shoreline diner and vegetarian enclave guilford ct super salad

Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave (Guilford, CT)

Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave (Guilford, CT)

When in Connecticut for the Sea Legs Shuffle 10 Miler, Alexis and I wanted to go to a new diner. I’ve been to a bunch of diners in Connecticut, but new diners are always fun.  We noticed the Shoreline Diner was conveniently located near the race start and it looked interesting. How many diners also promote a vegetarian menu?

We arrived around dinner time, and it wasn’t too crowded.

shoreline diner and vegetarian enclave guilford ct

Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave (Guilford, CT) Atmosphere: A
The Shoreline Diner exterior is bright purple and retro. It’s not metallic or shiny, but any purple building stands out.

The inside is that of a typical dining experience. There are plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar. It’s bright and open, so you don’t feel like you’re sitting on top of anyone.

shoreline diner and vegetarian enclave guilford ct

Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave (Guilford, CT) Coffee: A
The coffee was brewed hot and fresh, and I enjoyed it. The whipped cream tasted good too.

shoreline diner and vegetarian enclave guilford ct coffee

Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave (Guilford, CT) Food: A
The Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave menu is unique that they have many different vegetarian options. You don’t see that very often. Everything is fresh and one of the freshest I’ve seen for a diner.  They are known for their vegan breakfast, greek salad, sweet potato fries, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. How many diners do you know, known for their vegan options? If you need to follow a special diet, they have plenty of safe options and the waitress even asked if we were allergic to anything before taking our order.

I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for so I decided to go for a salad and their chicken souvlaki.

The “Super Salad” was fresh and had organic baby kale, strawberries, walnuts, and goat cheese with a balsamic dressing.  It was one of the better salads I’ve had a diner.

shoreline diner and vegetarian enclave guilford ct super salad

The chicken souvlaki was good. There were plenty of sautéed vegetables with chicken and all on a pita. It tasted great and was filling.

shoreline diner and vegetarian enclave guilford ct chicken souvlaki

Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave (Guilford, CT) Service: A
Our waitress was friendly, and the food came out fast. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.  She refilled our beverages, and I have no complaints.

Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave (Guilford, CT) Cost: $
For my salad, coffee, and chicken souvlaki, it was $30. I technically did order two meals, though.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave (Guilford, CT)?

I liked the Shoreline Diner and Vegetarian Enclave. It is one of my more favorite diners in Connecticut.  It’s one of the more unique diners I’ve been to. I would love to come back sometime and explore some of the vegan and vegetarian options.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: 13-20
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Have you tried a vegetarian restaurant before?

monarch diner glassboro

Monarch Diner (Glassboro)

Recently I was at the newly opened Monarch Diner. The Monarch Diner was updated from PB’s Diner and Taproom.  Both the Monarch Diner and the Red Lion Diner are now under a new ownership and brand new look.  It’s still in Gloucester Township on Delsea Drive in South Jersey.

Typically I’m confused about whether an updated or new ownership diner should be considered, “new,” but I’ve come to terms with if it has a new name and new owner, it’s new. The Red Lion Diner has new ownership as well, but still the same name. Should I go back and rereview it? TBD.

Atmosphere: A
I arrived at the Monarch Diner (Glassboro) on a Friday for dinner, and it was busy. There was already a wait. The outside is a cobblestone building with a touch of modern flair, while the inside has plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar.

There is a bright diner counter, bar area, high top tables, a diner area too. The Monarch Diner is much brighter than PB’s Diner and Taproom, and it’s much more “diner.”

Coffee: B
The Monarch Diner serve local Lacas coffee which was excellent. I could have used more refills, but other than that, it was good. It also has it’s liquor license.

monarch diner glassboro

Food: B
The menu at the Monarch Diner is vast. It’s also one of the most unique diner menus I’ve ever seen. It includes menu choices that are both vegan or vegetarian. The Monarch Diner also has the ability to sub regular bread for cauliflower bread. I’ve never seen that a restaurant, let alone diner, so I had to try it.

For my appetizer at the Monarch Diner, I decided to order the grilled Meditteranean platter. It came with grilled squash, eggplant, cauliflower pita points, hummus, and tzatziki sauce. It was good. The vegetables were cooked perfectly. I didn’t know what to expect from the cauliflower pita but it was delicious, and I have no complaints.

monarch diner glassboro

For my entree, I ordered the BLT on cauliflower bread.  It was a $3 upcharge, but I was so fascinated by it, that I decided I had too. The BLT was stuffed with plenty of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and even avocado. The cauliflower bread was good, and truthfully I couldn’t taste much of a difference.

monarch diner glassboro

I asked to substitute the fries for a side salad, but they said that wasn’t an option, so I just chose one of the side vegetables. I was surprised I couldn’t but not the end of the world.

monarch diner glassboro

Dessert: A
I chose a chocolate pie to go. The chocolate pie was delicious. It had plenty of whipped cream and pudding, and I have no complaints.  While not cake, and not usually something I would order, the whipped cream called my name. We all know if it has whipped cream, I will probably like it.

