Dormi Headphone Review

Dormi Headphones Review

Recently I started using Dormi Headphones. Unlike other headphone brands, Dormi Headphones is an actual headband that fits comfortably on your head. Plus, Dormi gave a 10% discount using the code LOLZ10. 

Dormi Headphones Review

About the brand Dormi:

A few years ago, the founder Morgan L, was in a transitional period. Her romantic relationship was awful, and her sales job was draining the life out of her. She was unhappy.

She began listening to affirmations in the morning and at night to change her mindset. She would fall asleep with her Airpods, and it left her with intense, aching, throbbing pain of leaving earbuds in her ears overnight. She began seeing the positive effects of the affirmations but was also waking up each morning with intense ear pain. She thought: there has to be a better way”. That is how the brand Dormi was founded!

About Dormi Headphones:

Dormi headphones actually make two styles: The Dream and the original. The original is made for life and working out, whereas the Dream is made for sleeping. The Dream was made for those who want something they can sleep with. They are 2x thinner and even work well for side sleepers (which is me). They are great for hotels or noisy settings or if you are someone who prefers to sleep with ambient noise. I am lucky enough that my area is quiet and so it made sense to try the original that can be used for sports and life.

What makes Dormi Headphones Different?

  • Headphones can be removed
  • Washable headband made from polyester/spandex
  • Built-in microphone
  • Connects via Bluetooth v 5.0 technology
  • 2 Hour Charging time for 10-hour battery life
  • Vegan-friendly: Dormi Headphones are made from 100% vegan leather. No animals were harmed.

Dormi Headphones Review

My Experience with Dormi Headphones:

I won’t lie; I was intrigued when I saw they were only $60 for Bluetooth headphones.

Are Dormi headphones good?

Do Dormi headphones last? 

Can other people hear your music with Dormi Headphones? 

I had so many questions!

Immediately sliding on the headphones, they were extremely comfortable. I would wear them just like a regular headband. They don’t feel too tight, and I forget there are even headphones located in there.

I do appreciate that not many people realize you’re wearing a headphone. Despite making safe choices, drivers often blame “runners with headphones” as the problem. It doesn’t appear like you are wearing a headphone. I like how discreet they are in general.

Dormi Headphones Review

About the Dormi Headphones Headband: 

A common problem with headphones is the sizing. It’s usually hard to make a one-size-fits-all headband, and many people need smaller or bigger sizing. Since the Dormi Headphones are located in the headband, I wondered would the Dormi headband fit my head? The headphone is 21 inches in circumference, and one size fits most. It does feel comfortable. Over time, I’ve run about 30 miles in it, and it hasn’t slid around.

Music Quality of the Dormi Headphones: 

Can other people hear your music with Dormi Headphones? Yes. The headphones do project music so others will listen to it. While not as loud as a speaker system, they make project sound. But the sound quality is good.

Charging the Dormi Headphones is easy, and they use a USB charger.

Washing Dormi: It’s recommended you hand wash. You can take the headphones out and handwash the headband. I have handwashed mine twice now with no issues. Since you’re using the Dormi headphones for working out, you need and want a headband you can wash.

Dormi Headphones Review

Running with the Dormi Headphones:

As someone who lives in a rural area, I might come across one runner during a 10-mile run, and that’s honestly pushing it. I appreciate that I can hear cars and my surroundings and listen to podcasts or music.

Dormi headphones are also extremely comfortable. From the outside eye, it appears I just have a headband on. When wearing it, that’s exactly what Dormi feels like-an extremely comfortable headband. Bonus points: it keeps the hair out of my face. While running, I forget I’m wearing it. If you just go from a headband perspective, it’s one of the most comfortable headbands out there.

When I get super sweaty for workouts, I don’t worry about ruining the headphones. They dry quickly, and the headband doesn’t get heavy when wet. As someone who sweats a lot, I haven’t had to worry about damaging the headphones when my head gets sweaty.

Using the Dormi Headphones for Other Tasks: I also like to use Dormi headphones for cleaning and doing tasks around the house. They are comfortable, and I have no issues with it.

Drawback of the Dormi Headphones: The biggest drawback is obviously that they are a headband. If you don’t love the look or style of headbands, they aren’t suitable for you. Another drawback is they project sound. This isn’t something I would feel comfortable using in a crowded place like gyms, commuting, or races. For running alone or getting work done, they are great.

Finally, you can also buy replacement headphones to keep around if you need a second set. I guess this would be great for someone running a 24-hour run! Plus, if you accidentally damage your headphones, then you’re able to replace them.

Cost: $60

I still can’t believe they are “only” $60. The quality is great, and they compete with several products that are twice the price.

Dormi Headphones Conclusion:

I can’t believe they are only $60, and the quality is great. If you are someone looking for a new headphones of high quality, they are a great option. For me, they are definitely a headphone I keep in my rotation. I’m a big fan, and I highly recommend it. I will say to be mindful in crowded places because no one wants to hear your music during their workout or race.

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You can purchase Dormi Headphones here and see all gear reviews here. Plus, you can save 10% with the coupon LOLZ10.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Dormi headphones?

What are your favorite headphones?