Previnex Review

Prevenix Review

Recently I tried the Previnex Nourify Plus Shake as well as the Joint Health Plus. I’m always looking for different protein powders to try after a run. In the last couple of years, I’ve heard a lot about Previnix but haven’t tried it myself.

Prevenix Review

About Previnex :

Looking on their website, there wasn’t a lot of information about how Previnix began, but they did give a lot of information about how the company gives back. For every Previnex purchased, they provide a bottle of multivitamins to a child in need.

Previnex is partnered with CMMB (Catholic Medical Mission Board). They deliver vitamins to children in the most impoverished communities around the world.

About Previnex Nourify PLUS Vegan Protein Shake:

According to Previnex, the Nourify Plus Vegan Protein Shake is the cleanest, healthiest, best-tasting vegan shakes out there. But why? What makes it so great? What makes it that much better than other protein shakes?

The Previnex Nourify Plus Vegan Protein Shake is:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy-free
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavor
  • Plus, it contains 20 grams of vegan protein, 1 billion probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

My experience:

The Previnex Nourify PLUS Vegan Protein Shake mixes well in a simple blender bottle. Personally, I do prefer mixing any protein shake with milk, and I did that. I found it easily mixable, and it tasted good. It wasn’t gritty, and I didn’t feel like I was drinking chalk. Since then, I’ve tried both vanilla and chocolate. I’m more of a fan of vanilla, but that’s my flavor of choice for all protein powders.

If you are looking for a protein powder that does mix well, is simple, suitable for runners, is vegan, and doesn’t taste chalky, the Previnex Nourify Plus Vegan Protein Shake is a good option.

Prevenix Review

About Previnex Joint Health Plus:

As a runner, you’ve probably heard “running is bad for your knees.” Most people know that knees, hips, and joints all need cartilage to cushion them. Cartilage also helps maintain mobility and flexibility.

The Natural Egg Membranes (NEM) found in Previnex Joint Help Plus can help maintain your cartilage. Why? NEM contains collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin,  and hyaluronic acid. These all help mobility.

According to Previnex, the Joint Plus is clinically proven to improve joint flexibility in 7-10 days.

If you are someone with sore joints that aren’t flexible, almost any “joint” formula will give you results. You just need to be dedicated to taking it. Previnex Joint Health Plus contains natural ingredients from eggshell membranes which they claim is 5X more effective. The problem is, I couldn’t find any research or data with these results.

My experience with the Previnex Joint Health Plus:

As instructed, I started taking the Previnex Joint Health Plus and waited a week before deciding, was it helping me? After about ten days, I found that my flexibility and mobility felt better, and I did have results. Was it dramatic, and I was PRing in races? No. But did I feel better and have more mobility? Yes.

Prevenix Review

Cost: $

Nourify PLUS Vegan Protein Shake (28 servings): 1 Time Purchase $58.50/Subscription $52.65

Joint Health Plus (for 28 days): 1 Time purchase $35.50/Subscription: $31.95

It is interesting to me they don’t do 30 days or a month’s supply. 

Previnex Conclusion:

I am a fan of what the company does and stands for. When companies give back, that is a huge deal for me. If you are someone who is looking for a protein powder, their Nourify Plus Vegan Protein Shake is a good option. For me, I found the Joint Health Plus especially beneficial, and I did notice a difference after using it for about ten days.

You can purchase Previnex from their website and see all reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Previnex?

What is your favorite supplement?