Ciele BKTHat Review

Ciele BKTHat Review

Living in the desert, I’ve bought a lot of buckets hats lately. I’ve always wanted a Ciele BKTHat, and it made sense to get one when I saw this fun print South Jersey RunningCo. I knew it was meant to be. The animal print, the better?

About the Company Ciele:

Ciele was founded in Montreal, Canada, in 2014. The founders Jeremy Bresnan and Mike Giles found they were missing the hat they wanted in their own life. Both with a background in design wanted a project to work on together. As runners, they decided they wanted to focus on a product they could run in.

I also appreciate that each season they continue to transition away from first-use polyester. They work with factories to find reculed and considered solutions in as many cases as possible. In 2020, over 80% of Ciele caps were using between 30%-100% reprieve recycled polyester from unifi!

Ciele BKTHat Review

Ciele BKTHat:

Ciele is known for its “GOCap.” They took all of the features from the GOCap and made a runday bucket hat.

The BKTHat – Badge Allover Zebra – lala edition has:

  • 50 UPF protection on the brim and body
  • lightweight, fast-drying performance-ready COOLwick™ fabric.
  •  Machine washable.
  • soft360 pliable brim, so it packs easy
  • reflective detailing on the front and back
  • Ciele athletics™ million miles guarantee.
  •  6 panel fit with 2 sizes S/M 56.5 cm and L/XL 60 cm. Plus, it’s adjustable
  • Lightweight: 90 grams.

Cost: $65

It’s an expensive hat. Since Ciele specializes in hats, I justified it with that, plus it’s guaranteed for life.

My Experience with the Ciele BKTHat:

I had no idea what size to order but ended up with small. I am glad I ordered that size because it fits well. Just trying on the Ciele BKTHat, it’s comfortable, and it fits well. It doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating my head. Plus, I can wear a low ponytail with it.

Running in the Ciele BKTHat: It’s not a secret I live in the desert. It’s been anywhere between 80-110 lately, so finding ways to keep cool and protected from the sun is imperative. It’s always important but even more so here. The Ciele BKTHat breathes well. I don’t find myself too overheated when running in it, and once it’s on, I barely notice it. It keeps the sun off my face and isn’t obnoxious.

Ciele BKTHat Review

Ciele BKTHat Conclusion:

I really like the Ciele BKTHat, and it’s a fun hat to run in; plus, it keeps the sun off my face and isn’t annoying or obnoxious. While it is one of the more expensive pieces of running gear I own, it’s a great option if you are looking for something breathable.

You Can Buy the Ciele BKTHat here and see all product reviews Here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the Ciele BKTHat?

Do you have any bucket hats?

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