7 Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts for Runners

Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts for Runners

Valentines Day is coming up. If you are like me, you have realized there are only a few more days before. So it’s time to think on your feet of last minute valentines day gifts for runners.

Even if your spouse doesn’t run these last minute valentines day gifts for runners are sure to please anyone. Plus, you can get them almost anywhere. You might remember a few years ago, around Christmas, I wrote, So You’re Running Late with Gift Giving? This post will help you with Valentine’s Day.

Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts for Runners

So what are 7 last-minute valentines day gifts for runners?

Laundry Soap:

Runners are always doing laundry, right? Most runners don’t even wash their regular clothes, or it’s a 90% running and 10% real clothes ratio. Laundry soap can be found at most local stores, making it a perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for runners. You could even decorate with a few heart-shaped stickers or love notes. Talk about romantic!

A Sheet cake:

Runners love cake? Or maybe I just love cake. A sheet cake is an easy last-minute valentines day gift for runners. Who doesn’t love a good piece of cake after a run? Or heck for breakfast before a long run? An easy to find item at the grocery store. If they can’t do a custom message, you can buy frosting and make your own. A few clever designs include: your pace or mine? Is it hot on this run, or is just you? You push me to my VO2 Max. Or just go with the typical Happy Valentines Day.

Toilet Paper: 

Any runner can appreciate toilet paper. Enough said.


Any runner can use socks. Just don’t get cotton, and your last-minute Valentine’s Day Gift is perfect. Cotton causes blisters, and the last thing you want to do is make your spouse unable to run.

A Bag of Coffee:

Apparently, runners love their coffee? I mean, I do…but most runners do. Get them a bag of coffee at your local coffee shop or grocery store. This last-minute gift Valentine’s Day gift for a runner can also double as a gift for almost anyone.

A Strava Subscription:

Runners are obsessed with Strava. Apparently, if you don’t record your run on Strava, it doesn’t exist. This last-minute Valentine’s Day for a runner can even be purchased on the holiday when you forget it’s Valentine’s Day! BUT boy, it’s a gift that keeps on giving; it will make you look like you’ve known all along.


This might not win any love points, but this last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for runners is useful. What kind of runner can’t use deodorant?

So if you need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift for a runner, this gift guide can provide you with a few great options. Heck, most of these items would be great gifts for any special someone in your life.

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Questions for you:

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

What are a few last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for runners you recommend?