Sport Suds Laundry Detergent Review

Sport Suds Laundry Detergent Review

How to Clean Workout Clothing

Cleaning your running clothes is difficult. If not done properly, your workout gear will hold in odor and ultimately smell a lot faster.

If you’re interested, I wrote about the proper ways to clean running clothing in this week’s newsletter.

Sport Suds Laundry Detergent Review

How does odor get locked in fabric?

Many people don’t realize by using regular laundry detergent; you lock odor into your clothing. Laundry detergent for technical fabrics allows the odor to be lifted off your clothes and it doesn’t stink.  We all have the shirt that we love, but it smells awful.  If you wash your gear with the right detergent, you won’t have that problem.

Most regular detergents leave a thin layer of gunk on your clothes.  Regular detergents include chemical additives, like brighteners, softeners and fragrances.  We want to keep our whites bright and our fabric soft. For workout clothing and high-tech athletic fabric, those additives clog the material pores, which traps the smell as well as makes the material less breathable.

Brands such as Sport Suds take a different approach to clean your workout clothing. Instead of leaving chemicals and a layer on your running clothing, they leave nothing behind.  While your running clothing won’t be any brighter, it won’t hold the smell in either.  It helps to keep your running clothing odorless for longer. Once the clothes experience the Sport Suds, clothes become free of odor and the detergent works as a stain remover too.

I decided to put Sport Suds to the test. I tried it on both my running clothing as well as my “regular clothing.”  While Sport Suds is designed for performance gear, it can be used on regular clothing. The detergent also works in high-efficiency washing machines.

Sport Suds Laundry Detergent Review

Sport Suds sent me samples to try and they sponsored the newsletter. They did not ask I write a blog review, but because I like the product so much I decided to share it.

Washing Workout Gear with Sport Suds:

Keep in mind; you should follow the directions on the label of your workout gear. Most running gear should be washed in cold water and air dry. Hot water can cause odor-causing bacteria to fester and your running clothes will smell. While it takes longer to dry, it helps preserve the synthetic fabric.

So anyway, here is my experience using Sport Suds on several different laundry loads:

The first load of high-performance fabric:

Contains: sweaty clothing and performance fabric with odor and stains (I guess nickname this he worst of the worst fabric)

After washing the running clothes and air drying them, I noticed the Sport Suds removed all of the odor.  I was actually shocked because some of the work out clothing was on the older side.

The second load of high-performance fabric:

Contains: clothing that was used, slightly damp and socks

After washing the second load and workout clothing coming out equally as good, I was hooked. Sport Suds is the best sports detergent for running clothes.

Third Load of “Regular Clothing”:

Contains: regular clothing such as sweaters

While my plan isn’t to use Sports Detergent for my regular clothing,  I thought it was worth the shot to try for regular clothing. Much to my surprise, the Sport Suds works well for regular clothing too. It lifted any stains. The fabric wasn’t as soft but that’s because Sport Suds doesn’t contain fabric softeners.  While I won’t use Sport Suds for my regular clothing, if you need too, you can without worry.

Sport Suds Conclusion:

I’m happy with Sports Suds and I’ll continue to use Sport Sud for my laundry.  It’s the best Sports Detergent for clothing running.  Now that running, workout, and synthetic fabrics are getting so expensive, I want to keep my favorite pieces as around as long as possible. Of all the sports detergents I’ve tried, Sport Suds is the best detergent for workout clothes.

During each load, the workout clothes became free of odor.  My skin is sensitive, and it doesn’t leave a residue that causes sensitive skin to break out.  I truly believe Sports Suds is the best sports detergent for running clothes.

Finally, for no reason but that it happened, what kind of blog would this be if my cat didn’t photobomb the Sports Suds photo?

Sport Suds Laundry Detergent Review

If you are interested in trying Sport Suds, the code FueledbyLOLZ will get you 25% off. Let me know if you do!

Questions for you:

Do you use sports detergent? 

Do you have a favorite workout shirt that smells or is stained forever?

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