Broadway Diner (Summit)

Broadway Diner (Summit) salad

Broadway Diner (Summit)

The Broadway Diner in Summit is my 300th New Jersey diner! YAY! The diner trip itself was unplanned and uneventful. I didn’t throw a happy 300th diner celebration and it was honestly one of the more quiet diner trips I had. Which is fine. Had I known this would be my last diner trip for a long time, I would have made it more eventful!

The morning before, I texted Christine and said I would be in her area for some errands and if she wanted to hang out. We found a local diner within a few hours we were hanging out.  Christine has been a good friend for years and we’ve been to at least 10 diners together; she’s one of the few people that’s as spontaneous as me.

Broadway Diner (Summit) Atmosphere: B
The Broadway Diner looks like a typical diner. The outside has a large parking lot and sign that says: “world’s best pancakes.” I’ve found many diners have a sign that says: “world’s best something” or the best diner in X country or even the best diner in the state.  I actually didn’t see the sign outside until I took a photo afterward. Otherwise I would have gotten pancakes.

Broadway Diner (Summit)

The inside of the Broadway Diner has plenty of booths, tables, and a bar. When you arrive at the Broadway Diner, there are two different rooms, one with a seating area and one without.

Broadway Diner (Summit) Coffee: C

The coffee at Broadway Diner was okay but not the best. I asked for whipped cream, but somehow it got lost in translation.  It was fine, but I didn’t end up asking for any whipped cream either.

Broadway Diner (Summit) coffee

Broadway Diner (Summit) Food: C
The Broadway Diner menu has everything you could imagine and more. There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  The outside said “world’s best pancakes,” but I didn’t see it until later.

Since it was a Saturday, I decided to order the “Saturday Salad.” The Saturday salad came with spinach leaves, pears, feta cheese, cranberries, and walnuts. I decided to order sliced steak.  I thought the salad itself was delicious, but the steak was rubbery and tough to eat. I was disappointed with the steak, but the salad itself was good. I would order it again but with a different meat topping.

Broadway Diner (Summit) salad

Broadway Diner (Summit) Service: A
The Broadway Diner was quiet when we went. There were only a few parties at the diner. Our food came out fast as well. Our waiter, himself, was very friendly.  In all, it was a great experience.

Broadway Diner (Summit) Cost: $$
For my salad and coffee, it was $24, which I found fairly expensive because the steak was not worth $10.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Broadway Diner (Summit)?
I liked the Summit Diner and I would go one of their locations to try the “World’s Best Pancakes.” It was a good stop and low key.  Since it was my last diner for a while, I’m sad I didn’t go all out. Maybe I’ll order takeout from a local diner (all of which I’ve been too).


Atmosphere: B
Coffee: C
Food: B
Service: A
Cost: $15-25

Overall: B

You can see all 300 diners here.

Questions for you:
What’s the most expensive salad you’ve bought?
Where are your favorite pancakes from? 

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  1. I totally think you should do a diner review during COVID just so that you can say you did it AND you can also rate how they do with take-out / delivery! Has New Jersey set pretty strict stay at home orders?? The restrictions here in Minnesota are slowly being modified and I can’t wait to get back to malls, coffee shops, etc. Also, I would have totally ordered the pancakes too! 😀

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