Court House Diner (Cape May Court House)

Court House Diner (Cape May Court House) bread

Recently I got take out at the Court House Diner in Cape May Court House).  It’s somewhat confusing, but Cape May Court House is a town in New Jersey just north of Cape May. This wasn’t just any take out though; it took strategic planning. My husband and I flew down to the Wildwood Airport then rode our bikes up to Cape May House Court House (roughly 9 miles).  Planning this specific trip was why I decided to start biking. I honestly didn’t know if I could ride the 18 miles round trip!

Court House Diner (Cape May Court House)

Court House Diner Atmosphere: A
Since New Jersey restaurants are closed until June 15th, everything was take out. The exterior of the Court House Diner is cobblestone. You aren’t allowed inside, and everything was handled safely.

Court House Diner Coffee: —
Since it was over 85 degrees and humid, I had no interest in coffee, so I didn’t order any.

Court House Diner Food: A
The Court House Diner is operating off a limited menu. There were plenty of items on the Court House Diner, including tilapia, Rubens, a few salads, and breakfast.  The Court House Diner is well known for their french toast, so I’ll have to try it if I go back. I decided to order the tilapia, which came with two sides.  I chose double french fries.

The meal came with a giant loaf of bread. I’ve never had a restaurant include the breadbasket in take out so that was awesome.

Court House Diner (Cape May Court House) bread

The tilapia was cooked well and not soggy, and there were plenty of fries. I can’t remember the last time I had tilapia and I don’t know if I’ve had it at a diner before (which is crazy with the amount of diners I’ve been too).

Court House Diner (Cape May Court House)

The food was delicious. Was it because I just biked? Who knows, but the food was delicious and I would come back.

Court House Diner Service: A
The waitress at the Court House Diner was friendly and everything was handled safely. All food came right to the door. No one was allowed inside and I felt comfortable with how everything was being handled. As I dine at various restaurants during the pandemic, I can’t help but think how staff making me feel comfortable as they hand food over is now the biggest thing I think about.

Court House Diner Price:  $
For the tilapia meal, it was $15.

Court House Diner Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?
I enjoyed the Court House Diner and it was good. I’ll be back, even just for take out. I appreciate how safe the staff handled everything and the food was just good.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: —
Food: A
Service: A
Price: $10-20
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What’s been your favorite spot to eat during the pandemic?
Do you like tilapia?



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