Meemom’s (Wall, NJ)

Meemom's (Wall, NJ)

While in New Jersey, I got to have a reunion with New Jersey Isn’t Boring at Meemom’s in Wall, New Jersey. While it might not be a true diner, it was nice to catch up. While the “diner purists” might not consider a diner, it was pretty similar and more diner than most things in California.

Meemom's (Wall, NJ)

Meemom’s Atmosphere: B

Meemom’s is located in a large shopping center. When my GPS said: “turn here,” I was actually fairly surprised. Why? Was it really there? Luckily it was easy to find, nearly on the end. The nice thing about restaurants in shopping centers are they are easy to find parking. The outside of Meemom’s looks like any typical strip mall restaurant.

Inside, it’s dimly lit with plenty of booths and tables. When you walk into Meemom’s, you immediately think “diner.” There are booths, tables, a bar, and a fun counter with candy and stickers.

Meemom's (Wall, NJ)

Coffee: B

I haven’t ordered my favorite type of coffee in a while, coffee with whipped cream. The coffee tasted great, but I was never asked if I wanted refills.

Meemom's (Wall, NJ)

Meemom’s Food: A

Meemom’s has a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options. They aren’t open for dinner so you won’t find that. They have plenty of fun and decadent food options. A few that stuck out to me include:

  • french toast stuffed with brownies
  • Cinnabun pancakes
  • Grilled cheese supreme with bacon, tomatoes, and cheese
  • Moms salad with fresh berries

Meemom's (Wall, NJ)

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I decided to with the veggie wrap with a side salad. I haven’t had a veggie anything in a while, and it sounded good. Plus eating out for a week, I wanted something slightly healthy.

The veggie wrap with avocado, sautéed portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, spinach, tomatoes & mariachi sauce all wrapped up in a warm whole wheat tortilla. I was happy with my selection, and I would order it again.

Meemom’s Service: B

The waiter at Meemom’s was friendly, but it took a while for a food to come out, and we never got refills for our drinks.

Cost: $

For my veggie wrap and coffee, it was $15.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I liked Meemom’s, and I would definitely go back. They have a lot of options depending on what you are craving for the day.

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Questions for you:

Have you been to Meemom’s?

What is your favorite breakfast spot?