more liquid, but on shorter days between 3-5 miles, I like something lighter and more fluid. I was familiar with Ultimate Direction after trying some of their winter apparel, plus I knew that their hydration line was their bread and butter.

The Ultimate Direction Access 300 fits nicely on my waist. There is an adjustable belt with a pocket to hold a cell phone, keys, and gels. It does not carry the most of any belt, but it carries enough fuel for a long run. The flask is the same as other Ultimate Direction products so you don’t have to worry if you need to replace it.

The Access 300 is adjustable and works for waist sizes between 24 and 49 inches. I was able to adjust it as needed, and once I got started running, it didn’t move or bounce. Exactly how I like my waist belts. It doesn’t move, carries enough hydration for a shorter run, and you don’t have to worry about it chafing or bothering you. If I’m running longer, I prefer more hydration, but for runs less than an hour, it’s great.

Ultimate Direction Access 300 Review

Cost: $40

Right now, the Ultimate Direction Access 300 is on sale for $24.00.

Ultimate Direction Access 300 Conclusion:

In all, I’m a big fan of the Ultimate Direction Access 300 for shorter runs. It does exactly what you need and holds enough for shorter runs without moving. I think it would make a great low-profile race day option that you’re able to fill up bottles at the aid stations. Plus, it’s one of the cheaper options out right now! Even at $40, it would be one of the cheaper options.

You can purchase the Ultimate Direction Access 300 here and see all gear reviews here.

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