SOS Hydration Review

SOS hydration review

In my quest to find more fun things to hydrate with, I decided to try SOS Hydration. I didn’t know much about it but I was excited to try a new brand.

SOS Hydration

About the Brand SOS Hydration:

SOS was engineered by a leading doctor, two former elite athletes, and a retired military medical officer. The goal was to improve overall human performance and combat dehydration.

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of history on how SOS Hydration was created and formed. My guess is not a lot of people care, but I do.

What makes SOS Hydration Good?

SOS is a powdered electrolyte replacement drink. Like many brands, you can add it to as much or as little liquid as you want. It recommends 16 ounces so that is what I did.

To get sciencey with you:

Discovered by the medical community, the ‘Sodium/Glucose co-transport system’ is used to combat dehydration. This method of delivery is called Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT). SOS Hydration isn’t the first or only brand to use ORT is their products.

SOS Hydration creates products that match the standards set by the WHO (World Health Organization). After experimenting and product testing, they’ve created a product that is effective as getting an IV drip.

A few things about SOS Hydration:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Lower sugar
  • Doctor formulated

My Experience with SOS Hydration:

After hearing how great it was, I decided to finally try some. It made sense to try the SOS Lifestyle Hydration Electrolyte Variety Pack. I love to try all different flavors so it seemed like the best fit for me.

Right off the bat, I noticed how salty SOS Hydration is. At one point, it tasted like I was drinking straight-up salt. Even drinking SOS Hydration with a recommended 16 ounces of water, I felt as though it was too salty. The flavor wasn’t strong but the salt flavor was strong. My personal preference is to drink with about 24 ounces of water.

SOS Hydration

I’ve tried each of the flavors and my personal favorite is the watermelon. Of the bunch it’s the most sweat without being overpowering.

SOS Hydration

I’ve tried it on a number of occasions from before a run, during a run, and after a run. I personally find I need to dilute it with a little more water but I’ve found I can feel the effects almost immediately. After finding the right balance of flavor for me, I do enjoy it and find I feel better after drinking it.

SOS Hydration Conclusion:

If yopu’re a salty sweater or find you need more substance to your electrolyte beverages, SOS Hydration is a great option without a lot of extra calories. In fact, each stick only has 10 calories. It’s not “as sweet” as many other electrolyte mixes but it does taste good and is easy to mix. It’s definitely one of the saltiest options.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried SOS Hydration?

What is your favorite electrolyte drink?