JJ’s Diner (Pleasantville

JJ's Diner pleasentville nj

JJ’s Diner (Pleasantville, NJ)

A few weeks ago, after the April Fools half marathon, I stopped at JJ’s diner on the way home.  When I arrived at JJ’s Diner around lunchtime on a Sunday, it was crowded.  In fact, it’s one of the few diners I’ve had to wait for a table.  No big deal!

JJ’s Diner Atmosphere: B
JJ’s Diner is small but cute. The outside looks like a small trailer.  I like the old yellow sign that says JJ’s too.  It is one room, with several tables, booths, and a full-length bar.  It’s very compact.

JJ's Diner pleasentville nj 

JJ’s Diner Coffee: B
The coffee at JJ’s Diner was brewed hot, but I could have used more.  It was the local Lacas brand.  I’ve been to several diners that have Lacas brew lately.  It was hot and after a cold, wet, rainy race, exactly what I needed.  I wish I had more.

JJ's Diner pleasentville nj

JJ’s Diner Food: A
JJ’s Diner menu has many different options.  JJ’s Diner itself is only open until 3 pm, so they don’t have big entrees, but they have all sorts of breakfast and lunch specials. I decided to order the chicken and waffles.JJ's Diner pleasentville nj

As I’ve mentioned a few times, since living in Alabama last year, I’ve wanted to find good chicken and waffles.  At JJ’s, the chicken and waffles were one of the best portions I’ve had.  The waffle itself was crisp, but the chicken portion was massive.  It was also topped with a homemade sauce which made for a delicious topping.  In fact, it didn’t need any additional syrup.  So far, it’s the best chicken and waffles I’ve found in the North. 

JJ’s Diner Service: A
The waitress was friendly and kind. Even being busy, she came to check on us several times.  The food also came out quickly. I think we waited long for a table than the food!

Cost: $
For the chicken and waffle, plus coffee the cost as $11.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to JJ’s Diner? 
I enjoyed JJ’s Diner, and it’s a diner I would stop at again if I went down the shore.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: A
Overall: A 

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Questions for you:
Have you had chicken and waffles?
What is your favorite post-workout meal?