BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 Review

BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 Review

Truthfully, when the BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 arrived at my door, I had no idea what it was. A towel, I could quickly dry off with. It seemed slightly too light to remove any moisture. Then after researching it, I found out it was a sun protective wrap. It has quickly become one of my more favorite things in the desert.

BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 Review

About BloqUV:

The founder, Corina, was living in Miami, Florida. While enjoying the outdoors, she noticed white spots on he arms. Her dermatologist recognized them as sun exposure. Corina discovered that long sleeve shirts were only blocking 5% of the sun rays. With that in mind, she created BloqUV with BloqTek. It is designed with a minimum Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50 that blocks 98% UVA/UVB rays. Plus, it’s chemical-free and unaffected by laundering.

BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 Review

About the BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000:

The BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 is 72″ x 27″. It’s large, soft, and lightweight. Like a bathing suit, it has a four-way stretch fabric. It’s designed to be a versatile and lightweight fabric with portable SPF coverage. It can be used as a sun wrap, shawl, sarong, swim wrap, beach scarf, baby wrap, and stroller cover. You can also keep it in the car if you need sun protection.

BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 says: “Uses are limited only by your creativity.

The fabric: I was curious about the BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 fabric because it was softer than anything I’ve felt before. Designed by BlogUV, it uses “BloqTek.” That technology has UPF protection that never washes out. The fabric also creates a cooling effect when wet with water or sweat.

BloqUV tests all fabric following AATCC TM 183 to ensure the UPF 50+ protection is as claimed.

BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 Review

More Details About the BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000:

  • Moisture-wicking
  • uses the proprietary BlokTeq sun protective performance clothing
  • UV lab tested blocks 98% UVA/UVB rays
  • UPF 50+
  • Chemical-free sun protection
  • UV protection doesn’t wash out
  • Antimicrobial, odor-resistant

UPF is equivalent in ratings and capabilities to SPF for sunscreens. (An average white cotton white top only has UPF of 5.)

My Experience with the BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000:

As mentioned, when it arrived to my door, I had no idea what it was. I thought it might be a thin blanket. After researching and finding out all of the features, I was excited to put them to use. I’ve attempted to fold it into various sun cover styles like wraps, but I can’t say I’ve been all that successful.

For me, I’ve kept it in my car as a backup towel when I forget mien to the pool. Or when I’m driving through the desert, and the sun is beating in my vehicle. It is truly one of the most multi-purpose items I own. I like that it does quickly, and I do feel the coolness when it gets wet.

Cost: $42

That is fairly cheap for what is.

BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 Conclusion:

If you need a jack of all trades sun-protective blanket, it’s a great option. I like to keep mine in the car if I forget a towel to go swimming (it’s happened a lot more than I care to admit). I also appreciate it does keep the sun off you, which is nice.

There are all sorts of ways to fold it to make it into super fun clothing. It comes in a variety of colors, depending on your mood and style. I think it’s quickly become one of my most used items when I need some cover-up. It’s really something you don’t think you need until you have one and you’re like: Wow, this is really useful.

You can purchase the BloqUV Blanket Wrap 5000 here and see all gear reviews here.

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