Service: A
The waitress at the Monarch Diner was nice, and our food came out quickly. In all, it was a great diner. I always appreciate it when the manager (or maybe owner) walks around to see how the meal was.

Cost: $$
For the appetizer, meal, coffee, and dessert, it was $40. This isn’t an inexpensive diner, but the food is good.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Monarch Diner?
I liked the Monarch Diner (Glassboro, NJ), dare I say it, better than PB’s? I would go back, and it’s one of my favorite in the area.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: B
Service: A
Dessert: A
Cost: $15-30
Overall: A

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Close by diners: The Lamp Post Diner,The Metro Diner

Questions for you:
What is your favorite dessert?

Have you tried cauliflower crust? I don’t love or hate cauliflower crust. To me, it’s not a substitution for bread (and I don’t need it), but I do like the flavor and having it once in a while.

Curry Tiger Sweet Earth

Saving Time with Sweet Earth

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Sweet Earth burritos and bowls.  Between life and work, there are some days I’m out of my house for 12+ hours a day.  Am I the busiest person? No. But do I find myself stopping somewhere and spending 20+ dollars for a meal if I don’t pack enough food? Always.

When Sweet Earth gave me the opportunity to try their Sweat Earth burritos and Sweet Earth bowls, I jumped at it.  Storage for Sweet Earth is easy, and they sit in my freezer until I pack one.  The Sweet Earth burritos take about 2 minutes to cook in the microwave, and the bowls take about 3-4. It’s not like you’re taking time to cook. Plus must Sweet Earth products contain foods like sweet potatoes or brown rice.

Curry Tiger Sweet Earth

About Sweet Earth:

  • All foods are vegan/vegetarian and packed with plant-based protein.  I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but it’s nice to occasionally have a meatless meal.
  • Sweet Earth is environmentally friendly. The company, Sweet Earth only choose ingredients that sustain and protect our coast. Along with good-tasting products, the food is also sustainable.
  • Sweet Earth also listens to customer feedback. They’ve grown and adapted with new flavors, vibrant colors, and complex textures. That’s how the Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Bowl was created!

So Anyway a Few Products I’ve Tried from Sweet Earth:

Sweet Earth Curry Tiger:

My favorite is the Sweet Earth Curry Tiger which contains lentils, curried seitan, red peppers, and potatoes.  Lentils are one of my favorite foods, so I enjoyed it. It keeps me full for a while thanks to the potatoes as well. I didn’t know what to expect with the Sweet Earth Curry Tiger because it seemed like it was everyone’s favorite but it didn’t disappoint. I’ve heard the Sweet Earth Tiger Curry Bowl is very good too.

Sweet Earth Chana Marsala:

My favorite Sweet Earth bowl so far has been the Marsala which has turmeric rice with chickpeas, curry seitan, potatoes, and peas all in an Indian Marsala Sauce. I had never had seitan before this, and it was good! I’ve heard the Sweet Earth Curry Seiten is equally as good. I found myself full for most the day.Sweet Earth food

Sweet Earth has dozens of more products to try, and all are vegan and vegetarian, made from sustainable and healthy good food. I’ve heard the Sweet Earth Curry Tiger is the customer favorite but I’ve never had a Sweet Earth product I don’t appreciate. Fast doesn’t mean unhealthy, and that is something I appreciate.

Saving Time Other Ways:

When I have a full plate of things to do during the day, saving minutes even hours, has helped me.

  • Eliminate all distractions for a set time:  If I’m working on important information or even writing, I turn off distractions. I put my cell phone in another area and turn off any notifications.  I’ve found I can get work done 50% faster and save minutes or even hours just by putting my cell phone somewhere else. Thank goodness, I went to college in a time cell phones weren’t “a big thing.”
  • Plan each day: Every morning before I go for a run or leave, I write down what I want to accomplish for the day. It takes 5 minutes but my mind is clear, and it’s much easier to get things done when I have a plan.
  • Small Tasks First: Anything I can do within 5 minutes, I do first. I might cross ten things in 20 minutes and then spend 2 hours doing the next.
  • Stop Multitasking: It seems counterintuitive, but for me, if I focus on one thing at a time I get it done much faster. Focusing on multiple things at once, means I slowly finish things.
  • Set a Timeline for Research: Often I don’t know the answer to something, so I need to research. That can lead to mindless internet browsing…how did I get on this cat webpage? Something I recently started was setting a timeline. Once my set limit is done, I go back to doing what I was doing. It’s amazing how you can somehow complete a task in less time when you give yourself less time.

