Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe (Bakersfield)

Maggie's Sunrise Cafe (Bakersfield)

On the way up to San Francisco, we stopped at Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe in Bakersfield. There are two locations, and we ended up stopping at the one at Rosedale. The Rosedale location is open from 6:30 am-8 pm, and the East Hills location is available from 7 am – 2 pm.

Maggie's Sunrise Cafe (Bakersfield)

Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe Bakersfield Atmosphere: B

Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe in Rosedale is located in a strip mall next to a movie theater and several hotels. It’s a prime location to serve people, really. If you are traveling into Bakersfield and want something other than hotel food, it has excellent diner options. It’s not a “big metallic diner” but a corner restaurant in the strip mall.

There are a few outdoor tables and about 15 tables and booths in the tiny diner. Inside, it looks like a retro diner. It has random things on the wall, and the bright colors scream “diner.” There are bright yellow walls with wooden themed tables and booths. I liked the yellow and grey color scheme. I like the signs that incorporate the local Bakersfield area as well!

Maggie's Sunrise Cafe (Bakersfield)

Coffee: X

I didn’t order coffee this time around.

Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe Food: A

The Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe menu has everything you want in a diner. There are plenty of breakfast options, from omelets to pancakes and specials. Plus, they have options for lunch. You’ll even find cinnamon roll pancakes! I decided to go with blueberry pancakes. You can see the full Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe menu here.

I find pancakes to be one of the riskiest options at a diner. Why? You never know how “good” they’ll be. Either they will be great or terrible. I’ve had my share of flat and thin pancakes throughout the years.

The Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe was not flat or dingy at all. I could not have asked for better pancakes. They were massive and dense. I was pleased with my choice. Plus, they tasted good. They were one of the better pancakes I’ve had in a while. I also ordered a side of scrambled eggs which tasted great. I was pleased with my meal. I am embarrassed because I thought I took more photos but I guess I did not. Guess I’ll have to go back.

Maggie's Sunrise Cafe (Bakersfield) pancakes
Wish I had taken a better photo LOL, but I was hungry

Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe Service: A

Everyone at Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe was friendly, and the food was ready fast. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Cost: $

For my meal, it was $11.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I really enjoyed Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe, and I definitely want to go back. Everything was great, and it was one of the better diners in California I’ve been to. There is another location in East Hills, and I would love to go check out that one next or get a lunch option. Since it’s right off the highway, it’s a great stop if you are on the road and want a break or if you are passing through.

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: X

Food: A

Service: A

Cost: $10-15

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

What is your favorite kind of pancake?

Have you been to Maggie’s Sunrise Cafe in Bakersfield?