Hiking through Wharton State Forest

Wharton State Forest

My husband and I have hiked a lot.  We’ve been too many states and mountain ranges and we enjoy it.  We might even enjoy hiking more than running.  Something about being out there in the peace is so much fun.  You can read about any of our hikes here.

Anyway, you would think we would have already hiked somewhere local like Wharton State Forest and close to home in South Jersey…yet until recently, we had not.  We both had the day off but weren’t in the “mood” to drive 2 hours north to go hiking so we googled a few trails around us at Wharton State Forest.  Someone mentioned the Botana trail in Wharton State Forest so we decided to look into it. Wharton State Forest has miles of unpaved roads, single tract of land, unpaved roads for mountain biking and horseback riding, and the Wharton State Forest is the largest single tract in the area. We used to live near Brendan T Byrne State Park and a village of a former bog, so it was fun to go back.

As most people know, South Jersey is flat so Wharton State Forst wasn’t a mountainous trail.  In fact, it was one of the easier trails we’ve done and we did see a couple of people with pets.  Definitely a much easier trail than last month in Colorado! The trail itself at Wharton State Forest is about 50 miles long and they do host a no frills ultra there.

The Batona Trail at Wharton State Forest is about 50 miles longer and wraps itself from the shore to inland.  We hiked about 5 miles at Wharton State Forest and saw a couple of hikers doing the entire trail.  Hiking the entire trail of Wharton State Forest looks like it would be a lot of fun!

Hiking the batona trail wharton state forest nj

At the end of our personal hike at Wharton State Forest, there is a water tower you can hike up too.  The day we went to Wharton State Forest, it was closed (and there are security cameras, so I don’t recommend jumping the fence).

Hiking the batona trail wharton state forest nj

I know we will be back to Wharton State Forest though.  I think it would be a lot of fun to do the entire 50-mile hike over the course a few days.   Who knows, maybe end at a diner!

Hiking the batona trail wharton state forest nj

To be honest, hiking the Batona Trail at Wharton State Forest opened my eyes that there are gorgeous hikes in South Jersey.  I had always stuck up my nose to hiking in Southern New Jersey but I’m glad we did and I know we will be back to Wharton State Forst.

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Questions for you:
Do you like to hike?
What is something interesting you’ve recently found in your area? Have you been to Wharton State Forest? 

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  1. I love hiking specifically fall hiking. I now have to travel for that which means I don’t get to do it as much. Looks great!

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