Fathers Day 5k (20:06)

Last weekend I ripped the bandaid off and ran a 5k.  I’ve kind of been avoiding them since late April.  I think it was a combination of a meh race the Phillies 5k and then just not doing them.  I knew eventually if I wanted to run fast again, I would need to dive head first and do a few.  On Sunday, my husband asked if I wanted to run a 5k in Philadelphia. I said not really, but we still went.  I had run two days the previous week, and I would consider it a high risk of injury race.  It wasn’t my smartest decision of the year, but I still went.  I decided to run in trainers to minimize the risk of injury as well.

It started at Fairmount park where my current 5k of 18:13 is.  We warmed up, and it was already 80 degrees and humid. I decided to wear a crop top and shorts.  We got to the start at 8:25 and I chatted with people, and we were off.  I knew it would hurt.

During the first mile, there was a sea of people in front of me.  I went back and forth from 1-3rd female with a few women. I didn’t care about the place, but my goal was to hopefully run around 20 minutes.  Eventually, we spread out, and I hit the first mile in 6:17.  I felt good about it, but I knew I wasn’t going to maintain that.

During the second mile, I went back and forth with a woman.  She was in front most of the second mile, and I ran with my husband.  I don’t usually take water during a 5k but it was hot, and I took a cup and splattered across my face.  I hit the second mile in 6:23 and then hit the pain train.

My husband dropped me around mile 2, and I was happy with that.  He hasn’t been running much either, but he is both a faster runner in better shape.  I went back and forth with the first place woman, but she ultimately surged and won.  The third mile was painful and I just wanted to be done.  I knew the race was a good gauge of where I was fitness-wise, but it didn’t make the last mile any easier.

I ran the third mile in 6:40 and crossed the finish in 20:06.   I’ve run most half marathon miles faster, but that’s not the shape I’m in now.  I am definitely happy with my time and looking forward to racing again more.  For an inaugural race, I thought the Fathers Day was well put together.  I got what I needed out of it and had an enjoyable morning.

Questions for you:

Has the weather heated up near you?

Do you normally take water in a 5k?

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  1. Wow! I haven’t ran that kind of time since high school. In May, it was over 100 degrees here for several days, and has stayed in the high to mid 90’s since. When I’m in racing shape, I don’t drink water during a 5k.

  2. It got pretty warm the 2-3 weeks before my May marathon (after being 40s most of the prior month+) and since has settled in around 77-83 for a daily high with around 70% humidity, making running pretty rough tbh.
    I’m hoping with some decent work I can drop closer to 21:00 or under in my 5K time this summer, but that’s not my major goal. As for water, typically no, but lately I have been giving it a consideration with it being so hot (relatively) and just constant overwhelming sun with my races having been without any real shade on the courses.

    1. I can’t even imagine running a marathon in that heat. I’ve been lucky that both marathons I’ve done have been cool (NYCM being cold). I hope you’re able to get back there Ally!

      1. It was frustrating and rough. Hoping for a bit of weather luck and some good workouts to reach my sub 3:35 goal in Erie.
        Mixed in I’ll have a number of 5K/10K/15K races to see how I’m feeling along the way.

  3. Fantastic race! Congrats !

    It started warming up over the weekend here. Today will be what I consider the first truly hot run of the year (80° +) though the humidity is nothing like the east coast. And highs drop back into 60s/70s in a couple of days. I don’t miss the summer sauna of Philly/DC.

  4. You did great on your return to 5k races.

    I thought the race was well prepared. But the heat was just a killer. I knew from warming up it was hot out i was sweating alot during wram up. Normaly i dont take water in 5k races but it was hot and i meede some to dump ony head. I too wanted to finish around 20 min but after 2.40 miles i hit the pain train all the way to the finish. Wasnt happy with my finish but i was pleased that i finish healthy and injured free.
    It was good to see you out there ..

    Around this time last year i was mentally burned out from running till late sept.

  5. The sudden hot weather here has definitely impacted my running.
    Good job on the 5km!!

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