Thanks to Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods for sponsoring this post!  You can find Sweet Earth at your local Kroger (my favorite grocery store LOL), Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Frys, King Scoopers, Marianos and more.  Plus nationwide.

If you don’t know where to start and what to try first, I suggest the Sweet Eart Curry Tiger (bowl or burrito). It’s my favorite and it sounds like a customer favorite overall.

Questions for you:

How do you eat healthy while out?

How do you save time during the day? 

Schuyler Diner (Lyndhurst)

Schuyler Diner (Lyndhurst)

Schuyler Diner (Lyndhurst, NJ)

Sadly, the Schuyler Diner has closed due to the owner committing credit card fraud.

The owner, Sanjiv Kumar, of Paramus, was found on separate occasions running fraudulent activity on his credit cards that benefited his restaurant. He was later sentenced to repay a portion ($91,000) of the $138,000 in illegal purchases on his credit cards.

Recently I stopped by the Schuyler Diner in Lyndhurst with Cyd; IE NJ Isn’t Boring.  I was on my way to Vermont, and it worked out to a perfect meeting spot.

Schuyler Diner (Lyndhurst)

Schuyler Diner Atmosphere: A
When we arrived, we were the only ones in the entire Schuyler Diner.  There are very few diners I’ve been to that have been empty.

The Schuyler Diner in Lyndhurst has recently been reopened, and it’s very different from what people have remembered. It’s also attached to an Indian Restaurant which makes it one of the most unique restaurants I’ve been too.

Inside there is also a giant fish tank which is cool. In all, it’s a unique diner.Schuyler Diner (Lyndhurst)

Schuyler Diner Coffee: B
The coffee was good. There was nothing overly unique or special, but it wasn’t bad either.

Schuyler Diner (Lyndhurst)

Schuyler Diner Food: A
The Schuyler Diner menu has everything and anything you want. They have one of the biggest menus I’ve seen and a lot of specialty items. There is pizza, flatbread, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I decided to order off the lunch menu and ordered the grilled portabella wrap. It was stuffed grilled portabella, as well as other vegetables, goat cheese, and pesto. It was incredibly packed and tasted great.

Schuyler Diner (Lyndhurst)

Schuyler Diner Service: C
The waitress was nice but often forgot parts of the order. For being the only ones in the restaurant, the food did take a while to come out.

Schuyler Diner Cost: $
For my wrap and the coffee, the cost was $12.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Schuyler Diner (Lyndhurst):
I liked the Schuyler Diner in Lyndhurst and it was a nice surprise. The service was a bit slow but other than that it was great.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: C
Cost: $8-15

Overall: B

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Question for you:
What is your favorite grilled vegetable?


Shamong Diner

Shamong Diner (Shomong, NJ)

shamong diner
Image via here

A few weeks ago I headed instate to the Shamong Diner in Shamong. Located in the Pine Barrens, the Shamong Diner is closer to where I previously lived. t was nice to be back in the farmlands and open roads. It does feel like a very long time ago since I lived out that way!

Shamong Diner Atmosphere: B
The Shamong Diner is easy to get too and located directly off of 206. It’s well marked. It reminds me more of a restaurant than a “traditional” shiny NJ diner.  It’s like the log cabins of diners.  Different isn’t a bad thing, though. The inside is cramped, but there were plenty of tables open. It appeared they had a salad bar, but it wasn’t being used.

Shamong Diner Service: B
When I arrived to the Shamong Diner, my table was the only party in the restaurant.  It was like they saved the restaurant for us!  For being empty, the service was a little bit slower than I would expect. At several points, I needed drink refills but the waitress was nowhere to be found. They were friendly, but the waitresses seemed to disappear frequently.

Shamong Diner Coffee: A
The Shamong Diner uses the local Lacas coffee brew. I have no complaints, and it was great. Any diner with Lacas coffee is a winner in my book. Plus the waitress added whipped cream both times she refilled it, so I couldn’t go wrong.  As I mentioned I wish there had been more refills of both the coffee and water. shamong diner coffee

Shamong Diner Food: A
The Shamong Diner is known for their vegan and vegetarian options. I found that fascinating because it is a diner. I don’t know why diners that are known for their vegetarian options. They have everything from traditional breakfast staples to seafood and ice cream as well as their vegan menu. They have items like scrambled tofu!

I ordered their vegetarian wrap that consisted of mixed vegetables in a wrap. It was excellent.  The ingredients were all fresh and it tasted great.


Shamong Diner Cost: $$
For my wrap and coffee, the cost was $14.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to the Shamong Diner?
I enjoyed my meal, and I would return. The Shamong Diner has a lot of unique options that I haven’t seen at any other diners.  I have a few friends that I believe would enjoy the food.

Atmosphere: B
Service: B
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $12-20
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Do you have a favorite vegetarian dish?