Touring NJ 1000 Feet Up

Last Weekend, my husband and I decided to travel the state of New Jersey together.

By car? By taxi? By uber?

Actually by plane!

For those who don’t know, my husband has his pilot’s license.  In the few years, we’ve been together; we’ve never flown in a private airplane together. I never knew that you could rent planes and fly them around.  It makes sense, I just never thought about it.

Before I knew what I was getting myself into...
Before I knew what I was getting myself into…

We decided to fly to Cape May, grab dinner and fly back.

Airplane selfie
Airplane selfie

I was so nervous to go up.  It’s one thing to trust someone driving a car, but flying was a whole different ballpark. It was thrilling to sit in the cockpit and watch the takeoff and landing.

landing airplane

I’ve only traveled through commercial flights so before last weekend; I’ve had never flown on such a small aircraft before.  It was a two-seater, and we were squished together. Many private planes are smaller and weigh less than cars.

We flew above 1000 feet over the ground so we could notice different sights and areas we had driven through.  I tried to find my friends houses that live along the shore.

The Jersey Shore around Egg Harbor Township
The Jersey Shore around Egg Harbor Township

We will be doing it again and who knows maybe the theme of this blog will become running, planes and diners.

Atlantic City
Atlantic City

For my first flight, I did pretty well.  I thought I might get motion sickness but didn’t.  It was a lot of fun, and we will fly more together.

Questions for you:
Have you ever flown in a private airplane?
Do you like flying? 


  1. Very cool!! I’ve never flown in a private airplane. If I had access to a private airplane, I’d fly to Maine every weekend!

    1. That would super easy for you Kara! Do you have plans to come back into Philly soon? We need another a Trolley Car Diner date!

  2. So exiciting. I love your blog I read it all the time, I am nowhere near as fast as you but completed my 6th half marathon on Sunday in 1.52 🙂

    1. I appreciate you stopping by Catherine and that’s awesome! Which half did you do? Any plans for number 7?

      1. I live in Ireland and did the Wexford half, I have another half planned for the end of June with a few 5 miles races planned in the coming weeks.

  3. So cool! Yes I enjoy flying but I’d rather drive. Just something about being cooped up. I like to stop and see the sites so to speak. But when time does not allow I’ll hop a jet.

  4. Wow,that looks fun,
    Glad you guys had a great time.
    I love flying. Hate changing planes or layovers but I love to fly.

  5. that’s so cool!!!! The picture of AC is beautiful! I’ve never flown in a private plane, but when we went up to skydive in a tiny plane it was so fun. i loved seeing the earth from that height

  6. How was the turbulence on the flight? My fiance is almost done with getting his pilots license but I hate island hopper planes. No idea what an even smaller plane would feel like. I am good on very large planes for the most part.

    1. It was pretty turbulent. It was definitely more windy than anything I’ve ever experienced before. I get motion sickness pretty easily and I was able to handle it though.

  7. I’ve flown in a 6 seater before and that was terrifying! I’m usually fine on commercial flights. I think that was a very special thing for you and Tim to share in together!!!

  8. I’m jealous! This is probably the coolest date night ever. Glad you had a fun time and I agree, you should fly to some diners or fly to a race ;).

  9. That’s amazing! My first plane ride ever was in a small four seater plane that did tricks. It was crazy, but amazing. I like smaller planes because you get to see more of the world than you do in the big commercial ones. Your pictures look amazing. What a cool experience.

  10. This sounds like such a fun (and somewhat scary) thing to do! It’s really great that you’re able to share Tim’s career with him. I’ve never been in a tiny plane but it would be a really cool way to see a place you love from a new perspective.

  11. Wow! Lucky you! I have a weird relationship with flying. I’m petrified of take off and lending, but I enjoy seeing everything from the above.

  12. Wow looks like fun!
    I’ve never been on a small plane before, but I like flying a lot more than driving.

  13. This is so neat! What a little adventure?! I think I would have been a little terrified, but that’s a great experience to share with your husband.

  14. That’s seriously the coolest thing!! I don’t have issues with flying, but I’d probably be a little nervous to go up in a smaller plane, and you’re totally right about it being completely different than trusting someone in a car. But being able to see the place you live in a totally different way is pretty amazing.

  15. That is so freaking cool!!! I’ve been in a small plane when I was little and we went to the Bahamas, and I remember having fun but also not being thrilled at how I could feel all the bumps along the way. I can usually handle flying pretty well but can’t do turbulence!

  16. Ahhh that look so scary! I’ve always thought small planes were terrifying! My husband tricked me into sky diving once and the only reason I was able to do it was because I needed to GET OUT OF THE PLANE! 😉
    But that’s, pretty cool that he can fly! And I bet the sightseeing was awesome!

  17. I used to skydive regularly. I love smaller planes. They are more fun! The big ones are too average. You can see so much from the air, it truly is beautiful. Sunset is my favorite time to be up top.

  18. How cool is that?! Color me jealous. I’ve flown in a highway patrol plane and for fun they suddenly dropped a few hundred feet — being the weirdo that I am, I loved it. (And then two months later another highway patrol plane caught me speeding. Womp womp.) That was a 4-seater, as was a sheriff’s plane I flew in. I haven’t been in a 2-seater!

  19. Super cool!

    Yes – I have flown in a 2-seater before. One time I even took a lesson and flew the plane myself (with some assistance of course). Definitely a thrill!

  20. Woah, that is so cool! Who know you could rent a plane? It makes sense, but like you said, I’ve never thought about it.

  21. You are so brave! These pictures are gorgeous, too. I am deathly afraid of flying, but I think if my husband was a pilot, I would be a little more willing to fly because I know I’d be in good hands! What a fun and unique date!

  22. My dad has had a pilots license ever since I can remember. He has his own little plane, so I grew up flying and have always loved it!

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