Empress Diner (Lyndhurst)

Empress Diner Lyndhurst nj

Empress Diner (Lyndhurst)

While driving up to Maine, I wanted to stop at a new diner.  Early in the summer, I went to more, and it’s since slowed down.  I’ve wanted to get to the Empress Diner for a few years, and it seemed to work out the best this trip.

Empress Diner Lyndhurst nj

The Empress Diner itself is located in downtown Fairlawn, NJ. The Empress Diner is a friendly atmosphere and open 24 hours a day.

Empress Diner Atmosphere:
The outside is a well-kept building.  The Empress Diner isn’t a metallic, or shiny building but it’s well kept which matters.  There are only a handful of parking spots, and we had to circle and park on the street since there was no parking available.

Empress Diner Lyndhurst nj

The inside is a lot bigger and can fit more people.  There is a full-length bar, plenty of booths, and plenty of tables.

Empress Diner Coffee: B
The coffee was good, but nothing too exciting. I could have used more refills, but since I was getting on the road, it was probably a better idea not to have too much.

Empress Diner lyndhurst

Empress Diner Food: B
I had no idea what I wanted to order.  The Empress Diner menu has everything you would want in a diner.  There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and specialty items.  There are several salads as well.

I decided to order the French toast on challah bread with a side of “Taylor ham.”  If you don’t know the state of New Jersey, how you say Taylor Ham (or Pork Roll) is a big deal.  The North says Taylor Ham, and the South says, Pork Roll.  As someone who didn’t grow up in New Jersey, I don’t have a “side,” but it seems like everyone in NJ does…ha!

Empress Diner lyndhurst

The French toast was good, and the challah bread was thick.  The Taylor Ham was delicious, and I have no complaints.

Empress Diner Service: B
The service was decent, but I felt as though I could use more refills on my beverage.  Luckily the food came out quick.  The server and hostess were friendly as well.

Empress Diner Cost: $10
For my French toast, ham, and coffee it was $10.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the Empress Diner:
I was happy with the Empress Diner and I have no complaints.  I would definitely go back, and they have an extensive menu, so you always have plenty of options.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: B
Cost: $8-20
Empress Diner Overall: A

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Questions for you:
What is something unique about where you live?
Do you like French toast?

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