Black Bear Diner (Chain)

California Burger at the Black Bear Diner

Recently I stopped by the Black Bear Diner in Napa, California.  It’s a chain diner that has locations all over the west coast. I say I’ll make it to a Black Bear Diner and never do every trip out west. Finally, this week I checked one out.

Black Bear Diner Atmosphere: A
Napa County is open for limited seating indoors, as well as outdoor seating and takes out. It’s actually one of the few counties in California that is open for limited indoor activity! Most of California is still shut down, and many restaurants can’t open for indoor seating (and businesses like gyms can’t open).

Black Bear Diner

I was heading somewhere, so I opted for taking out. The Black Bear Diner goes with the theme black bear well. Outside there are wooden black bears and a rustic bench theme. Inside is similar to a rustic, wooden theme as well as more wooden bears. There is a full-length bar, plenty of booths, and tables, although many were closed off due to social distancing.

Wooden Bears at the Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner Coffee: A
The coffee was piping, hot, and good. Nothing much to note, but it was clearly hot and fresh.

coffee at the Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner Food: B
The Black Bear Diner menu has several options, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is served all day.

They also have some “fun” welcome back (to being open) options, including:

  • Bruce’s “Welcome Back!” Breakfast Burrito
  • HiBEARnation’s Over” Chef Salad
  • Reunited At Last!” New York Steak Sandwich

How unique is that?

There are also options like “country fried steak” or a salad if you want that. Apparently it was National Burger Day (thanks twitter), so I decided to order the California burger with sweet potato fries.

California Burger at the Black Bear Diner

The California Burger came with a cute little Black Bear Diner toothpick flag. The California Burger came with avocado and jack cheese. Plus, all of the usuals like lettuce and tomato. The sweet potatoes were good but slightly soggy like they had been sitting a while. In all, the meal was good, and I liked the burger a lot.

California Burger at the Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner Service: D
Unfortunately, this is where things fell flat. I stood in line to pick up my order, and when the time came, the host walked away and never came back. After waiting for about 10 minutes, I noticed a take out bag on the bar that said my name, and I took it and left. Maybe that was what I was supposed to do all along.

Black Bear Diner

Several waitresses, waiters, and even the honest walked by me during the time, but no one said anything, despite standing at the cash register.  I did feel safe inside, and everything looked clean as well as everyone was wearing masks appropriately.

Black Bear Diner Cost: $

For the coffee and California burger, it as $16.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?

I liked the Black Bear Diner, and it was a safe experience. I would definitely be interested in dining outdoors and enjoying some of their other meals. It is a little pricer as far as diners go.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: B
Service: D
Cost: $12-20

Overall: B 

This is California Diner 8, and you can see more diner reviews here.

Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of burger?
Do you like sweet potato fries or regular fries better?