ERW Active Sleep Review

ERW Active Sleep Review

I saw the ERW Active Sleep online and knew I wanted to try it. Like many people, I’m always looking for ways to fall asleep faster and better. Better sleep can help recovery, which leads to better running or just a happier life.

ERW Active Sleep Review

About the brand ERW Active:

ERW was founded by Hannah Grant and Dr. Stacy Sims in 2013. There weren’t a lot of professional women in cycling. Many of the information for race nutrition was outdated.

Hannah and Stacy began the creation of ERW and ERW Active. They began fueling professionals and elites, and now they have products for everyone, including us!

ERW and ERW Active result from thousands of hours of research with a focus on immediate performance and recovery. Even after searching the website for quite some time, I couldn’t figure out what “ERW” stands for.

About ERW Active Sleep:

As most people know, sleep is an important part of our lives. It allows you to recover and keeps you healthier and stronger. ERW Active Sleep was developed as the next-generation sleep remedy. It promotes better deep sleep and REM sleep, reduces waking up, and promotes body recovery. It even helps reduce production of stress hormones and promotes gut sleep!

What makes ERW Active Sleep Different?

Hannah Grant and Dr. Stacy Sims developed ERW Active Sleep; It’s made from high-quality ingredients with natural adaptogens. It contains tart cherry, ashwagandha, and Rhodiola Rosea. It’s drug-free and a non-addictive sleep remedy. The tart cherry extract is natural, which helps promote the production hormone melatonin.

Finally, if that is not good enough, it only has 30 calories also is designed to help keep you hydrated. It contains electrolytes sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

My Experience:

I am always skeptical of sleep aid products. Some things, including melatonin or night quil, cause me to wake up groggy. The first time I took ERW Active Sleep, I opted on a day I didn’t have anything going on the next day. The last thing I wanted (or needed) was waking up groggy and tired on a big day. Honestly this is a big fear of mine with any sleep aid!

As instructed, I took it about 30 minutes before I planned to go to bed. Another thing I’ve worked on to increase my sleep is to remove my cell phone out of our room. Around 30-45 minutes later, I went to bed. As ERW Active Sleep claims, I did have better sleep. I didn’t have any weird dreams or wake up groggy from ERW Active Sleep. For my first experience, I was happy. I’ve since used it a few times and had no issues. I haven’t woke up groggy and I haven’t had any weir or unusual dreams.

Taste: I had no idea what the ERW Active Sleep would taste like. The black tea was tart and almost fruity-like. I don’t love the taste of black tea, but this didn’t really even taste like tea. It actually tasted excellent. It was slightly fruity, and you could taste the cherries, almost like a fruit drink.

Cost: $120 for 28 bags

Whew, it is not cheap. If it were more affordable, I would buy more because I do really like it.

ERW Active Sleep Conclusion:

I like ERW Active Sleep a lot, but it’s not a budget-friendly option. You can get Vital Performance Sleep for much cheaper. If ERW Active Sleep were a more affordable option, I would probably take it more often. The cost is the only thing holding me back! For me, I think I’ll save mine for before big races or if I’m having trouble falling asleep.

You can purchase ERW Active Sleep here and see more gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried ERW?

What is your favorite go-to-sleep product?