Richie’s Real American Diner (Victorville)

Richie's Real American Diner (Victorville)

Apparently, I’m a Richie’s Real American Diner tour in the Southern California area (it only exists there). I’ve already been to 3 out of 4 locations, including (now) Victorville, (Rancho Cucamonga) and Temecula. So far, my favorite is Temecula, but as always, it’s your own experience. I was actually intrigued because you can’t order online at Richie’s Real American Diner in Victorville and it doesn’t appear listed with the others. Needless to say, it looks the same, so I assume they are the same. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Richie's Real American Diner (Victorville)

Richie’s Real American Diner Atmosphere: A

The Richie’s Real American Diner in Victorville looks and feels like a retro old-school diner. If you are looking for those vibes, you’ll find those vibes. It’s been hard to find true retro-looking diners in California, but Richie’s Real American Diner meets the bill. The outside is chrome and metallic, whereas the inside is pastel with plenty of booths and tables. You can even see the food being made in the kitchen behind.

Richie's Real American Diner (Victorville)

Of any of the locations I’ve been to, this one is definitely the quietest. I arrived on a Sunday morning, and plenty of seats and booths were still available. When I came to the Temecula and Rancho Cucuomngo, options were Sunday mornings (I didn’t plan to only go on Sunday, LOL); they both had long waiting lists.

Richie's Real American Diner (Victorville)

Coffee: X

I didn’t order coffee this time around because it was later, and I had too much caffeine for the day.

Richie’s Real American Diner Food: B

The Richie’s Real American Diner in Victorville menu is smaller than its sister diners. Richie’s Real American Diner is known for their BBQ. Each location has its own smoker, and they do all of the meat smoking themselves. I don’t know of another diner that does that! I had BBQ for a few days in a row, so I actually wasn’t in the mood for it. I actually found it incredibly hard to find the Richie’s Real American Diner on Victorville’s menu, but you can see it on Facebook. They serve basically all breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with more BBQ options, including tri-tip, pork, steak, and ribs.

Richie's Real American Diner (Victorville) cinnamon roll

A few things on the Richie’s Real American Diner menu that stuck out to me:

  • Cinnamon Bun: I can never pass down a good cinnamon bun
  • Babyback Pork Ribs: For another day that I did want bbq
  • Taco salad: This seemed to intrigue me.
  • BLT: The BLT is my staple diner lunch. They also offered a chicken BLT.

I decided to go with the BLT and cinnamon roll. I felt fairly basic, but after a nice run in Joshua Tree, that is what I was feeling. The BLT and french fries tasted good. They weren’t unusual, but the bread wasn’t soggy, and neither were the fries. I always appreciate more a crisp to my fries, and these had it. There is usually not a lot to say about a BLT. It’s a basic meal and if the bread isn’t soggy and fries are crispy, I’m a fan.

Richie's Real American Diner (Victorville) blt

The cinnamon roll was good but could use a little more frosting. There were some parts that I didn’t eat just because they felt a little dry without the frosting. Maybe it would have tasted better warmed up.

In all, I was a fan of both of my items and would order them again.

Service: A

The food was ready quickly, and the staff was all friendly.

Richie’s Real American Diner Cost: $

For the cinnamon roll and BLT, it was $20. Not too bad and, in fact, one of the cheaper diners in California. Remember when I thought $20 was expensive in NJ?

Richie’s Real American Diner Conclusion/Would I Come Back?

The Richie’s Real American Diner in Victorville was a good option, and I enjoyed my meal there. I would definitely go back to try some of their BBQ options. It was a good experience and the quietest of the locations.

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: X

Food: B

Service: A

Cost: $10-$20

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

What is your staple lunch meal?

Do you like BBQ?

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  1. love the pix….there’s a place we go to in BC that’s a converted service station (they still have the old pumps outside) it’s right across the road from a chain restaurant, and has more Betty Boop memorabilia then I’ve ever seen….and oddly, my autistic daughters fave stop

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