Running Luzerne County Levee Trail

Running Luzerne County Levee Trail

While in Wilkes Barr, I stumbled upon the Luzerne County Levee Trail. It quickly became an easy place to run. The trail goes along the dike next to the Susquehanna River. I saw several people walking, running, walking dogs, biking, and even rollerblading.

Running Luzerne County Levee Trail

It’s 14 miles long with just about 200 feet of elevation gain total. That elevation comes from the small climbs after going under vehicle bridges.

Plus, the Luzerne County Levee Trail goes next to the Forty Fort airplanes, and I got to see that too. Towards the end of the trail (away from Kern Park), you go through the Fort Fort Cemetary and can see older graves, including Indian Graves.

While most of the trail is reserved for pedestrians, a few spots share the trail with vehicles. The Luzerne County Levee Trail is paved asphalt, concrete, and smooth. Most of the section is fairly wide and well marked. There are a few spots that are “hilly” as you pass under a couple of bridges. I appreciate that, instead of having to stop your run for cars or to cross a road. It can make the Luzerne County Levee Trail slightly challenging if you are pushing a stroller.

Running Luzerne County Levee Trail
Going back up

My experience at Luzerne County Levee Trail:

I ran there twice and enjoyed myself, twice. The first day was a Sunday. I was the first car in the parking lot and wondered, “should I be here.” It always feels like that when you are in a new spot. Just a few short minutes later, there were plenty of people in the parking lot. 90 minutes later, and at the end of my run, the entire parking lot at Kern Park was packed. There were runners, walkers, and a lot of adult baseball teams practicing.

Running Luzerne County Levee Trail

When I first ran on the Luzerne County Levee Trail, I was confused about where the trail went when I crossed main roads. It was later that I realized it went down below the bridges. I went over the bridge, under the bridge, and nearly around the bridge. I’m sure the majority of people figured it out without any issue. I had the same problem when I passed around a major road, but I seemingly figured it out.

In all, the Luzerne County Levee Trail was a great path, and I’m glad I ended up staying at Wilkes-Barr. It’s especially nice if you are looking to walk a few miles or run a workout.

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Questions for you:

Have you been to Wilkes-Barr?

What is your favorite running path? 

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