Vicki’s Diner (Westfield)

Vicki's Diner Westfield

Vicki’s Diner (Westfield)

A few weeks ago, I met Christine at Vicki’s Diner. Christine and I have been to many diners together, including one of my first 30. She was one of the first friends I made when I moved to NJ. We have both moved multiple times since.

Anyway, we arrived to Vicki’s Diner in Westfield around lunchtime. It was busy, but there was still plenty of booths and tables available.  Vicki’s Diner is one of two Westfield Diners. The other diner is Westfield Diner.

Vicki's Diner Westfield

Vicki’s Diner Atmosphere: A
There are very few diners in the small towns of NJ. It’s fun to see a diner on a Main Street. Vicki’s Diner is the only diner on the main street of Westfield. It’s metallic and shiny and stands out in the storefronts.

The inside is what you imagine in a diner. There are plenty of booths, tables.m, and they fit a lot in a small diner.

Vicki’s Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at Vicki’s Diner was brewed hot and fresh, and was tasty. They brewed it well and one of the better coffees I’ve had.

Vicki's Diner Westfield coffee

Viicki’s Diner Food: B
Vicki’s Diner menu has everything a diner typically has. There is plenty of breakfast, lunch, and even dinner too.

I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for. Then I saw there was a “jumbo salad” designed for two people. When I see a salad that is designed for two people, I always think it’s a good salad for me. More often than not, I’ve been disappointed with a salad size.

Vicki's Diner Westfield salad

I ordered salmon on it, and I was happy I did. The salad itself was good but could have used more toppings. The only thing that made it a “Greek salad” was the feta cheese and onions. It lacked toppings like pita bread as well as olives. In all, it was good, and the size was perfect for me. Most people would have to take some home.

Vicki's Diner Westfield salad

My issue with the salad was how it was packed. It was stuffed into a tiny bowl that looked pretty but once you attempted to eat it, it made a mess. I wish restaurants would use more practical dishes to plate food. If it barely fits into a bowl, how am I supposed to eat it?

Vicki’s Diner Service: A
The waitress at Vicki’s Diner was kind, and the food came out quickly. I couldn’t have asked for a better service.

Vicki’s Diner Cost: $
For my salad and coffee, it was $20.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of Vicki’s Diner:
I liked Vicki’s Diner, and if I’m in the area, I’ll be back. Westfield is one of my favorite small towns to walk around.  It’s fun to see a diner on the main street.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Service: A
Cost: $8-15
Vicki’s Diner (Westfield) Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What’s your favorite salad topping?
What is your favorite walkable town?

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